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In her YouTube playlist and video series called HEART TALK, Jasmuheen speaks from her heart about Unity consciousness, the Tribe of I AM, Earth’s rising – here, now – higher dreaming, enjoying oneness, united rhythms, divine delusions and pranic living. She also looks at the expansion of global consciousness, ascension and descension, the co-creation of permanent peace in our world, heart, health & family harmonics, her life as a bringer of change with pranic living & more. What topics are you interested in? Email us your comments and requests with what you would like to have included in our heart talks.

Heart Talk VideosNEW!

Video 1 in this new series – Introduction to a few new videos in her heart-talk series called “December 2012 Countdown” – Jasmuheen suggests adding to earth’s energy field in a supporting way by radiating particular virtues. In this video she also provides a brief update on her recent two months on the road meeting with many amazing insightful people. She writes:- This tour our Light Being friends spoke a lot about how so many of our major energy patterns have now been completed and that while new ones are also slowly beginning to form, for some it is now a time of rest and being in the moment, celebrating just how far we have journeyed and all that life contains. Their channeling through me at the appropriate times, has become the highlight of each gathering as each time I see and sense something new about each group and also about myself. I see so clearly that all of existence is just patterns of energy that are fluid and change and fit together, or drift apart, for so many reasons and that all patterns can be changed, rearranged and redirected.

Video 2 in this new series – Join Jasmuheen with specific programming and a little meditation-prayer time. Enjoying these amazing December 2012 transformational energies and also now applying specific programming codes to aid earth and her people for a smoother transition through this dynamic time of change – Jasmuheen also discusses Top Down template loading and how this can redirect human evolution. Videos by Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace.

Also see our Baseline Essence series on YouTube. A series of simple videos on the gifts of our Baseline Essence – our B.E. – that pure and perfect part of our own enlightened nature. In interdimensional energy field science, a BASELINE is a frequency that directs and supports the flow of events. As an energy pulse, a baseline also determines our experiences in life. …

Books of Being & The Tribe I AM.

  • Books of Being – YouTube video link – Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen discussing unity consciousness, the I AM tribe, global change, personal refinement, self knowledge, self mastery and more as part of her heart talk series.  Please also listen to her I AM Tribe discussion that continues this theme in more detail. Post tour reflections November 2011.
  • The Tribe I AM – YouTube video link Jasmuheen continues on in greater detail with discussion son the I AM tribe, offering specific programming codes for positive global change, and personal refinement. Please also listen to her Books of Being video – both are part of her heart talk series. Post tour reflections November 2011.
  • Tantra – Divine Invitations. In this first video Jasmuheen talks a little about her life, her experience as a bringer of change, merging with the Divine One Within us as the perfect guru, creating permanent peace and more.
  • Higher Dreaming & Pranic Living. In this next video Jasmuheen speaks from her heart about Earth’s rising here now, higher dreaming, enjoying oneness, united rhythms, delusions and pranic living.
  • Tantra & Blendings. Heart Talk with Jasmuheen – insights at Kumbh Mela 2010 that led to a deeper understanding of the blending. In this video Jasmuheen also discusses energy field harmonics and tantra.
  • Meditations to support the experience of the above:- “Beingness & Blendings” and also “Tantra – Divine Marriage” plus “Pranic Nourishment“.

Travel Diary Insights with Jasmuheen

Introduction: – Many years ago I found myself deep in meditation in the presence of the Christed energy field being clearly told, “Record humanities co-creation of Paradise.” Yet I felt that in order to record a creation we first have to be involved in the creating first hand rather than just being an impartial observer. Being consciously involved in the creation of a world that operates for the good of all, is something we can all choose to do and I am always amazed at the diversity of people who gather with me all around the world to be more involved with this. Some come for personal reasons, some come for higher global agendas, some come because they just want to join their energies with me in a way that supports the whole group. And now and then some come to sit in judgment, filled with skepticism, watching my every move, determined to expose me as a charlatan or worse.

Some time ago now, I was told again in deep meditation: “Let all who come before you in praise or protestation be taken into your heart and be filled with infinite love until you can sincerely respond to them all ‘May God Bless you.'”

