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Jasmuheen’s books in audio plus discourses with Jasmuheen on various topics. Prices between $16.99 & $7.77. Click on title of each for more data.

Breatharian Pathways Audio book

AUDIO Book! Breatharian Pathways – Memories & Motivations. Also now as an audio book! In this AUDIO book Jasmuheen finally shares her memories and motivations around her public work with living on prana.

From her times with Jesus, and the disciple Luke, to her times in Cathar country and being starved to death during the inquisition, to the life of an woman in India whose great loss revealed the Breatharian way; to dealing with Sadhus and sages in India modern day – all of this and much more Jasmuheen shares as well as finally revealing the details of some of her most spectacular media trials as she continues to educate the world into this phenomenon.

You may also enjoy her meditations on Pranic Nourishment at this link.

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The Luscious Lifestyle Program


The Luscious Lifestyle Program, is presented by Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace as a powerful and pragmatic way to enjoy more of the rhythms of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and within our world! Based on Biofield Science principles, this holistic lifestyle also increases our mental clarity and intuitive capacities, stimulates the expression of our higher nature and generally makes us more compassionate, fulfilled and altruistic people.

Our research with this lifestyle over the past two decades has shown that how we choose to spend our time is the key to loving life as the daily practice of this specific lifestyle will make us healthy, happy and harmonised and as we change so do our societies. By refining ourselves energetically we also realise our highest potential and experience who we really are, the Self that breathes us and gives us life.

Apart from the overwhelming joy and contentment, the practice of L.L.P. will eliminate dis-ease by acting as a system of preventative medicine; satisfy people’s needs and desires on the deepest levels so that they naturally become more caring towards all life thus promoting global harmony. L.L.P. increases communication with the Divine Self as the perfect inner teacher who will then guide each person to always be in the perfect place at the perfect time doing the perfect things for themselves and their planet.

L.L.P. activates the four-fifths of the brain that we usually do not use which houses our higher mind and higher nature consciousness and it is the lifestyle that people use to access the Cosmic Micro-fuel or Divine Nutrition channel. L.L.P. reveals the glory of who we really are as Divine Beings where all our questions are answered.

We invite you to dive into and enjoy this Luscious Lifestyle Program now!

Price: $11.00

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Free Audios on Healing

HEALING CANCER – Insights, Methods to help heal the rhythm of Cancer with Jasmuheen. In this video Jasmuheen shares of her personal journey with rebalancing the energy of cancer. She also covers spontaneous healing, self healing methods, the benefits of juice fasting, making the body alkaline, the role of visualization and meditation in self healing, testing methods to discover the right healing paths for each individual plus cancer as a frequency that can rise and fall and be rebalanced plus the Template of Health and a small meditation with reprogramming.

This audio & video is for those who have been diagnosed with dis-ease and also for their friends and family. It is only for those who are open minded enough and also ready to look at methods for self healing. Audio Link; video link.

We also have the free …

HEALING LUNGS & OTHER ORGANS – A 22 minute audio meditation to help heal organs – focused on the lungs.


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Health, Heart & Home Harmonics – Discourse

Health, Heart & Home Harmonics – Discourse

Jasmuheen discussing the Harmonics of creating healthy and happy hearts and homes.

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Meditation Magic – Discourse – Introduction to Meditation Series

MEDITATION MAGIC – Introduction to series – audio DISCOURSE ONLY. Jasmuheen discusses benefits, uses and practical preparations regarding meditation.

This serves as an introduction also to her Meditation Magic Series. Meditation forms an essential part of the Luscious Lifestyles Program that is recommended by the Embassy of Peace for personal, global & universal harmonization.

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Liquid Universe – Advanced Bioshield Programming (discourse-meditation)


Liquid Universe – Advanced Bioshield Programming – Audio discourse-meditation – Introduction to programming plus Advanced Bioshield Codes and mantras for the violet light cocoon plus creating incorruptible networks via perfect manifestation and mastery.

This meditation is to be utilised with the Violet Light Cocoon – Creation Meditation and it provides powerful codes for health, happiness, wealth, life purpose, good relationships, divine marriage, romance, tantra, and more and utilises quantum field intelligence and the Universal Law of Resonance.

New codes are also now provided in the book – Pathways of Peace Pragmatics. Background music for this meditation by Brian Vale. It may also be beneficial for you to listen to the in-depth discourse on Programming & New Paradigms which is now included in the download from our Podia store.

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Price: $14.95

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Programming & New Paradigms

Programming & New Paradigms – Audio

 Insights with Jasmuheen into the art of programming to set up specific responses within the quantum field based on the Universal Law of Resonance and Attraction. 

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Siriana’s Adventures – Earth Bound (Audio Book)

Siriana’s Adventures – Earth Bound – Audio book
Siriana’s Adventures – Earth Bound by Jasmuheen, written together with her 6-year-old grand-daughter. Siriana’s Adventures – Earth Bound, is the first book in Jasmuheen’s new children’s series called Siriana’s Adventures.

This first book covers the story of Siriana’s spaceship crash landing on Earth, her visits with the ancestors, mixing with dolphins, mermaids, dragons and more.

This audio book is sure to delight and also provide interesting insights for children aged from 5 to 10 while also keeping the listener highly amused.

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