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The end of our many roles plus the Unified field of support …

Hello everyone!

It is so interesting for us to reach a point in our evolution where we can willingly and consciously let go of all the roles we have played in our lives, understanding that they are just roles of which many may now feel complete.

Many of these roles are heavily controlled by societies or family cultural expectations and many of these roles obviously can be quite limiting although they may also be very necessary at any given time.

For me, it is fascinating to go through – and have gone through as I approach my seventies – the three phases that the Divine Feminine expresses herself in.

The first stage is the innocence of a child, when we all arrive on this planet at different times and find ourselves suddenly confronted by the duality matrix that is so counter intuitive to a knowledge we carry in our soul of how things could be, due to the realms from which we have descended. For many of us do carry an intuitive knowing of how life can be lived in a state of deep unity and harmony!

It is exciting to come in as star beings with the star being genetic construct and makeup that we all have at our core, and to then live so deep in the duality matrix for so long that we actually forget our origins and our star being nature! Nonetheless we arrive in this world at some point in linear time completely innocent, just as a child who is born into the world.

And so we go through the age of innocence, only to lose that innocence and to ground ourselves more in the duality matrix through the relationships and bonds that we form, often then moving on to the next stage which is to become the nurturer, the mother, the father, the one who births the progeny so that life on Earth can continue on.

Once progeny have been raised of course, then it is a different stage again. Perhaps it is the raising of our progeny’s progeny, our grandchildren and more. But eventually, as the decades fly in linear time on Earth, we come to that point that many of us are at now – for I know that my audience here is generally connecting with people 45 and over.

When we reach this final stage of Divine Feminine expression, we find that it is a time of wisdom, the time of reflection, the time that is known as the crone or the wise elder hopefully, for we have learned from everything that we have experienced by living so deep in duality for so many decades through linear time.

For me it’s wonderful because I have reached a point where I’ve written 42 books in 20 languages and long ago felt what else is there to say? But more than that, we literally have reached a point in human evolution where everybody must go deeper into their heart and unhook from all the limited concepts that we have been bathing in for so long within the duality zone. So many ideas are shared by so many that bring so many limitations that is true, but there are also so many insights that others have gained in their journey that are so helpful but still our own deep experience is key to our ascension at this time on Earth!

And as always our experience is determined by how we spend our time on Earth.

Every day I am aware of how I choose to spend that precious commodity called time and everyday I choose to see myself as the Queen of my domain and life and to consider what is truly worthy of giving my time to and we all can do this.

Again, how we choose to spend our time now depends on what stage we’re at in life – if we are still deep in responsibility of raising progeny, if we are still deep in responsibility of having to bring in the money to pay the bills and all the rest of it – and yet we know when we look back through the flow of linear time, how we have always been provided for with everything we really needed, not so much of what we wanted but definitely what we needed and if that has happened in the past, surely it can happen in the future and with this view the whole idea of living with abundance and money almost becomes inconsequential but still needs to be done but can it be done in a more relaxed manner?

Can we trust in this infinite benevolence that has supported our journey as formlessness into form and that this infinite benevolence will always ensure that whatever we’ve agreed to experience prior to our descension process through the very act of descending yet again into human form, that everything we’ve agreed to achieve along the way regarding the gathering of wisdom and virtues, that we will be supported by this loving benevolence who is just that, very loving and very benevolent???

  • Surely if we have always received what we needed in the past then we will always receive what we need now and in the future???
  • So can we relax and trust a little more as Earth continues her up-leveling process?

This loving benevolence is something that I’ve been meditating on intensively for the last decade or more and just trusting that I will draw from the Unified field exactly what I need when I need it to support my core intentions, that is the intentions that I came in with the desire to fulfill, using free will before the descension game.

It is interesting to see us all as wise, loving, benevolent beings who are in truth formlessness just dipping into form, a very small aspect of the vastness of that which we are dipping back in for various reasons into form. We have agreed to take form this time, at this time of a global and universal ascension as we personally expand our own awareness of our own ascended nature through our very experience of that nature.

And so, as I continue to explore this final stage of my own life in deeper and deeper silence and solitude, appreciating all that others are now bringing to the field, I know that whether we are in the doing or whether we are in the being, what really does the doing is the being itself and if we can make the beingness of our pure Essence nature the dominant frequency in our life, then we find that we vibrate out of the zone of the dual-natured world and are anchored in that space that all the Holy Ones have said exists here which is that zone of Heaven on Earth.

It is wonderful to step back and decide to let go of all the roles that we play and simply just be anchored in the pureness of our own Essence nature, to be so pure and to be so fulfilled and to be so fed by that vibration that pulsates through us all delivering all the wisdom, all the love, all the power, all the insights and all of the virtues that we need to enjoy this Earth and all the zones and all the dimensions she contains.

I do apologise for the lack of communication that I have had with you all for these last six months but I have been called to follow the call of my heart which is just to be deeper and deeper into silence and stillness in my own life, having played all the roles that I was born to play with most of them now completed and so I am now streamlining many things in my life including my social media channels. And yes my exit time is coming in a few short years so there is a lot to prepare for that as per what we share below.

As mentioned above I am closing down this newsletter system and opening a new one as part of our existing Podia platform where we hold all our books, meditations and online courses. So if you wish to keep hearing news from us then please sign up at the big blue link at the start of this newsletter.

Recently I went to Africa to spend time with the white lions to receive their Christed consciousness transmission knowing that they have descended from the Sirian star system to hold the Christed energies on Earth. Their story and how they’ve come into being according to the African tradition and oral traditions legend is most fascinating indeed and I have added the first of my writings on this journey below. Dolphins, whales, white lions and so many more incredible species holding the purest of frequencies while we finally explore the deepest levels of self sovereignty to up-level both ourselves and our world.

Sacred power places, sacred sites, sacred places – within and around us – lighting up like never before to support it all! it is also interesting to know that we hold every version of ourselves within, from all our linear time embodiments (as per my article on Africa musings below) … it is even more interesting to understand the illusion of time as a man made construct designed to manage our existence on Earth … more to come on this soon …

Yes times can be challenging but the more we understand the holographic nature of creation, the easier our lives become as we see again and again that what we give our time and energy to we draw to us from the unified field and perpetuate and strengthen … happy co-creation everyone!

Wishing you so much love in your journey on Earth today, Jasmuheen and Anjie

I love Darkroom Retreats as I witness so many powerful transformations within myself and within those who attend and this year in March was no different … yes we always focus on eliminating all human hungers and the lifestyle formula for this, as well as this year we are working with a simple new model or reality from our Light Being friends!

We look forward to enjoying the company of some of you in our upcoming October darkroom retreats so please book soon if you feel the call to join us but have not yet secured your place!!! Details are below.

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