For me these words were freeing in both subtle and also profound ways for anyone in the public eye is scrutinized by so many in so many ways. Nonetheless we continue on for a multitude of reasons – following a strong inner call, fulfilling a pre-determined path or simply just deciding to use our energies on Earth more constructively in a way that benefits all. Becoming aware that every human being is just a system of energy constantly pulsating out frequencies, then becoming aware that we can choose via lifestyle, what frequencies we wish to pulse out and that we literally do control reality around us and how the universal fields respond to us, just makes the whole ‘life on Earth’ game so much more interesting for us all. Deciding to play the game of field harmonics on an internal and external level – again in a way that benefits the whole – add another interesting dimension to life.

So this journal covers many things about all of this; my stories as a person who has travelled constantly all over our world, these past 16 years, actively involved with people who share those same understandings; their stories and much more. On the road my life consists of talking, meditating and sharing with groups from all walks of life, endless hours in airports and airplanes going through repeated security controls, being searched and irradiated with airport security systems that x-ray my whole body; to solitude time in hotel rooms meditating and writing; to sitting in churches and places of worship to sense more of the people and their land; to walking the streets of countless cities again tuning to the people and feeling the pulse of their soul. To counter-balance all of this at home I live a life of quiet solitude in an environment that to me is an ashram, a place filled from time to time with visits of family and friends, a place I write and create and listen in stillness to the wisdom of the inner worlds that is the domain of my soul.

Somehow through all of this my life has been sweetly interwoven with the lives of so many others to provide us all with experiences that are so harmonic, so grace-filled that we feel as if paradise is ours. Despite all the challenges we face, despite all the energies around us that are emanating from those whose paths we cross, whose harts we do not touch because some still choose to be ruled by fear, despite all of this, as I travel I witness and sense the pulse of a rapidly changing world that each one of us is adding to in some way. I thought after writing 33 books that I was done and yet the words continue to flow banking up in my mind from some cosmic source like a dam at bursting point until I pick up a pen.

So we trust as usual that these words will find the right eyes to be read and the right hearts to confirm the truths we already know. With love light and laughter – Jasmuheen – For your copy of this travel Journal “Rhythms of Love” click here.

Europe – The Rhythms of Love

It’s wonderful to be with you and to share again my travel diary – which as you know we keep as requested by the German magazine “Lichtfocus”. Travelling for me is always so insightful and even after 16 years of regular road life, I still find I learn so much from being with all of our groups. Like many, I feel incredibly blessed to connect with the caliber of people that we meet and to also be able to experience what happens when well trained, like minded and open-hearted people gather together in the ways that we do.

There were three words that kept coming up throughout the tour which were “fun, flexibility and fluidity” – basically meaning that no matter what we do in life, we need to choose an attitude of lightness and enjoyment in each moment which is very much the signature of the new energies coming through.

Also as old ways are being replaced with the new, there is always the requirement for us to be fluid and completely flexible – particularly at this point in human evolution where we are working more dynamically with our intuitive nature and the energies of the heart which allow us, when we are open, to always feel the deepest rhythms of the purest flows of love that support the Matrix.

So many people are now being called to be in silence, stillness and solitude which seems to be our new food for in this space so much nourishment is being given.

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India 2009 Insights  

11th September, 2009 – Australia 

A heavy mist rolls over the paddocks as the bus makes its way to the airport for us to catch our flight to India. For the first time in 16 years I will be spending two weeks travelling for personal fun and adventure then two weeks for all our usual service work. The sun has just risen so the light through the mist is surreal, a good beginning to our new adventure. For the first time also, I am taking my youngest daughter with me. At 31 she hasn’t spent time yet in Asia and is nervous in an excited way, to be coming with me now to India. With a head full of stories of everyone else’s experiences she is keen to have her own, open to a new adventure in life. Both of us have strong karmic ties to the land and it always calls me back.

13th September, 2009 – Delhi, India

After 22 hours of awake time we finally put heads to pillows and stretch out in a proper bed and sleep before our tour begins. The ancient city of Varanasi, the sacred Ganges, Rajasthan and Pushkar – all of it and more awaits us with the dawn, along with a dozen other faces of strangers who will form part of our upcoming tour. With my current focus of community harmonics it will be interesting to see how all of our energies integrate and mix.

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South America January 2010

Thursday 7th January, 2010 –Andes Mountains, Chile, South America

It’s early morning and, as I step outside my cabin onto the small veranda that overlooks the Andes Mountains I feel my inner Beingness alight with joy. It is so good to be here. The energy is strong, pure and it nourishes me on all levels.

