EMBASSY OF PEACE – PROGRAMS & PROJECTS, free MANUALS – As already mentioned, my main focus is on the fulfillment of the programs and projects of the Embassy of Peace which we supports through the income from our Darkroom Retreats, our annual touring plus the annual Embassy Retreat all of which we have designed to support the rhythm of health and harmony in our world.

We also have our The Pathways of Peace Pragmatics manual which is designed to bring permanent peace into our lives via 12 specific paths of peace and pragmatic exercises.  For more on this … plus YouTube video on the Pathways of Peace.

Peace Pathways Background Jasmuheen

Embassy of Peace Retreat plus if you wish to be kept up to date with the Ambassadors and Diplomats Training programs please leave your email address under the relevant section for this at this link and study the free manuals provided for this purpose.

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Also if just being healthier, happier, more peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come & enjoy & add your energy to our famous

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