JASMUHEEN’S global service focus is on the co-creation of permanent peace through the fulfillment of the programs and projects of the Embassy of Peace whose projects she supports through the income from her Darkroom Retreats & annual tours. These programs accelerate benevolence and the rhythms of health and haarmony in our world.

  • Embassy of Peace Programs & Projects – free manuals to download, our Pathways of Peace plus our new Pathways of Peace – BEing Essence manual. Embassy of Peace data in other languages.
  • Embassy Annual Retreat for Embassy Affiliates & supporters – training for our Ambassadors of Peace.
  • At the Cosmic Internet Academy, Jasmuheen provides the complete Embassy Programs in an easy to apply manner that creates health and happiness personal and globally.
  • FREE – videos on the Embassy of Peace Programs; Donations – If you find all of the free data shared at the Embassy of Peace beneficial for yourself and our world, then you may like to support our work with a donation!


  • FREE Embassy of Peace Training Manuala 200 page PDF document that is filled with pragmatic tools & insights.
  • For ease of reading and absorption, the Embassy of Peace manual is now available in three parts: -

1) Personal Harmonization Program (Free PDF), this includes the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyles Program PLUS additional personal fine tuning data added in 2010.
2) Global Harmonization Program (Free PDF), this includes The Prana Program – Third World Feeding Project; The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace program – in English & other languages.
3) Universal Harmonization Program (Free PDF) includes new data added in 2010.

EMBASSY OF PEACE ANNUAL RETREAT Please join us in our first ever Embassy of Peace Retreat where we will focus on manifesting our ONE PEOPLE LIVING IN HARMONY ON ONE PLANET AGENDA. Click here for more!

EMBASSY – PATHWAYS OF PEACE – see also our new Affilates Program!

The Pathways of Peace Pragmatics manual is designed to bring permanent peace into our lives. This poetic work by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen offers 12 paths of peace and pragmatic exercises.  She writes … In order to move to the next prophesied level we need to unify in love and focus on paradigms that honour and respect all life. There is no mystery to the experience of Divinity; the workings of energy fields are quite simple. What we focus on grows, we all know this. Some say that it is time also now to focus on pathways of peace, on things that bind and unify us, a new operating system. The question is, can we all go beyond this struggle? And if so, how? Is there a science or a system we can use for planetary refinement into peace? Is there a step by step process that we can adopt? The simple answer is yes and this manual provides the how!  For more on this

  • Path 1 – Rhythms; Path 2 – The Blessings Game; Path 3 – Space Claiming; Path 4 – Kingdoms; Path 5 – Dimensions & Choices; Path 6 – Doorways & Gatekeepers; Path 7 – Fit & Fabulous; Path 8 – Success Codes; Path 9 – The Guru Within; Path 10 – Beloveds; Path 11 – Pranic Living; Path 12 – Interdimensional Connections. Click here for more data on these.

EMBASSY OF PEACE YouTube videos & playlists:-

1) Embassy of Peace – Introduction plus The Queen’s Agenda – video detailing the Embassy’s focus & programs
2) Personal Harmonization –
link to playlist - for personal peace, health & happiness.
3) Global Harmonization –
link to playlist - pragmatic programs to fulfill for global peace.
4) Universal Harmonization –
link to playlist - once we have entered into global peace then what?
5) Pragmatic
Guidelines for Peace
6) YouTube video Introduction and Summary of the Pathways of Peace
7) Jasmuheen on The Embassy of Peace Programs & Luscious Lifestyle Program – video in English & Spanish.

  • Training for the Ambassadors of Peace is via the Embassy of Peace Manual. The programs of the EMBASSY OF PEACE are covered in more detail in the EMBASSY OF PEACE manual’s introduction.
  • The training and gathering of the Diplomats of Love and Ambassadors of Peace will also continue in person with Jasmuheen as she tours. Click  here  to go to her annual tour schedule. During her retreats and weekend seminars she also provides training in the Embassy’s Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization Programs and training on Pranic Living with all of its health and environment benefits.
  • Intensive training in the PRANA PROGRAM with Jasmuheen in person: Please note that every year Jasmuheen trains a small group of people in the Prana Program via the unusual process of Darkroom Retreats. Click here to find out more about these retreats. Jasmuheen also touches on the Embassy of Peace’s Universal Harmonization Program at her  Sacred Art  Retreats.

If you wish to be kept up to date with the Ambassadors and Diplomats Training programs please leave your email address under the relevant section for this at this link and study the free manuals provided for this purpose.

DONATIONS:- If you find all of the free data shared at the Embassy of Peace beneficial for yourself and our world, then you may like to support our work with a donation! See our For You & For us All section on our sister site – the C.I.A., Cosmic Internet Academy.