Sacred Art Retreats

Jasmuheen is not holding her Sacred Art gatherings and will instead create a wonderful online Course … In this time of great change and chaos in the outer world it is so wonderful to allow the creative process to rejuvenate and recalibrate us – whether it is walking in nature, playing music, dancing like no one is watching, singing in the shower or picking up a paint brush – all of it energizes us and lets us dive deeper into now moment awareness. 

Join us for a retreat of fun, relaxation, creativity & insight where we expand our intuitive capacity, switch on more of right brain faculties & open up to higher guidance while creating a powerful energy transmitter for our homes via Cosmic Feng Shui!

SACRED ART RETREATS are held in various countries each year or alternate years depending on my tour commitments.

Past retreats have been held in Assisi in Italy; France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and China.


See examples of my SACRED art here.

During our Sacred Art Retreats, we often focus on:-

  • Focusing on Indigenous wisdom & energies;
  • Creating Dimensional doorways using the painting process;
  • Allowing the Divine One Within to express itself through us via colour;
  • Using sacred music and angelic tones to activate right brain creative energies for Divine Expression;
  • Creating living energy fields to energise our homes via the sacred art process;
  • Enjoying and understanding the depth and magic of the field of silence within;
  • Meditations to experience the depth of magic and wisdom of the field of love within and merging with our ascended, divine nature;
  • Learning the art of sacred dance to control chi flow in us and the world.

Jasmuheen the Sacred artist: A painter for the last 56 years, Jasmuheen will reveal some of things she has been taught regarding creating art pieces as sacred inter-dimensional doorways and you will have the opportunity to create your own.

Ambassador of Peace, author of 38 books on metaphysics; pioneer in the Prana Program and its solution to world hunger challenges, international lecturer. Mother of eight, grandmother, and artist, Jasmuheen travels tirelessly working from political levels to eastern bloc and third world countries to offer solutions for global harmony.  

For visual images of the type of
Sacred Art that she will cover,
please click here
for her series on
Homage to the Divine Feminine,
The Divine Masculine,
to Mother Nature and much more!

Service-prayerPlease note that these retreats are not just about art, they are about learning how to increase your creativity, how to create and activate dimensional doorways to access higher realms using specific alchemical processes and how to maximise the love-wisdom radiation through your homes and also into the world.

These new workshops will be filled with love, laughter, sacred music & singing plus dance, body movement and art plus lots of information and tools re Divine marriage, Ascension, Pranic Living & more.

During these retreats she also combines the creative layer of expression through painting which will form part of this journey through the more subtle realms of love.

Jasmuheen states: “Music, dance, creative expression through art or writing, there are so many ways for us now to access these powerful yet subtle energy flows that can take us into more continuous and profound feelings of joy and celebration which are a dominant part of the new matrix of creation.”

COSMIC-FIREVideo on Jasmuheen’s Art at YouTube & also here; plus her Sacred Art Insights

An artist since early childhood Jasmuheen has painted constantly experimenting with all mediums since that time. She writes: “The last 22 years have been one of the most creative periods of my life.

One of the small benefits of DOW Power and being nourished by prana is that many seem to be able to access huge levels of creativity… apart from writing constantly, below are some of the art works I have been inspired to create during this last period. 

I only ever feel inspired to paint sacred art and each one of my paintings was often done after a particular experience with the subject matter, either through my dream time or in meditation, or just through an overwhelming urge to paint the subject.

Colours are carefully chosen to bring in specific radiations and each piece has been treated alchemically to operate as a dimensional doorway to download specific frequencies.”  


If being healthy, happy, peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come and add your energy to our Retreats and Gatherings, or share with others what works for you in our channels and/or subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with our latest research!

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