Higher Communion

2014-jas-meditations-HIGHER-COMMUNION Audio & Video

HIGHER COMMUNION:- Many people tune to, are aware of and believe in Spirit guides and also the Angelic Realms and Universal Law says what we focus on becomes real. So now in “Meditations with Jasmuheen”, we offer the below meditations which are designed to tune us into and open us up to Higher Communications to connect with the Angelics, Light Beings and our Galactic Kin for those who are open to this.

Again these meditations are best utilized in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love as, by flooding our systems with pure love it is easier to align to the channels of these beautiful beings.

The ability to be sensitive enough to tune to these realms is also a result of our day to day lifestyle and whether our right brain capabilities are active enough.

For more data on what each one does, click on the links below where you will find a brief introduction audio and video link if applicable plus a link to the more detailed meditation itself which can be downloaded from this website or from our iTunes channel.


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