Divine Masculine Homage

A selection of works by Jasmuheen to
Honor the Divine Masculine.

NEW – Jasmuheen has now created a wonderful online Course called Sacred Portals – Sacred Art at this link!

A few of Jasmuheen’s pieces can be
downloaded as prints at this link


Saint Francis of Assisi (2007)

Gateway-11aa-small  SA-Baptism-Jesus

Gateway plus Baptism of Christ (1993)


Acturian Elder plus Christed Tao (2004)

I-AM-THAT-I-AM-small  Krishna-Sprite-small

I AM THAT I AM (1993) plus Krishna Water Sprite (2010)

SA-Padma-2  SA-Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava 1 plus Padmasambhava 2 (2005)

So click on the following to enjoy her Homage to the Divine Feminine by Jasmuheen; to the Feminine Form; to the Holy Ones in Enhanced Art; her Homage to Mother Nature; the Elements; her Rainbow Art & Cosmic Flows; plus additional Enhanced computer Art of various imagery.

A few of Jasmuheen’s pieces can be
downloaded as prints at this link.

In this time of great change and chaos in the outer world it is so wonderful to allow the creative process to rejuvenate and recalibrate us – whether it is walking in nature, playing music, dancing like no one is watching, singing in the shower or picking up a paint brush – all of it energizes us and lets us dive deeper into now moment awareness.