What’s New – 2016


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  • NEW! Our Luscious Lifestyle program manual – just released!
  • Our August newsletter on Luscious Living and so much more!
  • Some Insights on Facebook via Memes
  • Roots or Leaves – Patterns of Energy article
  • A video of introduction from Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace on the new World Affairs playlist with its focus on a positive and uplifting evolution. To watch click here …
  • An Enlightening Evolution – video –In this brief video for the World Affairs playlist from the Embassy of Peace, Jasmuheen looks at the path, and coding, for an enlightened evolution, for those who are open to a peaceful and harmonious existence on Earth. Click to watch!
  • Clarity and Commitments – In this brief video Jasmuheen discusses Quantum Field Coding for clarity and commitment to harmonious co-existence at this time of a crossroads of greater global choice – by the Embassy of Peace for the World Affairs playlist. To watch this now click here.
  • Three Laws of Successful Living in unified fields – In this brief video Jasmuheen shares on the three main laws that those in unified realms live by. Applying them in our own lives allows us to merge with and experience realms of great harmony and love. To watch this click here … 
  • A Lifestyle for Health and happiness – poetic insight video
  • A longer discourse with Jasmuheen on the science of personal and global health and harmony from a metaphysical quantum level. This 38 minute talk is only for those sincerely interested in this topic. Offered as part of the World Affairs series of the Embassy of Peace for harmonious and enlightened evolution.
    Click to watch/listen now ….
  • Future Insights – the Exponential Age
  • Pranic People – Pranic Living
  • Our Creative Future

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