The Freedom Matrix – Being Source Fed

THE FREEDOM MATRIX - Being Source Fed & Ascension with Jasmuheen 

In this 44th book from Jasmuheen and the 8th book on the fascinating topic of human potential and Source Feeding, Jasmuheen goes into the automatic writing process to bring through many messages from the Light Beings from the Unified Realms and how they used Source Feeding to ascend their civilisations and planetary systems out of the zone of duality and into the matrix of freedom, an energy web that permeates all  life.

Message from those who have brought through this book.

“Your Earth and her people are at a point of evolution that we ourselves encountered eons ago. We too had misused our planetary resources and had found ourselves suffering great disease on physical, emotional mental and yes even spiritual levels. However, through our journey of evolution and with the help of the sages who walked among us, we were able to transcend these states by increasing the vital life force in all. This in turn changed both our  individual and planetary radiations to the degree that we were naturally magnetised into the Unified field and there we have remained. 

Many star systems have achieved this while others ended in total devastation annihilating the species within them - human, animal and the planet itself, thus we have watched and learnt the intricacies of ascending a world. Individual, global and even universal ascension is an art and a science of which we now freely share for you are our Star being family, long ago extended-descended from our realms. 

Our message is that the freedom matrix is within all sentient life for all to activate and enjoy when they are ready.”
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