Pranic Feeding – Alternate Nutrition Meditations

The following meditations are designed to assist in the Source Feeding – Pranic Nourishment process

New! Pranic Nourishment Biosystem Recoding Meditation!


Love Breath & Pranic Nourishment Meditations


Etheric Feeding Devices & Source Point regeneration Meditations

Lightbody Revelation Meditation – see sense what can feed us. Click for more

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ALTERNATE NOURISHMENT FOR IMPROVING HEALTH:- These meditations are designed to improve our ability to access and utilize our prana-chi flow and are best utilized in conjunction with the other chi boosting meditations listed under Revitalization.

For more data on what each one does, click on the links below where you will find a brief introduction audio and video link if applicable plus a link to the more detailed meditation itself which can be downloaded from this website or from our iTunes channel.

Plus Free brief YouTube meditations – Pranic Feeding from Nature; Cosmic Pranic Feeding

For more research data on this controversial topic go to : Living on Light; you may also enjoy the audio book – Breatharian Pathways which shares of Jasmuheen’s background re this way of being. 

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