Some have claimed that the energy that gave birth to Tibet, the Himalayas and all the Indian Sages, has snaked its way down to the Andes and standing here now, it’s so easy to believe this is true.

I love this flow of joy and certainty that has been with me so profoundly the last few months as I’ve been consumed with music and creating the RHYTHMS CD. It’s the same energy that is with me now and I feel so thankful to Dana Tir for arranging our weekend seminar here.

I spend my birthday dancing with some of our group around a huge fire, in the Andes Mountains under a cosmic sky filled with the brightest stars I have ever seen. We drum, we dance and we sing and for me a new year begins. The Inca say that I have also completed one important cycle and now will enter another again; older in calendar years, yet younger in heart and soul.

It’s summer in Chile so many have gone on holidays yet all in our group are filled with light, love and open hearted interest. Once more I am reminded how blessed I am to be with people like this who gather so willingly all around the world in small and large numbers, to meditate and share stories of these amazing times. All have something to give, a flavour to add and so the weekend passes in the blink of an eye.

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India Insights – Kumbh Mela – March 2010

19th March, 2010 – India

I sit at Delhi airport feeling so much rising and falling within me; memories and feelings that were triggered in the final moments of our time at our camp at Kumbh Mela. Ten days of intense experiences with each day revealing so much more. Subtle rhythms moving through and around us all as India reveals herself in ways required and memories of lives, lived here before, arise into our open and conscious minds …

A week or more has passed since I was at Kumbh Mela at Swami Nardanand’s Siddha Ashram camp and I am still synthesizing various imprints.

Swami Stories …

A mischievous Swami sits before me, his eyes sparkle with light.

“He’s a tricky one,” a voice inside notes with amusement.

The Swami and I speak of many things and, as our energy fields merge and dance in subtler rhythms, he asks of my life, my marriage and more and is genuinely disbelieving when I state that in marriage we can love unconditionally. He seems a little shocked by the mere suggestion saying that unconditional love for each other is rare in the human species.

‘Perhaps,’ I agree knowing how many decades it took to come to this state. ‘But it is not impossible to experience when you set up clear intentions. As you know, thoughts and intentions are energy field drivers, guiding our evolution as wisely as the thoughts and intentions are themselves.

‘We have so many choices,’ we say, for another energy is speaking through me now as we connect in on a deeper level. ‘Energy field harmonics is just a mathematical process of formulae adjustment where one component is our time which we can all spend wisely with an awareness of outcomes of choice. Then of course we have the ingredients of various virtues – from compassion to patience and more. These form keys that open the inner plane multi-dimensional doorways that are constantly present around us, that can only be seen when the third eye is tuned and open within us. Other ingredients for energy field harmonics and to access the unconditional love streams are purity of heart, humility, sincerity, plus being open to higher possibilities and being open to people power and the power of the dreaming.’

There was much to discuss with this smiley-eyed Swami who later sat so often in joy beside me. Based in his ashram in California, it was this meeting that triggered the understanding of the blending. 

Even though the Swami’s and most Saddhus in India choose a path of celibacy, where some have never carnally known a women, and even though some say that to partake of sexual exchange can shift their frequencies into channels that they are happy to renounce, still this choice is not the path for us all in this current time-line.

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SOUTH AMERICA – November 2010

16th November, 2010 – Colombian Mountain Retreat

The energies are building within and around our group after days of deep sharing and discussions plus profound inner plane journeys and meditations. Grandmother Margaretta has arrived from Mexico and last night conducted the second sweat lodge that we have had here. Their word for it is ‘Temazcal’. Regardless of its name, what it contains with the ritual of intention, are powerful energies, as the spirits of earth, air, water and fire, and all the memories these energies contain, begin to intermingle with powerful chants for the body to let go and release and be reborn.

At the end of it my body’s energy fields had been so discombobulated that I had to be helped to a bench near the fire, to sit for a while, breathe in the fresh mountain air and regroup. I am amazed at the grounded strength of our Indigenous people’s as they work so powerfully with the elements of earth and also of course the cosmic flows. Many are here to support Pachamama as she continues to birth herself through time, others are the gatekeepers, the between world walkers and dimensional bridges, as many born within other cultures also now are. As always I feel so blessed to be in such sacred circles, this retreat being so different to the ones we have conducted elsewhere in the world.

