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Contact with Light Beings & the Book of Unity Wisdom – Jasmuheen

Darkroom Light Being Contact & Visitation
In this brief video Jasmuheen shares of yet another contact experience that is becoming so normal in her annual darkroom retreats. Meditation, changing brain wave patterns, fasting and being nourished by prana, plus time in silence, all of this helps prepare the field for deeper communion with the intergalactics. This particular journey that so many enjoyed there in March 2017, is just one of so many she is now revealing on her YouTube Contact Playlist.




Compassionate Heart Lock-In

The below channeled message was received by Jasmuheen during one of her meditations in August 2017 …

We speak to you in this transmission, as many voices, yet one voice, from a United and harmonized Federation of Worlds.

You have often seen the imagery of powerful people sitting around a table from the Knights of Camelot, to the business men who drive economies, to those philosophers who often gather in the name of peace, or a meeting of others sharing important research, you often see such networks and connections.

Just expand your imagination and awareness a little more and you will see also a matrix of beings of light who gather around you now, who represent many from the unified realms. These ones too are all shapes, forms and sizes, races you could say, with different genetic and DNA manifestations that are always chosen at will.

Our people in our evolving worlds, just like yours, came to that cross point as well, regarding the wise use of each planets resources, and the opening up to understand then utilize the less conventional free energy systems.

We knew that we could keep running in proverbial circles like mice on a treadmill; doing things that for some have become so hum-drum in the Earth world, that also became so uninspiring in our worlds, or we could be more open-hearted and work in a more balanced way.

Many in our realms, just like so many in your realm, were longing to enjoy a more unified and harmonious rhythm, a more ascended state individually and collectively; and so, we asked this Infinite Intelligence, that runs through all of Creation, for an upgrade for all our systems so that they operated for the highest good of all.

We asked and we received, this is Universal law.

So perhaps this is the first new paradigm to say yes to? To say here now, “yes, yes, yes, we ask now for an upgrading of all earth’s systems so that they operate for the highest good of all. May all who feel open to this upgrade in their heart of hearts, who are now ready, step in with us into this new upgraded field! We are the citizens of planet Earth and so we ask the quantum field to deliver the knowledge to all, to harmoniously deliver, instigate and manifest this upgrade here on earth, now!”

Of course, this upgrading has long been unfolding on your earth for many have often asked for this in their heart of hearts, in prayer.

It is true that many among the Federation of Worlds, have been where you are now, at this crossroad in your evolution; for in a more expanded state, we are you and you are us.

Because we are so interconnected, we have shared so much already with so many in your realms, who through their lifestyle and their wise use of thought and time, are able to connect with us in so many ways – telepathically and through the higher senses that come into play via the meditative state – so that all may be free to create and play in different ways, in other realms or holograms that are there to access when an evolving species is ready for new paradigms to reign.

The intergalactic worlds are fascinating to be sure, yet you’ve all had a glimpse of these from both the Star Trek and Star Wars series and many other movies, and more movies will come to re-educate and broaden your view of our realms.

We are now being prepared, all of us, to blend our systems – to blend your realm with ours, to harmoniously merge when you are open and ready, and fear free enough to do so and contact has long been made in preparation for this time.

Contact was made long ago on earth with many in various civilizations at various time zones in your evolution. Contact has always been made in the most diplomatic way for we are a united nations of peace, who are in truth intergalactic or interstellar family. You share our DNA and our genetic material and have done so for millennia yet this is not what we wish to speak of here, now.

As council representative for the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds, we are well blended with this one you call Jasmuheen. She is a very active part of our field as we are in hers and so we share through her now, that field merging is just a science.

Field merging, or ascending into a higher realm or mode of operation, is simply a matter of changing frequency spectrums so that a lock in and a match can be made. The changing of your lifestyles and the subsequent brain wave pattern changes for a new field match and merge are key to this, as is will and clear intention.

