Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Grand Awakening

The Grand Awakening A Super POSITIVE Intergalactic Contact Message thru Jasmuheen 9-2017 In this video message, they speak of the incredible energy that is radiating out from Earth, that is positively effecting other systems, plus our genetics, being Starseeded, our DNA, our Lightbodies, the merging of the realms, the sensitives, the languages of light and…

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Audios of Pranic People free training

Audio only of Pranic People Pranic Living Free online training series with Jasmuheen Please note that at our YouTube Playlist on this you will find meditations to do as well as recoding … the audios of these meditation have not been lodged below… Pranic People Pranic Living Free online course – audio on contents of…

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Pranic People Free Online Training – Post conversion videos plus meditations

While we offer videos on Part 2 of this training this below, please note that on our YouTube playlist for this we also offer many meditations and pragmatics tings to do between each video. It is also where we place all updated data. Click here for our YouTube video playlist on this. In our previous…

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The Red Dot Zones and the Golden Age – Chaos and Unity

In this brief yet insightful video, Ambassador of Peace Jasmuheen shares a higher perspective on the zones of chaos in our world, how everything will naturally come up for rebalance at the start of a Golden age time.