Pranic people eat all the time but just in a different way!


New videos – The Bliss of Bigu! & also Pranic Living

plus the new Post Pranic Festival Insights

and also her new Pranic People interview with P.A. Straubinger


With her 2015 events complete, Jasmuheen will continue to share her knowledge with Pranic Living and being nourished by prana, during her annual darkroom retreats.
Stay tuned for her events in 2016, although during this next year Jasmuheen will be traveling a lot less!

AD-6-FM-GF 001In these seminars we share our updated data on being nourished from cosmic micro-fuel as prana including the Template we all have for this within our body of light.

Also covered will be the breatharian reality, living on light, being nourished by prana or chi, the qigong state of Bigu plus lifestyles to do all of this and more!

In these unique gatherings we will also do an intensive on being nourished from the INSIDE OUT rather than just the OUTSIDE IN plus the impact this has on our health & environment plus how to measure and increase our chi-prana flow for safe transitions, check our blueprints for this plus offer …

•    Experiential Insights into our self sustaining templates – activating and strengthening
•    Meditations on our Body of Light Essence nourishment – the paradigm of aligning and allowing
•    Lifestyles for internal and external harmony, peace and Pranic Living,
•    Effective Alternate Resource access and usage – nourishing the planet via our personal lightbody essence emanations,
•    Tools and Techniques for a Grace Filled evolution and eliminating all of our hungers – how to measure our prana percentage, increasing our chi and essence radiations;
•    Updates on Jasmuheen’s 22 years of personal experiential research on Cosmic Micro-Fuel, Pranic Living and how it applies to personal and global health and more!

PRANIC LIVING is a topic covered in all of our work, during our weekend seminars and retreats, as in essence ‘Pranic Living’ means increasing our personal chi flow to eradicate all hungers – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so that we become more dependent on the divine resource within and use our planetary resources more wisely.

Pranic Living is not a diet – it is about Sacred Union, an ascension into more refined evolutionary paths on both individual then global levels! As vast multi-dimensional beings, we have limitless access to a source of internal nourishment (prana-chi) that constantly bubbles champagne-like throughout the matrix of life… Click here for more on this topic at our Living on Light Cosmic Micro-Fuel research page … 

Free Relevant Videos Living on Light plus click here for our MUST See videos on this topic!


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