What’s New – 2017

A quick look at what we’ve been posting and where!

  • DNA Upgrade Meditation – click to view & do
  • Intergalactic Message – on Gaia’s Compassion and more – that follows the DNA Upgrade Meditation – click to view
  • Contact – The Book of Unity Wisdom Insights – click to view
  • Cosmic Connection Galactic Kin Meditation – click to view & do
  • The Grand Awakening – message from our Intergalactic Friends – click to view
  • Jasmuheen finally releases a bio on her life! Click here to watch
  • Jasmuheen shares a FREE online training series on Pranic People & Pranic Living – click here for this!
  • The Red Dot Zone & The Golden Age of Chaos and Unity – click to view this video
  • The Golden Age Proclaimed – article – click to read
  • The Golden age – Our latest newsletter is now ready for you!
    Chaos in our world is just one small zone! On a bigger picture level we have begun the final and lasting Golden Age transition – this too is just a zone that we can move into via frequency matching with it! click to view
  • The Call of the Heart – newsletter – click to read

plus Our iTunes channel – Music & Meditations

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