Shake Ups and Stabilization on Earth

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Hello everyone,

With three main frequencies bombarding our Earth, we continue with this shakeup and stabilization process hopefully choosing the best mental, emotional and yes even physical nourishment that we can each access.

The first main frequency is that green healing ray that is rebalancing all of our limited, fragmented and divisive mental paradigms which of course always influence our emotional states. As we heal from mental fragmentation and division, this flows into healing on emotional and physical levels as the system of infusion and flooding always does.

And so, the next major frequency is this massive unconditional love infusion that so many are now understanding is the key to all healing of all human wounds. Being in the frequency of Love also helps to keep us stable through times of massive upheaval as it is in the silence of the waves of pure love that all wisdom can be revealed. The deeper we stabilize in the pure love zone the more the bigger picture paradigms can be triggered as love is the fertilizing frequency for all revelation.

With revelation and bigger picture awareness comes liberation from many human limitations and so the third frequency bombarding our world now is the 7th ray of Spiritual Freedom with its violet light spectrum of transformation.

3 waves covering 4 different versions of Earth or zones of operation, with each zone revealed from within the Unified Field by our ability to match the frequency field of each zone.

Some now live in what they call the Shambala or Heaven on Earth Matrix or zone, others oscillate between all four, unable to stay stable as they keep being mesmerized by the external flow of events. Still stabilization through choice and mastery is an amazing initiation that we all are undergoing and have the skills to apply and master.

The Light Beings say that the human mind and heart has now created 5 distinct versions of Earth with the first one correlating to the Dark Ages almost where the game of being victims and blaming and living deep in duality continues on – eventually delivering wisdom and virtues to all who choose to dwell there. This Earth will fade away with its zone no longer being accessible as Gaia continues her ascension journey.

That leaves 4 more Earth versions, with the majority of people now anchored more in the version that reflects the Alpha brain wave patterning that being open-hearted and open-minded can anchor us all in for so many now long for more unity and peace.

The next Earth zone or version has those anchored deeper and more consistently in the Alpha-Theta Brian wave pattern that the Unified field responds to by revealing more coherence, more Grace and more peace to the frequency holder. This is the being love zone where the majority of our human wounds have been healed through various methodology.

The next zone is the zone of true liberation or freedom where our Essence nature consistently dominates our existence and we trust and are guided by the voice of the Master within.

And then we have the final version of Earth that is part of an intergalactic civilization, an ascended Earth whose people live deep in the Unified realms.

And so the game of conscious choice, conscious fine-tuning, conscious stabilization goes on as we all apply the wisdom we have learnt for so long until it becomes an experiential truth that is reflected by which zone we find ourselves anchored in.

At the Embassy of Peace we continue to offer our programs for fine-tuning as do so many in our world!

Enjoy the journey everyone! ❤️

Biggest hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie.

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