Over the past nearly 5 decades of deep meditation, I have encountered many unexpected and surprising things, in particular the various Beings or flows of consciousness that have connected with my energy fields from the higher vibrational zones. Everything is just an extension of our own pure Essence nature yet we can only become aware of this when our right brains are activated enough so that our clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient natures can tune to these channels. And so we trust you will enjoy the links to various YouTube playlists plus videos and data below!

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Light Beings and ETS working with many on Earth – 3 specific lines or types with Jasmuheen – In this below video Jasmuheen shares openly about her many meetings with what she calls the Blue Line Beings who are a collection of higher consciousness Light Beings from many star systems who always operate for the highest good of all sentient life. These are the multi-dimensional and the ones working with so many heart centred people on Earth. They are very different to the ones connecting with governments are others in technological or trade exchange.

At the below links you will find a few specific insights from some of those whom I have connected with – but before we begin let us look a little at the two videos on channeling – Part 1 and Part 2.

The Bridge of Love and Death – Telepathic Communion with Jasmuheen – in this addition to her Inspiring Real Life Stories playlist we share of the death of my mother in 1994 and her communication with her after her death and how we can commune with those we love via the bridge of love that transcends time and space. This is one of four videos and stories sharing that there is so much life even after we drop our physical forms as the fear of death is such a big issue for many still on earth which is why we share these few stories on this topic.

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