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  • LIFE ENHANCEMENT 9:- The Guru Within - Insight, Poem & Pragmatic Exercises – Creating and enjoying more personal, community and global harmony.
  • MUTUAL SUPPORT:- A mutual commitment to self knowledge, self mastery, self responsibility and to supporting unity and peace paradigms.
  • PEACE SUPPORT 9:- Optional supporting meditations for this pathway are the Holy Ones Connection Meditation plus the Love Breath Meditation plus the Beingness & Blending Meditation which you may have previously downloaded.
  • COMPASSIONATE ACTION PEACE PATH 9 – Personal & Global Service Agenda:- Spend as much time as you can in solitude and silence. Walk in nature, take prayer or contemplation time. Be still and listen, be open to know your true essence and to receive its gifts. Do this to get tuned to Its inner plane channel.
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