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Contact with Light Beings & the Book of Unity Wisdom – Jasmuheen

Darkroom Light Being Contact & Visitation In this brief video Jasmuheen shares of yet another contact experience that is becoming so normal in her annual darkroom retreats. Meditation, changing brain wave patterns, fasting and being nourished by prana, plus time in silence, all of this helps prepare the field for deeper communion with the intergalactics….

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Our Intergalactic Family

Jasmuheen sharing her latest experience with the Golden spinning discs of our light being friends … “they want this to be a time of joy and celebration in our reunification with their realms … they are happy to wait until we can feel this, free of fear …” “and the skies were filled with their…

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Compassionate Heart Lock-In

The below channeled message was received by Jasmuheen during one of her meditations in August 2017 … We speak to you in this transmission, as many voices, yet one voice, from a United and harmonized Federation of Worlds. You have often seen the imagery of powerful people sitting around a table from the Knights of…

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