Pranic People – Pranic Living

Pranic People – Step by Step Pragmatics


Audio series coming soon!
We are currently writing a new book and audio series on Pranic People – Pranic Living that will be a pragmatic step by step process.

As I began this book on “Pranic People, Pranic Living” I realized yet again that to me, this journey is about enjoying the grandest love affair that we can ever know, a love affair that fills every cell with joy, making every part of us tingle so deliciously and vibrate to such a perfect rhythm that all we can feel is complete.

When this Essence energy reveals its field within and around us, it is as if Heaven has opened its doors and flooded us with its potential, a way to be on earth that is unlike any other, a way to see and be and sense existence that is so peaceful, so profound, that all we can feel is grateful that we have this life, here, now. In this state of revelation and awareness, it is impossible to know hunger.

PRANAPROGRAM-english-cov-smallThe Prana Program – everything about this topic in Q & A format

food-gods-cover-SMALLThe Food of Gods – offering a slow and steady methodology

small-PRANA-NOURISHMENTPrana/chi Increasing Meditations relevant to this topic.

For more research manuals on this topic.

Introductory Video on Pranic People coming soon!