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Intergalactic Message on Gaia

Intergalactic Message Gaia’s Heart of Compassion and her rising impact on Universal levels, life in their realms of unified awareness, earth’s ascension and future potential plus more with Jasmuheen – Message from our Intergalactic friends…

Contact – Unity Wisdom Book

Contact with Light Beings & the Book of Unity Wisdom Darkroom Light Being Contact & Visitation – In this brief video Jasmuheen shares of yet another contact experience that is becoming so normal in her annual darkroom retreats. Meditation, changing brain wave patterns, fasting and being nourished by prana, plus time in silence, all of…

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Videos of Pranic People 1


Fabulous video on finding our Life Purpose

Finally Found Film Documentary Teaser (Life Mission, Health, Prana, Heart Intelligence…) To be able to watch this movie click here but first watch the below trailer! The “Finally Found Film Documentary team” is happy to share with you : The new film trailer featuring all the 21 participants (doctors, scientists, media personalities, pranic people, entrepreneurs) !…

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