About Jasmuheen

My main service agenda for the last 47 years
has been about the raising
of consciousness to co-create a healthy,
harmonious world that honors all life!

Jasmuheen Brief Bio-2020 – PDF

As a meditator since 1974, in our work we also specialize in deep inner plane journeys using the alchemical meditative process to allow people to merge even deeper with their own enlightened nature.

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As an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, we have traveled since 1994 and achieved many positive things in the world with our work with tribal cultures in Colombia, the Amazons and also the slums in Brazil plus working with various levels of government including presenting our work again at the UN in Vienna in 2013.

Through this time we have been instrumental in helping to educate millions into better global resource usage via developing a stronger connection to the Divine resource within and since 1993 I have been personally nourished by prana and since 1993, I have lived without the need to take physical food.

In our tour times we share updates into our research on this, provide deeper connections and insights into the powers of the Pure Love channel, that feeds us all, discuss spontaneous healing, plus our current evolutionary status on earth according to the Divine Feminine and the Light Beings we work with and much more.

Being a deeply peaceful person, our attitude is light, entertaining and always filled with love and our gatherings are always inspirational!

Here are some insights to my personal life …

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For the more open minded here is a brief video we did for a gathering in India that shares of my past life training …

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