Daily Archives: January 5, 2015

Jasmuheen’s Life and Love album – videos of songs

LIFE & LOVE a COSMIC ROCK OPERA Musical Satsang with Jasmuheen Recorded for the Embassy of Peace. A selection of music, messages, invites and insights in rhythmic form, this album covers life, love, metaphysics and more as Jasmuheen continues with her focus of a healthy, happy and harmonious planet. Song-poem lyrics, spoken word and most…

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Videos on Jasmuheen’s Rhythms CD

Jasmuheen’s JOURNEYS – RHYTHMS CD – Some say that Jasmuheen’s vocal work with the Journey’s – RHYTHMS – album, is reminiscent of the Celtic Bard or Medieval Irish Fili. The word Bard has Celtic roots from “Bardos” meaning to “raise the voice, praise”. Bards and Filid passed on the pre-Christian Celtic traditions and history orally…

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Jasmuheen’s Prose

Prose flow 1 – Tended with Care Rivers of life, run deep, each one in its keep, a flow, a struggle, then departing. We all ebb through these, as membranes, of a weave, a string, a line, of our choosing. Click for more and to watch YouTube video on this … Prose flow 2 –…

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