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So great to have you visit here with us! If being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life on earth appeals to you then our channels are for you as we have this in common! And so in this website – via videos, articles, posts and audio – we offer clear methods to achieve this using simple powerful ways that deliver wonderful results!


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Our Embassy of Peace

After over 4 decades of a yogic lifestyle, these days most of my energy supports the fulfillment of the program’s and projects of the Embassy of Peace and the training of its Ambassadors via our annual retreats where we gather with so many amazingly loving, wise and aware people!

Our simple yet powerful Embassy Programs are dedicated to Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization and their success is due to being based on Interdimensional Energy Field Science with its Universal Laws that deliver unity and peace when applied. Click here to sign up to our newsletter and also our Live Conferencing!

Then we have our research into world health, world hunger solutions …


Developing our Alternate Nourishment Prana Program to aid in the resolution of world hunger issues …

Yes it’s true that I have also led the way in western research into rediscovering new yet also ancient fields of nourishment – known as bigu, breatharianism, being nourished by prana or chi, or the cosmic micro fuel program.

After over 2 decades of experiential research we have discovered a viable solution to improve both personal and also global health, aid the environment and support long term resource sustainability and also eliminate all hunger.

We also have now launched our free online training program in this at this link!

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Being with like-minds & supporting each other!

romania-2014-2-small2015-eventsOur Fabulous and very Unique Gatherings …

I love gathering with like-minded people from all over our world and from all walks of life and so we offer a variety of retreats!

Our most popular retreat where we offer deep yogic training is our annual darkroom retreats that are designed to improve our right brain functions and clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient natures.

To support further right brain activation in a more jovial and creative manner we also offer our Sacred Art Retreats which also allow us to work effectively with Energy Field Science. You may also enjoy our new look ART page showcasing 20+ years of inspirational work!

And of course we have our more controversial Pranic Living gatherings as well as our Embassy of Peace Events each year!

Self-Knowledge & Self-Mastery are key!


Like many now in our world, I too have a passion for meditation and the metaphysical world!

India-GCSS-2014-3-smI am also a great believer in Self Mastery and Self Knowledge through meditation and so we also offer our wonderful Meditations with Jasmuheen, menu covering love, health, alchemy, life purpose, pranic feeding and more! You can also download so much – books & Mp3’s – from our iTunes channel!

our C.I.A. website

I am also passionate about Health, Harmony and Happiness

And so we explore this theme in our Self Empowerment Academy online representative website – the Cosmic Internet Academy – our C.I.A. – where we focus on ONE PEOPLE LIVING IN HARMONY ON ONE PLANET and how to achieve personal and global health and harmony via all the pragmatic insights and effective tools that we offer there …2015-feeling-fabulousOur World truly is a Paradise for so many … Many know the secrets now to enjoying the dimension of Grace and Harmony, of how to live in unity and harmony with all life and so our future is so bright!

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Your participation … supporting a fabulous new chapter in earth’s evolution!

So if being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come and add your energy to our Retreats and Gatherings, or share with others what works for you in our channels and/or subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with our latest research!

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