Telepathy and the Languages of Light plus Recoding with Jasmuheen Continuing on with her Inspiring Real Life Stories and responding to those asking for more data on being telepathic … In this video Jasmuheen shares 5 insightful stories about telepathic communion – from thought imprinting plus more – as well as a clear and powerful…

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Meetings with Light Beings and Types

4 wonderful insightful videos on our Light Being friends …. Meetings with Light Beings and Buddha on Venus with Jasmuheen In this Inspiring Real Life Stories video Jasmuheen shares the story of her first conscious visit with the Light Beings on Venus and also about the problems with being in our ego and in too…

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Compassionate Heart Lock-In

The below channeled message was received by Jasmuheen during one of her meditations in August 2017 … We speak to you in this transmission, as many voices, yet one voice, from a United and harmonized Federation of Worlds. You have often seen the imagery of powerful people sitting around a table from the Knights of…

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Temple of the Oracle Insights for March 2015



Chapter 4 from our book In Resonance – Visualization             The physical world around us is solid and real to us because we have spent our lives developing our senses to experience it as such. Imagine if you had spent the last 20 to 60 years, or the term of your life, experiencing the ‘inner…

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Divine Nutrition Gifts, Brain Wave Patterns and Our Paranormal Powers

Divine Nutrition Gifts, Brain Wave Patterns & Our Paranormal Powers  Excerpt from the book The Food of Gods with Jasmuheen In order to understand ‘The Food of Gods’ with its gift of Divine Nutrition, we need to examine our brain wave pattern range as after a decade of experiential research I have found that there…

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