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What’s new for 2018 with Jasmuheen

  • 2018 Update plus Christmas Message – click here
  • Just released – our Unity Reset Program! This manual focuses on personal and planetary ascension and moving deeper into unity consciousness! Click here to know more
  • Embassy of Peace 2018 and 2019 Retreats in China, Brazil & Rishikesh India – click for more …
  • Pranic Nourishment Interview – click here
  • Global Support Meditation on YouTube
  • DNA Upgrade Meditation – on YouTube
  • Our July newsletter –  enjoy! https://conta.cc/2Jzwgty
  • A collection of great insights – articles, videos and more – click to view
  • Channelled Message – The Storm Before the Calm – click to read
  • Intergalactic Message on Gaia’s Compassion and Life in the Unified Realms plus more – click here
  • Contact – Unity Wisdom Book – click to view

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