THE BREATHARIANA breatharian is said to be someone who never eats or drinks as they can exist on cosmic micro-food. These people exist but are rarely public unless it is their service to be so. However there are also now many people who can choose to be nourished directly from prana and no longer need to take physical food yet most of these people – like myself – still choose to drink for various reasons. In our living on light section we share more on the “how” of this as well as providing in-depth experiential research. On this breatharian page we wish to share a small selection of videos of other people’s journeys with living on prana plus a few meditations to increase your chi flow.

YouTube video – The Western Breatharian.


  • NEW! In depth interview with Jasmuheen – Parts 1 to 5 on the 21 day process and more – released September 2011. Click here for more.
  • Jasmuheen interviews Russian Breatharian:- Zinaida Baranova: – Part 1; Part 2; Part 3
  • Indian Breatharian Prahlad Jani:- YouTube video on Prahlad Jani – Some Initial Questions & Insights – Jasmuheen and the Cosmic Nirvana Network commenting on breatharian Prahlad Jani’s April-May 2010 medical testing at an Indian hospital – taking the discussion beyond the “can he or can’t he” question to the “How can he and what are the global benefits of this?” plus more insightful aspects. Also see the follow up answer video CNN Prahlad Jani – Pranic Living answers with Jasmuheen. Part 2 of the Prahlad Jani insights video with basic answers to some questions about the breatharians and pranic living people with Jasmuheen.  

New Video Interviews by France’s Freedom Génération and their playlists in several languages …

  • Oleg Maslow, sharing powerful Breathing Techniques here
  • Lincoln Gergar, sharing his Pranic experience here
  • Jorge Neira, sharing his Pranic experience here
  • Christopher Schneider, sharing his Pranic experience here
  • Doctor Edith Unbuntu Chan, sharing her Darkroom experience here

Videos filmed by Supreme Master TV on other people’s journeys with living on prana as a physical food source:- more videos will come soon!

Videos filmed by Freedom Generation – their YouTube channel – playlist in English & French

Beneficial Brief Meditations to increase your pranic flow are on our Living on Light section but you may also enjoy the below brief introduction to our Love Breath Meditation & our Cosmic Feeding Meditation which are on our YouTube Channel. For more information on our research into how to live on prana in a healthy way, also study our living on light section with its insights, articles, books, videos and step by step recommendations.

May 15th 2011 – France:- Jasmuheen writes … “A few days ago I found myself in the energy field of a Swami Lakshmana Charayulu who is one of these Swami’s that I’d heard about but never actually met, who’d spent 92 days living underground with no food, no fluid and no oxygen. For him it wasn’t an issue because he breathes like we teach people to breathe, which is through the very atoms of their being. We know, as Nassim Haramein has now proven, that every atom is a door to an inner universe. Through each deep inhalation we can draw this pranic energy through the atoms into cellular structure to nourish cells, and then let that energy flow out through the pores of our skin into the world to nourish others open to this. We call this the Love Breath technique and this is how the yogis breathe when they are buried alive for periods of time to prove the power of this inner force and its ability to sustain us regardless of whether we have food, fluid or even oxygen. Meeting him and talking about my journey and also his, with living purely on prana, was like a meeting of old souls and both of us were very comfortable enough to exchange gifts and information that touched us both deeply.” For more on this experience …