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Sexual Energy and Pranic Living

Sexual Energy, Tantra & Pranic Living

Pranic Living, Sexual Energy & Tantra – Apart from solving world hungers issues and how pranic living can help with this, another very common question, is how being fed by prana affects sexual energy so this is what Jasmuheen looks at in a little more detail in this next video on Q & A’s with Jasmuheen of her free Pranic People Pranic Living online series.

In this brief talk she will also provide a simple technique to help you discern if Tantric practice is right for you plus how to tune to the right teacher in this as there are now so many practitioners of this ancient art in our world.

To help with this she has also provided a Divine Marriage Tantra meditation on her iTunes channel at this link – https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/tantra-divine-marriage-meditation/366264056

 or on her website https://jasmuheen.com/products-page/cds-mp3s/tantra-divine-marriage-meditation/

This meditation is designed to reset our sexual energy from the past to the present, open up higher channels of possibility plus so much more.

Listen to an audio introduction to our Meditation on Divine Marriage and Tantra

Books on Pranic Nourishment – Living on Light



The main books we recommend for this are :-

  1. The Luscious Lifestyles Program – click here for more on this
  2. The Food of Gods – click here for more on this
  3. Unity Reset Program – click here for more on this
  4. The Prana Program – click here for more

We also have 4 more manuals on this :-

  1. Being Essence – Keys to the Kingdom – click for more
  2. Breatharian Pathways – on Jasmuheen’s past lives with this – click for more
  3. Pranic Nourishment (with the 21 day process) – click for more
  4. The free Ambassadors of Light research manual – click for more

link to the above BOOKS plus more

Special note :- I also assumed that people would be well versed in metaphysical principles such as those we cover in my book IN RESONANCE before they would even consider being Source Fed – here is this book link as well. Click for more on this book

ALSO … To watch insightful videos on our new free online

  • Seven of my 42 books are focused on my experiential research into the ‘prana as nourishment’ reality.

VIDEO UPDATE – NEW – In this brief video Jasmuheen introduces some basics for Source Feeding and eliminating all personal and global hungers as per her work with the Embassy of Peace. Click to watch on YouTube

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