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JASMUHEEN’SART; MUSIC, Poetic Insights – including her JOURNEY-RHYTHMS & LIFE & LOVE albums; plus her Peace Paths & I AM THAT I AM POETRY;  also seethe below widgets to listen to some of Jasmuheen’s music & meditations! Jasmuheen’s new Angelic Soundscapes – audio files; OUR PARADISE CD! Codes, Tones & Meditations – see a few YouTube videos on this series.

Angelic Soundscapes – These tones channeled through Jasmuheen from the angelics, are designed to realign certain areas of our being to higher dimensional frequencies. The best effect will come when you listen to these flows through your headphones so that you can feel the effect directly through your brain or other parts of your being. Hold the intention to absorb that which is perfect for you. Some media players cannot handle these high frequencies, (e.g. on a PC Windows Media player is MUCH better than Media Player Classic home cinema).

  • Angelic Heart Tones – video. Unifying left & right brain hemispheres. This is the same video as above.
  • Shaman Heart Tones – video – dedicated to our Indigenous friends, this soundscape purifies heart chakra flows & is especially for those who have had past timeline indigenous-shaman embodiments.
  • Rejuvenation Soundscape – Meditating with Jasmuheen

Testimonial from Manuela in Italy regarding the power of Jasmuheen’s tones – Robin is one of my many cats, he is an adult, young male cat. All my cats are not vaccinated, live free, but have free access to my house. Robin came home on Thursday at evening, march 5, very sick and with the typical symptoms of FVR (feline viral rhinotracheitis): coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, loss of appetite … FVR is a very common and highly contagious disease, but although I was concerned about Robin and even about my other cats (including the kitty Nandi) I didn’t call the vet because I felt guided to wait. On Saturday morning my friend Milena came to meditate with me and we decided to meditate with your relationship upgrade meditation. Robin was in the same room. Milena and me found the meditation very strong and powerful, even because of its 3 components: your guide plus your whispered suggestions plus the angelic toning. And Robin? He felt soon visibly better and in 2 days he was completely healed. After that I felt also guided to support the field for some days with aura soma spray “White”, which is highly purifying and today, after more than a month, all cats are happy and healthy, no one showed ever the symptoms of FRV…  

I am not a trained singer nor musician but I have always loved music so it’s been fun to play the bard to facilitate the Journeys-Rhythms and Life & Love albums. Big thanks to all our musician friends who have supported this – it’s been fun to play with these creative rhythms!

Please use the below widgets to listen to some of Jasmuheen’s music & meditations!

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YouTube playlist link to Jasmuheen’s poetic insights

 Poetry for the Paths of Peace:- Please enjoy the following MP3 audios which share a few of the poems of the Pathways of Peace series and pragmatic manual. These poems are channelled and spoken by Jasmuheen with background music for your appreciation. For the complete Pathway including the pragmatics of fine-tunement click here.

Poetry from the I AM THAT I AM series:-As of 2010, Jasmuheen has begun to receive all her ‘channelled cosmic downloads’ as prose or poetry and in this next section we present her I AM THAT I AM series. The I AM THAT I AM is an ancient mantra used to refer to the divine spark that gives life that dwells in us all and in everything. Energy field science lets us ensure that what we pulse out enhances the whole if we wish and so we introduce the new BECAUSE I AM THAT I AM series. Jasmuheen’s new Life & Love album is also filled with her poetry as is her new Pathways of Peace book.