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Being Source Fed – As so many people are so interested in our experiential research into this controversial field, we offer a separate page for you at the below link with all relevant books, meditations plus our …

“The Alchemy of Source Feeding” online course. This will be a Course like no other as 70 Beings of Light from the Unified Realms share the methodology that they used to eliminate all health and hunger issues in their Earth type worlds. This is a program of ascension where we maximize the flow of our vital life force – chi, Essence, prana – until we have no more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers!

This data is brand new to Earth and will be based around Jasmuheen’s 2020 book – The Freedom Matrix – Being Source Fed.

It was these beings that introduced the 21 day process to the Western world in 1993, a process which has now been fine-tuned and super seeded by the new methodology they are offering.
Please note that there are over 100,000 people who have this freedom now on Earth with around 400-500,000 in training for this in a way that works for them.
What Jasmuheen is offering in this Course has not been revealed before as it is the Light Beings from the Unified realms who have guided this unique course.
With good holistic education plus a higher understanding of what this truly is about, Source Feeding will eventually become common place on Earth.

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You can also just scroll down to find, links to ~ BOOKS ~ MEDITATIONS ~ VIDEOS ~ A FREE ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM ~ ARTICLES and more …

In this brief video we share a visual insight into Source Feeding via the pure love zone – enjoy!

To watch more insightful videos on this go to our new YouTube free online Pranic People Training program although many are now preferring to engage in our new online Course on The Alchemy of Source Feeding!

The main books we recommend for this are :-

  1. The Luscious Lifestyles Program – click here for more on this
  2. The Food of Gods – click here for more on this
  3. Unity Reset Program – click here for more on this
  4. The Prana Program – click here for more on this

We also have 4 more manuals on this :-

  1. Being Essence – Keys to the Kingdom – click for more
  2. Breatharian Pathways – on Jasmuheen’s past lives with this – click for more
  3. Pranic Nourishment (with the 21 day process) – click for more
  4. The free Ambassadors of Light research manual – click for more

Relevant Meditations to increase our pranic (chi) flow – these have been designed to allow our pure nature to feed us in various ways …


Those wishing to hear more of Jasmuheen’s personal stories regarding how she came to be public with this and so much more may enjoy her YouTube playlist – Inspiring Real Life Stories.

RETREATS – Training Retreats on Pranic Living; Darkroom Retreats to increase our chi

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Jasmuheen writes … Yes it’s true I have spent over 4 decades tuning to alternate channels of nourishment that can free our human systems from all of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers! The key to this ability is our day to day lifestyle which controls our personal frequency emanations and how the quantum field responds to us! Imagine if this is true?? The benefits to our health, our environment, long term resource sustainability and also world hunger issues are substantial!

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