pathways of peace

German – Wege Des Friedens Pragmatik (Pathways of Peace)


Damit wir uns auf die nächste vorhergesagte Ebene bewegen können, müssen wir uns in Liebe vereinen und uns auf Paradigmen fokussieren, welche alles Leben achten und respektieren. Das Göttliche zu erfahren und zu erleben birgt nichts Mysteriöses; Energiefelder funktionieren recht einfach. Worauf wir uns fokussieren, das wächst; wir alle kennen das. Manche sagen, dass es jetzt an der Zeit ist, uns auf pragmatische Wege des Friedens zu fokussieren, auf Dinge, die uns verbinden und vereinen, auf ein neues Betriebssystem.
Die Frage ist, ob wir über das tägliche Chaos und den Kampf hinaus gehen und immerwährenden Frieden im Innen und Außen erfahren können. Und wenn ja, wie? Gibt es eine Wissenschaft oder ein System für planetare Feinabstimmung in den Frieden?
Gibt es einen Schritt-für-Schritt-Prozess, den wir anwenden können? Dieses neue Buch und CD von Jasmuheen bietet 12 Friedenswege und pragmatische Übungen an, welche alle Antworten auf diese Fragen und noch mehr enthalten. Willkommen zu den Gedichten, Einsichten und Friedenswegen.

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Embassy of Peace – Global Harmonization Program

Global Harmonization:- Global Harmonization becomes easier when individuals are harmonized within themselves and also within their own families and communities. Once this occurs an individual is far more effective in their service work and how they operate within the world.

Over the past few decades the Self Empowerment Academy Pty Ltd – with it’s online representative the Cosmic Internet Academy – has been developing effective, pragmatic programs to address not just health and hunger issues in our world but also programs to bring our world into a state of lasting peace by attending to basic human rights.

Based on the ancient wisdom of various esoteric traditions plus inter-dimensional field science, the following programs are now offered at the Embassy of Peace as an aid to harmonize ourselves into a new paradigm of reality.

With common visions and goals we can unite in pragmatic, compassionate action to achieve all of this and more. The Embassy of Peace has three pragmatic Global Harmonization Projects which are:-

1. THE PRANA PROGRAM – this is a project that is designed to minimize and eventually eliminate any limiting health and hunger issues – individually and globally.

2. THE MADONNA FREQUENCY PEACE PROJECT – 9 specific projects and lifestyle skills to minimize political, economic and environmental conflict by attending to basic human rights.

3. THE INTERPLANETARY EDUCATION PROGRAM – Understanding and applying both the Pathways of Elysium plus Universal Law so that we may all come into a permanent state of expanded consciousness and peace.

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Pathways of Peace

Pathways of Peace Pragmatics – (original manual without BEing Essence addition)

The Pathways of Peace Pragmatics manual is designed to bring permanent peace into our lives. This poetic work by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen offers 12 paths of peace and pragmatic exercises. 

She writes … In order to move to the next prophesied level we need to unify in love and focus on paradigms that honour and respect all life. There is no mystery to the experience of Divinity; the workings of energy fields are quite simple. What we focus on grows, we all know this. Some say that it is time also now to focus on pathways of peace, on things that bind and unify us, a new operating system.

The question is, can we all go beyond this struggle? And if so, how? Is there a science or a system we can use for planetary refinement into peace? Is there a step by step process that we can adopt? The simple answer is yes and this manual provides the how! 

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