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  • LIFE ENHANCEMENT 12:- Interdimensional Connections -
    Insight, Poem & Pragmatic Exercises – Creating and enjoying more personal, community and global health and harmony.
    A mutual commitment to self mastery, self responsibility and supporting universal health, harmony and happiness paradigms.
    Optional supporting meditations for this pathway are the
    Holy Ones Connection Meditation; the Cosmic Connections Galactic Kin Meditation; the Love Breath Meditation plus the Beingness & Blending Meditation all of which you may have previously downloaded. Free supporting videos on this topic can be seen at our YouTube channel Universal Harmonization Playlists.
  • COMPASSIONATE ACTION PEACE PATH 12 – Global and Universal Service Agenda:-
    We also recommend that the free Global and also the Universal Harmonization Programs be downloaded, shared, discussed, improved then implemented harmoniously among those interested in supporting the Pathways of Peace agenda. (See our free e-books.) Click
    here to go to free YouTube Video playlist on many Global harmonization insights and informative videos. Click here to go to free YouTube Video playlist on many Universal harmonization insights and informative videos. Also click here for our Playlist on Light Beings, and on channelled communications.
  • Study and apply Universal Law plus the Higher Light Science as put forward mathematically by Nassim Haramein is the scientist whose website is http://www.theresonanceproject.org/.
    • This Peace Path can also be purchased directly from this site here (AU$7.77) or
    • Via our iTunes store here (from AU$16.99).
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