This is something that many in our realms do all the time, especially to make deeper contact with those in your realms who are ready for this, who are born to fulfil pre-agreed contracts for contact to be made at this point in your evolution.

So, let us go on to describe a little more on life in our realms …

In our realms, whether we be on board starships or dwelling on various planetary systems, we love each other quite unconditionally in true friendship – like a brotherhood, a sisterhood.

Among us there are some long time bonded ones, life-mated, though we do not marry as in your realms and so there is no divorce. People connect and share according to their pre-encoding and agreements made before they took form. These can be re-accessed anytime from the Akashic Records as required.

Also, having children is a service accorded to those who are advanced spiritually enough to ensure their care allows each child to develop in a highly sensitive and aware manner that serves the greater good. The choosing of life-mates, of being a parent, is also a pre-agreement prior to embodiment into a particular star system, as it is with you, however we have full memory of this whereas entry into your world often comes with amnesia although this forgetting will also lessen with the merging back into the unified realms.

In our star ships we live in an extended field of our energy bodies, which is so beautiful to see, for the whole ship is a living entity that represents the collective consciousness of all those who dwell within it. Everyone is highly prized for their unique expression as divine beings in form and everyone is highly skilled and aligned to offer willingly and be utilized for their skill sets.

Some Starships operate like a big cosmic hotel and yet we also have some very interesting research and training facilities, that help to prepare beings in both our realm and yours, to merge more smoothly and connect more deeply.

Telepathy, dematerialisation, bilocation, travelling in a body of light or as a flow of consciousness that has no form, these things are natural in our realms.

We can eat or not eat physical food, but we have found – as you will also –  that it is so much more civilised for long term planetary resource utilisation and also for our general health as well, when our people choose to fed by the free internal energy resource all human bio-systems carry within their body of light, what some in your world call being pranically nourished.

As such we are disease free and often choose to live for much longer time periods than you can currently live on earth. To be thousands of years old is not unusual in the unified realms where our vital life force remains strong.

Pollution – whether this be mental, emotionally or physical, whether this be individually or planetary, is also a thing of our past as we learnt how to utilize cosmic energy and also the vital life force that permeates creation, for our greater good.

We have also long moved on from the use of what you call money, as we have chosen to share our skill sets freely with each other and so there is no longer the need for asset accumulation, or consumerism as you know it, for all are freely provided for according to each one’s interest in learning and sharing.

Nor do we forget our cycles of birth, rebirth or simultaneous life expressions.

We also choose freely to adopt and live by Universal law which dictates all that we are and do.

And so right here, right now, we stand before you and we say welcome to our quadrant of the unified realms.

You have galactic kin, galactic family around you now, go deeper into the meditative state and sense them, some have already come in fully and you know their fields well, for you see them in the dreamtime or in the silent stillness when you withdraw from the external world.

Some of you listening to this message now, are fully anchored in the experience and remembrance of who you are and where you’ve been.

To all those who are now listening to these words, you are part of this matrix of which we speak and transmission in from, you already support it well according to your own pre-agreements to do so at this time and your light shines brightly to keep the connective grids aligned.

You intuitively know what to do and how to do it, you know the importance of purity of heart, you know how the master teacher that is perfect to listen to, lies deep within you.

You’ve learnt already to trust your intuition, to listen to the call of the singing heart, and while you have seen the chaos in many worlds, you are programmed for peace, for unity, for harmony and more. Like this one, you are educators, healers for this new time and you play many other roles as well.

You know and can see that many paradigms are changing, that many realms and fields are merging and that the upgrades you have longed for, prayed for and focused on for so long are now being made, remember the red dot zone is so small.

To others, to all we ask, “Can your heart just say yes to the perfect merging of our realms?”

We come to invite you to step into a matrix that so many of you will find the most fascinating one you could ever explore, for life is different when we have no hunger and feel whole once more and complete.

You are free to upgrade all your relationships on Earth, to say ‘yes’ to this right now.

To then upgrade all relationships on universal levels is a natural follow on.

