Jasmuheen’s 2014-Focus-Dates-PDF2014 datesEmbassy of Peace Inaugral Retreat; Articles plus Additional General data (PDF) on Events; Annual  Darkroom Retreat, Pranic Living & Sacred Art Retreat data;  YouTube videos of Jasmuheen on tour in various countries. All money from Jasmuheens seminars and sale of the her art funds the Embassy of Peace projects.

Channelled-Messages from the Divine Feminine through Jasmuheen; PDF article RenaissanceEMBASSY OF PEACE – Ambassador Training, Jasmuheen’s “Rhythms of Love – Travel Journal

2014 Tour Focus – Accelerating Benevolence in our World! Celebration & Success – Locking in to & Living In the Pure Love Channel with Its templates of Perfection – (PDF on this) plus our Tour Focus & dates (PDF)


APRIL-MAY-JUNE 2014 – Retreats! Retreats! Retreats! Living the Luscious Lifestyles Program and recharging our batteries in a fun creative way!


2015 … stay tuned for more re where we will be …

  • THAILAND – 5th March – 16th March 2015 – see here Darkroom Retreat for more details – this is Jasmuheen’s most popular retreat! Email Anjie:– anjie@selfempowermentacademy.com.au – this retreat is currently booked out but if you are meant to be there you will be! Book now for the 2015 retreat as rooms in this retreat always book out fast!
  • FRANCE – 18th June 2015 – Thursday eveing event in Paris then our usual RETREAT – 19th -23nd June 2015. Organiser: Sophie Testut – e-mail: sophie.testut@free.fr ; Mobile +33(0)686953423
  • USA – August 2015 – Pranic Living – Breatharian Congress – Event in Northern California with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, Info@dantianwellness.com – exact dates to come!
  • INDIA – October – Gandhi’s Birthday – Bangalore, Pyramid Valley – GCSS – http://www.spiritualcongress.org  Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists -  exact dates still to come.
  • GERMANY – 10th – 11th October 2015 – Congress in Munich with Barbara Bessen email: barbara@kryon-deutschland.com

Jasmuheen on Tour – Videos:- To sense more about Jasmuheen’s work you may wish to see some of the following:- Jasmuheen in Estonia – videos in English & Estonian; Jasmuheen in France – videos in English with French translation; Jasmuheen in Germany, Switzerland – videos in English with German translation; Jasmuheen in Brazil – videos in English with Portuguese translation; Jasmuheen in Italy – videos in English with Italian translation; Jasmuheen in Japan – videos in English with Japanese translation; Jasmuheen in Romania – videos in English with Romanian translation; Jasmuheen in Russia – videos in English with Russian translation; Jasmuheen in Spain – videos in English with Spanish translation