Welcome to my website! My first passion in life is personally being healthy, happy and peace filled while living in harmony with all life and so in this website and via our research manuals, meditations, tours and retreats we offer clear methods to achieve this using simple powerful ways that deliver wonderful results!

fb-lol-header-2013-a Yes it’s true that I have also led the way in western research into rediscovering new yet also ancient fields of nourishment – known as breatharianism, being nourished by prana or chi, or the cosmic micro fuel program. After over 2 decades of experiential research we have discovered a viable solution to improve both personal and also global health, aid the environment and support long term resource sustainability and also eliminate all hunger. Read – research more

UHP-EP-STRIP Since 2007 most of my energy supports the fulfilment of the program’s & projects of the Embassy of Peace and the training of its Ambassadors via our annual retreats.

DarkroomRetreat We also offer deep yogic training in our annual darkroom retreats that are designed to improve our right brain functions and clairvoyant, clairaudient and clear sentient natures.

2014-art To support this right brain activation in a more creative manner we also offer our Sacred Art Retreats …
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For more detailed information on all of our web channels click here but here is a brief video of what I feel is important.

I am also a great believer in Self Mastery and Self Knowledge through meditation and so we also offer our wonderful 2014-jas-meditations menu covering love, health, alchemy, life purpose, pranic feeding and more!

  research-manuals   So if being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come & enjoy & add your energy to our famous

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