To go into a state of higher revelation, as the veils of illusion fall away between our realms, is so rich and rewarding for all.

We live the life that supports clear connectivity and frequency matching in a harmonious, unified, mutually enriching way because for us it just makes sense. To achieve this, we collectively applied advanced coding which is clear, and precise, that has been used successfully to upgrade many worlds.

We also understood the power of the heart-felt yes and the power of the infinite wisdom and intelligence that infuses all realms and drives what you call quantum responses.

And so, we have codes of entry into unified realms, we have codes of exit from one hologram to another and coding to access free energy systems, coding to live and co-create harmoniously, plus coding to ensure that we operate in mutually beneficial ways with each other and so much more for in our understanding creation runs via Universal law and mathematical codes.

Coding of course is just quantum programming.

Recoding a life, or a planetary system, is so simple.

Firstly, all understand that each life experience is just a reflection of each being’s consciousness.

Then the question becomes, that if this life is your creation, then what and how do you want to play within each moment?

So much of course awaits us all for the flows of creative opportunity are never ending. We flow from one gateway to another, we travel on lines of light, we explore so much in simultaneous time, and while this may not excite many in your realms who may still be struggling to feel whole and loved, but this longing to feel whole and loved can also be the key to a new beginning.

Yes, it is possible for all to be flooded with something so pure and so perfect that every cell rejoices, rearranges itself back to the template of health in the body of light and we invite you to ask for this now, to say yes, I am ready align then lock-in to this template of perfect health. Yes, all can ask to shine so brightly with vital life-force so that each one can be free from concerns about dis-ease. Yet the asking must be matched with a long-term lifestyle alignment change so that the vital Essence life-force within can dominate all you are and do.

We too have chosen to walk as fully activated beings, upgraded to another level and yet these upgrades must continue on, for it is the nature of creation that creation is never static, never still, yet always still as well. Its depths are deep and infinite, our exploration knows no bounds and nor do the rewards this exploration brings.

And so, representing now the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds, we invite you, if you are ready for this upgrade and merge now, just say ‘yes, yes, yes’ with your heart; ‘yes, yes, yes lock this in now’ and then open in silent stillness for a few moments to sense how the unity fields are igniting or strengthening another matrix within you, that’s always been there, pulsating through your core, sense how its energy begins to move and stir like an ancient dragon alive deep within you, coming now to life.

This same vital Essence life force moves through the earth, it moves through all molecules and atoms and more. It repatterns every part of us and our planet as well, making all feel more unified, more whole.

Once your ‘yeses’ have been said, you can then relax as once you’ve said yes with your heart, this infinite vastness begins to claim you as one of its own. And so it is, and so it has always been.

This is Jasmuheen allowing my light being friends and colleagues to flow on in and through, sharing an interesting view that we know that some of you will respond to.

May we enjoy this incredible co-creation together. May all that we make manifest now, be for the highest good of all. This is the way of the compassionate heart to which we now lock in to. Yes, yes, yes!

Pranic People Participant Protocol

Pranic People Participant Protocol with Jasmuheen


Although we feel that your journey with Pranic Nourishment is best taken via slow organic methodology, we realise people are drawn to various processes so in this brief video we give simple insights into selecting the right pranic nourishment service provider and also things that are important for your own pre and post process preparation.

Our updated Contact series

Our new updated CONTACT series!

Introduction to series – A brief insight to our CONTACT series . So many exciting things are now occurring, so much contact with our Light Being friends, all solutions for peaceful co-existence are now here … all can tune in for more via meditation and clear intention … so many benevolent beings are with us from so many realms … Please watch Steven Greer’s new documentary UNACKNOWLEDGED to understand the bigger picture re global government contact and why our Cosmic Colleagues now prefer to connect with those who meditate whose hearts are pure.

