Sacred Art

A painter for over 6 decades, Jasmuheen writes: “I love strong creative flows where you find yourself pulled into a current of energy that is mesmerizing. I love when a vision pops into my head, arising in my brain to cover it fully until I begin to paint and let the vision flow.

To choose colors, textures, movements and rhythms while allowing something pure to come through to touch or titillate in some way as art has always done and to do it all for the sheer joy of it!
I love …. Tuning in & receiving; downloading & enjoying; bringing into form – creating then sharing; then letting go & moving on to the next flow … I also love to gather with people all around the world and paint while we listen to Sacred Music, enjoy powerful meditations and create these dimensional doorways together which is what Sacred Art can be!”

A selection of Jasmuheen’s ART can be enjoyed by various subject titles at the links below.

New video of her art plus
Jasmuheen’s background and insights into Sacred Art.

Mother Mary

Homage to the Divine Feminine by Jasmuheen;
homage to the
Feminine Form

Homage to the Divine Masculine and also a
homage to these ones via computer
Enhanced Art

CA-S-LULU-SHIVAAlso see her Homage to Meditation & the Esoteric plus her …

Homage to Mother Nature;
Homage to the

plus her Rainbow Art period

Homage to the Cosmic Flows;
Enhanced computer Art

You may also enjoy the Music & Poetry
Jasmuheen produces for the Embassy of Peace.


So come enjoy a powerfully insightful and creative retreat on SACRED ART with JASMUHEEN!

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