Our gathering this time has created a platform for three of the Mamos from the Arhuacos tribe to be with us, two of the Taitas Shaman from the Putumayo region, our Grandmother Shaman from Mexico, plus finally the spiritual advisor for the Kogi tribe, Mamos Jacinto who will arrive today after much discussion with his government who initially refused him permission to join us. Their coming to perform their sacred ceremonies and meet together, some would say, is a historical moment as we take this step towards unification and blending all our gifts and talents and the best of all our cultures in ways that benefit us all. As usual I have listened and learnt so much from being among these people plus all the ones who’ve come from so many countries around the world to bear witness and add their own energy to the field. And so we all listen and learn and share, as part of this new global family harmonic, of love and respect, that all here are now enjoying. Being in South America always feels like coming home as does being in India where the honouring of spirituality, love and family rates high on people’s agenda scales.

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Energy Field Harmonics

The blending of energy streams occurs all the time within us and around us for all life is fluid in essence. All energy streams are directed by the consciousness contained within the stream, the collective pulse of each streams inhabitants.

Individualised yet part of a whole, each bubble of consciousness within each stream can move throughout the matrix of creation at will. No bubble is fixed in place and each bubble shares the beat of all the streams yet many feel its pulses in different ways.

To see the way energy streams are constantly rising, changing, meeting, greeting, merging, playing, expanded and changing direction within the web of One, is like watching cosmic cinema, a ballet of interplay. To then discover that all of these energy streams are also interconnected and have a multi-dimensional nature that we can also experience, is another amazing layer in energy field science; to then discover that all of it is controlled by the mathematics of magnetic attraction, and the Divine laws of the universe, also turns on our own inner “Ah ha” switch of revelation.

Revelation allows us to relax then contemplate then hopefully apply the insight and so become expanded for it – this expansion, that comes from life experience, in turn magnetises us into a slightly different rhythm or stream of ‘Being’ness.

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Darkroom Retreat 2011 – The Yogi’s Cave

February – March 2011…

It’s late February and I am about to return to the yogi’s cave in Chiang Mai Thailand to hold another darkroom retreat with a group of about 40 people coming from 14 different countries. The pull to return is so strong as I ride a wave of Grace that is calling me to be still and enjoy all that the Darkroom Retreat can offer.

As usual I have recently been steeped in the energy of intense creativity, downloading the Pathways of Peace and getting these ready for release upon the global stage during my tour time this year. Now and then my children mention the word ‘workaholic’ and I get a sense to take time out. The best way for me to do this is to enter the Yogi’s cave, that space where we can sit back, be still, and enjoy deep solitude and silence. It is also a place to be with other like-minded yogi’s who come from all over the world to share in this mutually enhancing experience.

I love stepping into this space. To work with the group to increase their pranic flows, to personally take little or no fluid, to see no external images or light, to move silently and Zen-like through a pitch black space, all of this is strangely rewarding on so many levels, as our body uses it’s energy flows more effectively to tune us deeper within the inner planes.

I also know of no other practice that can take me so deep so fast.

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Europe May 2011

15th May 2011 – a reflection written at the French Retreat

So here we are in the middle of France in a ancient land filled with the most beautiful energies, Druidic lore, the energy of Cathars, the energy of the Ancients that is carried through the land of the deep wisdom of Mother Earth and all that she offers through her trees and stones. The forest here is magical and you can feel its energy permeating through the area when you go into subtle energy planes within.

As usual we have a very beautiful group of long term meditators plus a film crew from Supreme Master TV, Master Ching Hai’s lineage, a group  who is now very interested in the next evolutionary part on a dietary level. Long term vegetarians and vegans, their desire is to live in the greatest levels of harmony with the planet, to walk on Earth like many of us now, with steps of harmony, to not be the takers of energy but the givers of energy instead. It is wonderful for us to film with them again and also to have Erika with me who has now been living on prana for over ten years. Even though she is in her mid-seventies, she is youthing energetically in an obvious way for people to really tune to.

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August-October 2011

 12th August, 2011 – Bogotá, Colombia:

5 days away from home, 3 of those travelling; a brief stop in Los Angeles to see family there and enjoy my 5-year-old grandson and now we are back in Bogotá Colombia. It is a day full of radio, magazine and TV news interviews, thankfully meeting with open-hearted, open-minded journalists and presenters which seems to be the way in South America, a land of deeply spiritual people. It is also good to reconnect with our support team and friends here and to be travelling again with my youngest daughter and see things through her eyes. Like many I have come deeper into the river of silence within, to rest in a field of deep contentment, knowing that all is in place within my our creations, and this changing world, as rhythms rise within us all to blend and mix as rhythms do. Meditation calls, stillness comes, the ‘doing’ stops, thinking fades and silence drowns the noise of the traffic.

