Wim Hoff Breath Work

We have taken the below 3 videos and data from YouTube as Wim’s methods are so powerful for health and healing … enjoy! About this method – Wim Hof has developed a method characterized by simplicity and effectiveness. The effects and applicability of this method are being investigated by various scientific institutes, including the Radboud…

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Inspiring Real Life Stories

A brief Introduction to our NEW Inspiring Real Life Stories “full disclosure” segment. For more inspirational insights …. The Inspiring Real Life stories playlist is at this link Some of these are … the below are images only … click link above to watch each one plus many more … FOR MORE GO TO –…

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Peace, Surrender and Laughter with Jasmuheen The below 19 minute audio of life stories, discusses the power of love, peace, laughter and surrender in the experience of what seems to some to be a miracle …

An unusual cure for cancer?

Unusual cures? A powerful psychedelic brew consumed by shamans deep in the Amazon could help in the fight against cancer and should be researched, according to a Brazilian scientist. For more go to:- http://altering-perspectives.com/2014/01/scientist-says-psychedelic-brew-consumed-amazonian-shamans-fights-cancer.html