Free for you! Cosmic Connection – Galactic Kin Meditation – A meditation with Jasmuheen on connecting with our Galactic Kin in the inter-dimensional realms & enjoying harmonious co-existence within higher paradigms. Many people who meditate share of meeting with beings from other dimensions when they are deep in the channel of pure love enjoying silent stillness. Others share of dream memories or of out of body experiences where they reconnect with different planetary systems that feel like ‘home’. This meditation is designed to take those open to this, deeper into this field of remembrance and experience for these ones exists beyond linear time and again these meditations are best utilized in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love as by flooding our systems with pure love it is easier to align to the channels of these beautiful beings. The ability to be sensitive enough to tune to these realms is also a result of our day to day lifestyle and whether our right brain capabilities are active enough.

Purchase on iTunes for easier listening on your devices!



Jasmuheen, Juli 2017

Ich finde es so schön, wie wir in diesem unendlichen Ozean der Liebe aufgehoben sind und wie, wenn wir unsere Lebensweise auf das höchste Wohl von Allem ausrichten, Energie, Informationen, Einweihungen und alles was wir dafür brauchen zu uns kommt.

Tibet hat mich gerufen und während wir über den Mount Everest und die anderen Gipfel in der Nähe von Lhasa fliegen, steigt eine Freude in meinem Herzen auf, ein Kribbeln, ein feines Herzklopfen, nicht im physischen Herzen, sondern in dem knapp daneben. Dieses Energiezentrum ist aufgeregt.

Ich beobachte achtsam die aufkommenden Gefühle und lasse sie los.

Wir landen und werden mit einem schönen Ritual von unseren Reiseleitern für die heiligen Orte hier empfangen. Der Flughafen ist eine Autostunde von der Stadt entfernt, und ich setze mich hinten in den Bus und freue mich, in dieser reinen und feinen Bergluft zu sein.

Ich weiß nicht, was geschieht, doch während ich still in Meditation sitze, wird alles in mir wach wie noch nie zuvor. Meine Visionsfähigkeit ist stark erhöht, und ich sehe ein riesiges Gebetsrad, golden, elektrisch, ich sehe nur seine starken Energielinien und wie groß es ist, vielleicht über hundert Meter. Es dreht sich und goldene Lichtstrahlen werden mit jeder Drehung ausgeschickt und gleichzeitig berühren sie das Gebetsrad, und heilige Klänge ertönen, da die Lichtstrahlen sich mit uralten Symbolen verbinden.

Ich kann erkennen, dass in diesem drehenden Rad aus goldenem Licht alle uralten Sprachen eingebettet sind und die höchsten Lehren des buddhistischen Kalachakra. Sie enthüllen sich mir über dem Gebetsrad, und als ich genauer hinschaue, formieren sich Wörter in Sanskrit und noch so viel mehr.

Ich fokussiere mich auf den unteren Teil des drehenden Rades und spüre die Leylinien, die diesen magischen Ort nähren, das Tal in dem die Stadt liegt. Ich kann spüren, dass all die uralten Kulturen, die in simultaner Zeit noch immer existieren, und die all die höchsten und weisesten Lehren tragen, dass auch diese nun freigesetzt werden, eingespeist sind in diesem Gebetsrad und es ebenfalls mit all der Weisheit der Welten des Goldenen Zeitalters durchtränken; das Goldene Zeitalter von Hathor vor Lemurien, die Zeit von Isis, Atlantis und so viel mehr! Ich sehe und spüre jetzt so deutlich, wie das Wissen und die Weisheit aller uralten Mysterienschulen und aller geheimen Schulen anderer Traditionen ebenfalls in das Gebetsrad einfließen und es durch Energie, Symbole, Geometrie und Sprachen hell erstrahlen lassen.

Ich kann sehen, wie alles miteinander verwoben ist, und wie es nun ganz stark über die Welt ausstrahlt.

