Whats New 2019

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  1. Message from the Intergalactics and our Light Beings friends on “Who are the intergalactics” and what this actually means to us on earth at this time – channeled through Jasmuheen in English and Japanese on the final day of her Tokyo seminar in November 2018. Click here
  2. Our new Pranic People Pranic Living online training series Pragmatics section is now here along with a 2019 Pranic Living Update.
  3. We also have our new Q&A section on Pranic People Pranic Living that includes questions on World Hunger & Health Issues plus Sexual Energy, Tantra & Pranic Living changes ..
  4. In these brief and fun imaged video Jasmuheen shares of the current 4 level squeeze that is creating the human sandwich effect as we continue to move through the initial stages of this 6th and final Golden Age on Earth. For some it is a time of rapture and for others a time of great chaos and challenge and so in this video she provides a few solutions to handle it all effectively.  Click to watch
  5. We did this video for India last year where it was so well received so we offer it now for all of you who have requested to know a little more of my background and training – enjoy! Click to watch
  6. Was so good to meet up with Peter in Vienna and also record this interview o the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting plus Source feeding Update – enjoy! Click to watch
  7. Article on Life Quality & Quantity – click to read
  8. Our latest (August 2019) newsletter – click to read
  9. Our Darkroom Laboratory new video – click here to watch
  10. Sacred Women’s darkroom – click to watch
  11. Our latest channeled message on the Divine Dance of Freedom Brazil Nov 2019
  12. Our December newsletter – link to come.
  13. Christed Grid – video insight – click to watch
  14. Source Feeding – visual insight – how this works – click to watch
  15. The Baseline Beat – being fed and being free by going back to Baseline – video insight – click to watch