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The Red Dot Zones and the Golden Age – Chaos and Unity

In this brief yet insightful video, Ambassador of Peace Jasmuheen shares a higher perspective on the zones of chaos in our world, how everything will naturally come up for rebalance at the start of a Golden age time.

OUR NEW LOOK BLOG! Breathing in new life … the social media game!

Breathing in new life … the social media game! The last time I was in Byron Bay, east coast Australia, I was amazed to see so many people on the streets all ignoring each other as they busied themselves with texting and technology interactions. Ten years ago the younger generation were strumming guitars, laughing, dancing…

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PEACE PARADIGMS & PROGRAMS – Jasmuheen’s 2012 World Peace Day address in Turkey

Address for World Peace Day November the 1st 2012 – with Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace PEACE PARADIGMS & PROGRAMS – YouTube video link. Welcome to this celebration of the paradigm of Peace! One of the joys of coming together like this is that we know we can make a positive difference to our…

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