Four Body Fitness : Biofields & Bliss

Four Body Fitness : Biofields & Bliss

Four Body Fitness : Biofields & Bliss

With more than 40 years of personalized metaphysical research, Jasmuheen presents her FOUR BODY FITNESS Program in this her 17th book.

BLISS is described in the Oxford Dictionary as being: perfect joy or happiness; blessedness; being in heaven. If the Recipes and Programs covered in this book are applied we can all experience complete fulfillment and harmony on earth.

This is neither New Age nor religious dreaming; BIOFIELD BLISS is the outcome of holistic education based on RECIPE 2000> which incorporates the Four Body Fitness principles.

FOUR BODY FITNESS: Biofields & Bliss is a simple, pragmatic manual that is designed to bring us all into a state of both personal and global paradise. To be achieved by using Biofield Science, this system deals with environmental field control and can be applied with fast results.

Accepting metaphysical principles and quantum mechanics, Biofield Science is a bridge for all pathways on earth as it is the basic mathematics of achieving health and lasting happiness.

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