Rhythms of Love – Travel Journal

As a commitment to witness, stimulate and record humanity’s co-creation of paradise on earth, Jasmuheen shares her experiences and insights on this as she travels the globe during 2006 to 2012. From Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries, through Europe to the jungles of Colombia and India, Jasmuheen reports on her work with many open hearted groups that gather with her.

In this journal the reader gains insight on what life is like for someone who is in full time service with this ‘paradise co-creation’ agenda. Spending nearly half of each year on the road, living in hotel rooms, airports and seminar halls, constantly adjusting to continually changing weather patterns, all the while being nourished only by prana, Jasmuheen manages to keep herself healthy and happy regardless of the many challenges she faces for despite all of this she grows and learns and thoroughly enjoys meeting with all the beautiful light filled people that she now constantly meets in this world.

She writes ... “Many years ago I found myself deep in meditation in the presence of the Christed energy field being clearly told, “Record humanities co-creation of Paradise. In order to record a creation it helps to be involved in the creating first hand rather than just being an impartial observer and this is something we have been doing for the last few decades.

Being consciously involved in the creation of a world that operates for the good of all, is something we can all choose to do and I am always amazed at the diversity of people who gather with me all around the world to be more involved with this. So this book covers many things about all of this; my stories as a person who has travelled constantly all over our world, these past 19 years, actively involved with people who share those same understandings; plus their stories and much more.”

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