333 höre ich telepathisch, da sich nun auch liebevolle Stimmen in der Vision offenbaren. 333 tief, 333 breit, 333 hoch und dann 333 wieder und wieder … alles in Mustern von 333. Ich weiß nicht, ob es Kilometer oder Meilen oder sonst irgendwas ist, es spielt auch keine Rolle, nur die Zahl 333 ist wichtig, denn sie enthält ein ganz spezielles Schwingungsmuster. Es ist die Zahl der Göttlichen Mutter, der göttlichen Flüsse der Liebe, es ist eine Zahl von universeller Liebe.

Tief in dieser Vision gefangen bin ich voller Ehrfurcht für das Geschehen und Tränen strömen unaufhörlich über mein Gesicht.

Mein Herz schlägt mit der größten Liebe, die kaum auszuhalten ist.

Die Vision ist ganz stark und dann werden auch die Stimmen deutlicher, diesmal weiblichere. Ich blicke nach oben und sehe, wie am oberen Teil des Gebetsrades multidimensionale Linien hineinfließen und nun auch in dieser Energiematrix verankert werden. Ich spüre, wie alle Sternsysteme von allen unterschiedlichen Planeten, die in Einheit und Frieden leben, wie sie alle ebenfalls in diese Lichtstrahlen hineingehen und diesem Gebetsrad eine weitere Schicht von sowohl heiligen geometrischen Mustern als auch der höchsten Sprache und Verständnis von Licht und Lebensweise in Einigkeit auf der Erde hinzufügen.

Die Systeme der Unterstützung kommen ebenfalls herein, multidimensional und intergalaktisch auf interplanetaren Ebenen, sie sind riesig, und ich kann sehen, wie dieses sich drehende Gebetsrad noch stärker wird.

Diese Linien bringen natürlich noch so viel mehr mit sich, und sie fließen bis zum unteren Ende des Rades und gehen in die uralten Muster hinein. Ich sehe, dass sich dort ein Torus von Energieaustausch bildet. Dieses Torusmuster ist sehr dynamisch und erstreckt sich viel weiter als ich sehen kann. Dieser Energiefluss im Muster ist endlos und ich fühle, dass ich mich vielleicht im aktiviertesten und stärksten Energievortex der Welt befinde. Das weiß ich zwar nicht genau, aber ich weiß sehr wohl, dass es erstaunlich ist, dass aus diesem zentralen Punkt alle Weisheit ausstrahlt, die wir brauchen, um das zu erfüllen, was unser tiefster Herzenswunsch und für das höchste Wohl von Allem ist.

Ich blicke darüber hinaus und ich höre die Stimmen klarer als je zuvor, und die Stimmen sagen, dass “Nun, in diesem Moment, verkünden wir den Beginn des Goldenen Zeitalters auf Erden!”

Sie sagen mir, dass wir in dieses schöne und finale Goldene Zeitalter auf der Erde eingetreten sind, wo die Erde und ihre Menschen ihre eigene Souveränität annehmen und aufsteigen in die vereinigten Welten.

Alles wird mit so viel Kraft und Liebe geteilt, da ich über diese Welt, meinen Körper, den Bus hinausgehe, und ich höre so viel mehr, denn die Energie ist überwältigend. Ich kann gar nicht alles teilen, was ich gehört habe, ich kann nicht alles teilen, was ich gesehen habe, in dieser menschlichen Welt gibt es keine Worte dafür, doch ich weiß, dass mir etwas sehr Schönes geschenkt wurde. Schon im Flugzeug hörte ich, wie die gleichen Stimmen ganz deutlich sagten: „Du bist hier, um es zu bezeugen!“

Viele von uns folgen dem Ruf unseres Herzens, und Tibet hat mich seit ungefähr einem Jahr gerufen. Ich wusste nicht, wovon ich hier Zeuge sein sollte. Ich dachte, vielleicht sollte ich Energie aus einer anderen Zeit, einem anderen Leben als buddhistischer Mönch aufnehmen, aber nein, dies ist so viel mehr. Ich bin hier, um Zeuge zu sein, es zu bezeugen, heißt es.

