Monthly Archives: April 2015

What a Wonderful Invitation!

Wow so nice to have the honour of our work by the Vögele Kultur Zentrum in Pfäffikon SZ in Zurich Swtizerland with their exhibition that will present what we do from the 17th May 17 until September 20th, 2015. For information see also: –    

The Matrix of Our True Beloved – the grandest love affair we can ever know – with Jasmuheen

YouTube video … Audio Article One of my love’s this life has just been personal experimentation within the metaphysical field. The drive for me behind this has just been this innate knowing of a substance, a quality, an experience that this available in embodiment, that we can have such a dynamic experience of, because we…

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Our True Beloved – April 2015 newsletter

It’s April already as time flows in its usual manner, sometimes quickly sometimes without movement at all as we align more with the eternal now … So many emails with people discussing big changes in their lives, others sharing about all the aches and pains in their bodies and their continued need to live in…

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Kontakt mit Jasmuheen

Kontakt Mit Jasmuheen, 1. April 2015 Ich kann mich noch erinnern, als ich vor einigen Jahrzehnten begann, nicht nur telepathischen sondern auch visionären Kontakt mit verschiedenen Lichtwesen auf der inneren Ebene zu haben. Es war erstaunlich zu fühlen, wie jede einzelne Zelle im Körper die Präsenz desjenigen erkannte, mit dem ich in Kontakt war. Es…

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Das Aufblühen des Christusherzens

Das Aufblühen des Christusherzens – Jasmuheen Unsere spirituellen Reisen und Lebensreisen im Allgemeinen sind ganz individuell, das Herz eines jeden wird auf so viele Arten berührt, bereichert und geöffnet. Wenn wir eine Erfahrung machen, die uns ganz tief berührt, möchten wir sie natürlich, je nachdem was wir arbeiten oder wie wir sind, mit anderen teilen,…

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Soundscape Healing and other testimonials

Was great to get this recent email re the power of our soundscapes – thanks Manuela! She wrote:- Robin is one of my many cats, he is an adult, young male cat. All my cats are not vaccinated, live free, but have free access to my house. Robin came home on Thursday at evening, march…

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New Darkroom Retreat video interviews & Contact!

2015 Darkroom Retreat! The below article also describes what some of our Darkroom reality is about …. Contact with Jasmuheen 1st April 2015 I remember a few decades ago when I first began to have not just telepathic contact but also visionary contact with different beings of light on the inner plane. To me it…

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The Blossoming of the Christed Heart

The Blossoming of the Christed Heart with Jasmuheen – April 2015 Our spiritual journeys and journeys through life in general are so personal, each ones heart being touched, enriched, and opened in so many different ways. Of course whenever we have an experience that touches us so deeply, depending on our work in the world…

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