Jasmuheen’s 2014 dates; 2015 dates – Best Versions Tour; Embassy of Peace RetreatGeneral data (PDF) on Events; Annual  Darkroom Retreat, Pranic Living & Sacred Art Retreat data;  Testimonials plus YouTube videos of Jasmuheen on tour in various countries. All the money from Jasmuheen’s seminars as well as the sale of the her art funds the Embassy of Peace projects.

Testimonials plus on Tour Videos:- Testimonial 1 – “Hi Jasmuheen ! To meet you has been a dream come true !!!! A powerful shower of energy, love ,light , peace, harmony, faith and laughter like never before !!! We miss your physical presence and your musical and magnetic voice, but our hearts are in resonance with your grace , that fills our days now! We will never be able to thank you enough for what you do for us and for Mankind, but we will try to bring more and more peace and love in the World with our life style and attitude ! With huge Love a big big big hug from us all !!!! Elisa, Enrico,  2014 in Italy”
Testimonial 2 - “Just had the most fabulous experience in this Retreat, an experience that enhanced and confirmed a deep feeling that I had had for some time, that our family goes way beyond blood ties and way deeper than this life’s connections… It was a joy to my soul to have met you wonderful beings and connect heart to heart to my loved ones in kindred spirit. I thank you all for being HERE, on Earth, at these wonderful playing times! Looking forward to see you again and enJOY all together – Hugs of love, Cristiana”

To sense more about Jasmuheen’s work you may wish to see some of the following YouTube videos in English plus the language of the country being visited:- Jasmuheen in Czech Republic; Nederlands; Estonia; France; Germany, Brazil; Italy; Japan; Norway; Romania; Russia ; Spain

A meditator for over 42 years, Jasmuheen’s gatherings provide fabulous personal insights via her well loved deep, guided meditations! Some of these can also be downloaded from her iTunes channel. She writes:  “For health, happiness and harmony to be real for us all, we have to acknowledge and experience the limitless internal resource of our own pure and perfect ascended nature. Without its guidance, love, light and energy we cannot achieve such lofty goals but with it … there is no limit to what an awakened individual and society can achieve!”