True Beloved Meditation Insights

Introduction to and insights about, the True Beloved Mantra Meditation There is a call in the world in the heart’s of so many now to experience something so true and pure in the realm of love relationships to the degree that sometimes this desire, this intuitive knowing that we can have this allows us to…

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Pranic People Pragmatics

Pranic People Pragmatics Continuing on with our free online PRANIC PEOPLE PRANIC LIVING TRAINING PROGRAM – In this section we will go on to provide a few basic pragmatics , but first an Update … Pranic People Series – 2019 Thank you’s plus Update with Jasmuheen In this short Pranic People update, Jasmuheen also shares…

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Essence Ocean Insights – new Videos on YouTube

Jasmuheen on her first conscious experience of the Essence Ocean Jasmuheen on The Essence Ocean and the Matrix of Creation Jasmuheen on Choices and Elevated Consciousness Jasmuheen on a Lifestyle recipe for Health, Happiness and Harmony

An unusual cure for cancer?

Unusual cures? A powerful psychedelic brew consumed by shamans deep in the Amazon could help in the fight against cancer and should be researched, according to a Brazilian scientist. For more go to:- http://altering-perspectives.com/2014/01/scientist-says-psychedelic-brew-consumed-amazonian-shamans-fights-cancer.html