New Meditations – Coherence!


Please enjoy our free meditations playlist on YouTube at this link

Here is one on Breath – Heart – Brain Coherence plus an insight into meditation itself below this …

Australian Bushfires

A Time of Release and Burning – Jasmuheen

Thank you for all of your emails, contact, questions and concern as it has inspired me to do the below video insight on climate change, resource sustainability, the Australian bush fires plus what we can do to help and more … also see what we can do to help video after this one …

Above – EFFECTIVE CLIMATE CHANGE Action and prayers and recoding for perfect resolution. A great meditation for positive change.

Inspiring Stories

Due to the challenging times that many now live in we have created a new YouTube Playlist called Inspiring Real Life Stories – at this link – but we include some of these videos also below.

ABOVE – A brief Introduction to our NEW inspirational real life stories playlist.

ABOVE – A Story of Being physically fed by Earth’s electromagnetic waves as told to Jasmuheen by a hungry young man in her gathering in Paris in June 2019. For more watch the movie The Grounded about how this same energy can heal.

ABOVE – The Power of Love to transform – in this story Jasmuheen shares of Kwan Yin demonstrating to her the power of love to transform a world.

ABOVE – Jasmuheen continues with the focus of Gaia’s power by sharing a story of its powerful energy in Paris and how Gaia also communicates with us when required while also addressing the power each individual has to minimize our carbon footprint.

stay tuned for more!