18th-22nd August, 2011 – Sierra Nevada’s, outside of Valledupar – Ikarwa village:

We sit under the trees in the forest, rows of Mamos on chairs before us, maybe 140-150 others from different countries around the world, including a dozen tribal elders. A young sweet solar priest from the Inca tradition; shaman from Peru and Guatemala, elders from the Pai tribes of Sedona’s Grand Canyon, a tribal elder from the Maori tradition plus an part-Aboriginal woman from Australia, who chose to stay for just a short while, and also me.

People are adjusting to the heat, the mosquitoes and all the things that come sometimes with village life, yet all seem open, excited at this opportunity to come together and share. Here I am the silent witness, with no needs or agendas, with just a joy in my heart that I can be in this sacred land. I also feel fortunate to have been able to spend time with the Mamos before, when I have been in Colombia in the past, to know a little of their rhythms and ways, which now allows me to immediately trust the process here and go beyond external appearances.

Over the days the Mamos and Arhuaco people display their strength and quiet humility as they patiently gather us all to share and blend and come into common ground. About 350 have come from the Sierra Nevada Tribes mainly – Arhuaco, the Wi Wa’s and a few Kogi, plus about another 150 from Colombia and all around the world, taking the total here to around 500. It is a unique, first ever experience for us all, as the villagers valiantly take care of everyone with a minimum of fuss. Three showers, three toilets for us all, hot hot days, insects constantly drawing our blood and depositing our DNA in the land, sleepless nights and grueling schedules, all help to humble and adjust us into a different rhythm that the villagers love.

The tribal people sleep so little and are happy to drop where they are, finding a log to curl around, or a patch of ground, as they sleep when required under a starry sky. They are part of the Earth and love her dearly and this is obvious for all to see. At 4am they bath in a fast flowing river that we finally visit on the third day where our people play like children, so happy to be able to cool down and refresh both body and spirit in such a beautiful environment. Before our river swim we went to the sacred well of pools, some twenty minutes walk from camp, where all are awed into silence by the beauty and power it contains. This third day in nature was exactly what we all needed to feel the magic of the land and its sacred spirit.

The gathering unfolds as all do around the globe, with strangers becoming friends and family, as people gravitate to each other to share over meals or under starlit skies. So many layers are being woven here as ceremonies are performed for blending, strengthening, reconciliation and more. No filming or photos have been allowed, nor the use of cell phones during the day, so that the sacred ceremonies could remain undisturbed and ancient practices could be shared but stay secret in tradition – for our eyes only.

Who can say what has been achieved here over these few days? Yes all feel as though something precious and monumental has begun – a blending of indigenous ways with the West, of colour, and cultural traditions and wisdom with Earth people, sky beings and more. Whatever has occurred has changed the vortex here as the Mamos weave and add and control the unfoldment of it all, using their highly skilled alchemical practices in ways only they will ever know.

I know, from what I have shared with them in the past; that only the tip of a huge iceberg of their wisdom has been revealed this time as the initial days are given to our own adjustments in this sacred land. The tribal people appear eternally patient, watching, assessing us all without judgment, like a parent does a child who is learning the way of life. They are punctual to each meeting and silently sit to await our arrival as our group attend to basic needs in rhythm with camp life.

Some of the visitors get sick, some get overloaded with lack of sleep or the continual attack of biting insects that inject the skin so that the desire to itch and scratch is all consuming. Others get caught in mental ideas of how sacred meetings should be held, based on Western or Eastern trainings – ideas that could conflict with how the Mamos flow. Nonetheless all unfolds as it needs to, with lessons and insights given to us all, for beyond it all we share a profound love of Mother Earth and a desire to harmoniously co-exist upon her. By day 5, enough has been done for a new alliance to be born, summarized in a document carefully drafted by the Mamos which most are happy to sign.

The tribes of the Sierra Nevada are the guardians of the heart of the world – a heart from which they say – all human life was born. And in this sacred space, a new chapter has begun.

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