Musings from Africa

Musings from Africa

Cape Town South Africa 1st July 2023- with Jasmuheen

As soon as we land and leave the airport, my heart is filled with joy, that feeling of pleasure of being back in a beloved land. The hotel driver who collects me, is a large gregarious man who talks and laughs and transmits such a warm energy, adding to that feeling of returning to family in some way.

My foot is throbbing, swollen, calling out for rest as I’d recently broken my left big toe. Ignoring this rather large inconvenience, I decided to follow the call of my heart and come to South Africa to complete an ancient circle and already I am so glad that I did!

After a good night’s rest as I hobble out my door, I begin to sense this linear time flow of another being, another part of me, coming more alive within me. My first human form taken over a hundred thousand years ago in this ancient land, is reawakening now within me with every step I take. In simultaneous time, that circular flow, I realise again that I still hold the body of this slight small man and my tribe is the Bushmen of the Sans people who have been in Africa for over 130,000 years.

My memories of this life arose within me nearly four decades ago when I began to spend time with my husband who I soon discovered was my blood brother in that tribe. When we met again this life, I sensed that our karmic bonds stretched back so far in time and I knew there were things that needed to be rebalanced and so, as I sat in meditation so long ago, I asked to see the linear time flow of all the times we had connected that were still affecting us in our life today. It is always interesting to remember the linear times embodiments we have had before with family and friends, embodiments with imprints that can still affect us today!

To think that my husband and I began our journey on Earth as brothers, to think that there is within me this same small Kalahari Bushman being that I am now feeling the imprint and the rising of, both the image and all the experiences I had there as I now return to Africa and to this land, all of this is such an interesting experience to be having now!

I have long merged with my future self in simultaneous time and I’ve been feeling that presence so strongly with me as part of me for decades now. To now return to this land that feels so pure and powerful, so peaceful and strong is a wonderful feeling. To find within myself – almost like another being, another me living more alive within me – is a curious sensation to be sure and yet it is rising as I walk this land.

It is thought-provoking, how we are not taught in Western education how we carry a cellular imprint, on all levels within us, of all our linear time expressions and how these are still going on in a simultaneous time flow.

And so it is I enter this magic land to complete that cycle, from a first incarnation to a last and so it is that I am called to follow the call of my heart and to continue this journey through South Africa to connect with some of the shaman and the wise ones that are here.

We will begin to share later on more of the illusion of time, for time truly is a man -made construct that is designed to allow us to navigate time over what we see as a 24-hour period according to a Gregorian calendar and yet the Mayan calendar was different again. Yet that calendar is complete and we are writing a new calendar collectively, moment by moment, by what we choose to give our energy to each moment in life.

I love surprises, I love deep experiential revelation and it is truly a great joy to feel what is rising within me, to feel the stepping forth back again within me, feelings of the freedom that these first people had, their laughter, their joy, their life under cosmic skies, their Oneness and their harmony with the land long before the white people came and transformed Africa into the Africa that is known today.

And so begins my journey here ….

It is interesting to know that we hold every version of ourselves within, from all our linear time embodiments … it is even more interesting to understand the illusion of time as a man made construct designed to manage our existence on earth … more to come on this soon …

Dolphins, whales, white lions and so many more incredible species holding the purest of frequencies while we finally explore the deepest levels of self sovereignty to up-level both ourselves and our world.
Sacred power places, sacred sites, sacred places – within and around us – lighting up like never before to support it all!
Yes times can be challenging but the more we understand the holographic nature of creation, the easier our lives become as we see again and again that what we give our time and energy to we perpetuate and strengthen … happy co-creation everyone!