Ich weiß nicht, wie ich es ins Hotel schaffe. Ich weiß nur, dass beim Aussteigen aus dem Bus viele Leute aus der Gruppe merken, dass ich mich in einem instabilen Zustand befinde, denn es strömen mir noch immer Tränen aus den Augen und mein Körper pulsiert mit so viel Energie, dass ich kaum stehen kann.

Ich weiß jetzt noch stärker, wie es sich anfühlt, in zwei Welten gleichzeitig zu sein, denn ich bin noch immer mit den Lichtwesen über dem sich drehenden Gebetsrad in einer anderen Dimension in tiefem Austausch. Sogar auf dem Weg in mein Hotelzimmer kann ich das Gebetsrad noch immer sehen. Ich kann noch immer alles spüren, was sich seit meinem Einsteigen in den Bus ereignet hat, denn die Felder zu beiden Welten bleiben offen.

Irgendwie schaffe ich es mit Hilfe in mein Zimmer zu kommen und falle aufs Bett, wo die Initiation noch weitere drei Stunden andauert während ich mich fast wie im Koma in einem tranceähnlichen Zustand befinde.

Ich kann nicht glauben, wie intensiv es ist, mein Körper durchläuft eine neue Ausrichtung und wird in ein neues Gleichgewicht gebracht. Es wird so viel kommuniziert, eine nochmalige Verpflichtung, das Orakel zu sein, eine Einladung, die ich am 57. Geburtstag erhielt, als die Schablonen des Lichtkörpers und alles was sie in ihren Zonen enthalten, enthüllt wurden, einer Verpflichtung, der ich damals widerstand, genauso wie ich ihr jetzt auch widerstehe.

Wer soll ich in diesem Feld sein? Ich fühle nur Demut, fast als ob ich es nicht verdienen würde, aber ich fühle mich jedenfalls nicht bereit dazu. Dennoch ist ihre Liebe so durchdringend, so unterstützend.

Und nun wieder diese Einladung, das Orakel zu sein, die Einladung, zu teilen und zu verkünden, dass dieses Goldene Zeitalter initiiert worden ist, dass dieses Gebetsrad aktiv ist; die Einladung, zu teilen, dass die Vorstellung dieses finalen und andauernden Goldenen Zeitalters auf der Erde nicht nur ein Ideal ist, sondern eine Wahrheit, die energetisch unterstützt wird durch die Gesamtheit aller uralten Weisheiten, die je auf der Erde vermittelt worden sind und so viel mehr; und dass dies durch den stärksten Vortex auf dem höchsten Ort unserer Welt strömt und verbreitet wird, in diesem schönen Tal, welches die Stadt Lhasa beherbergt.

Später versuche ich zu erspüren, wo dieser Vortex verankert ist, doch ich kann seinen zentralen Punkt nicht sehen und fühlen. Das gesamte Tal ist in diesem sich ständig drehenden Vortex enthalten, und er wird lebendig erhalten durch die Reinheit der Gebete jener, die an diesen heiligen Ort kommen.

Wir haben in unserer Welt so viele heilige Orte, die Pilger und reinherzige Menschen anziehen, und Lhasa ist da keine Ausnahme. Die Initiationen, die wir dort durchleben, sind so vollkommen, sie berühren uns ganz tief und verändern uns für immer, denn wir sind durch unsere Energiekörper in diese Strömungen initiiert. Gleichzeitig ist es so schwer, die Energieübertragungen, die in diesem visionären Zustand geschehen, zu vermitteln, es ist fast unbeschreiblich.

Das trifft auch auf das zu, was sich in diesen Tagen in Lhasa entfaltet.

Während diese Energie in jener Nacht weiter fließt, stimme ich mich auf meine Mitreisenden ein und kann ganz deutlich alle ihre uralten Abstammungslinien spüren und sehen, die Ausbildungsschulen, die sie in allen Goldenen Zeitaltern der Vergangenheit durchlaufen haben, und auch die Energie, die sie jetzt tragen. Ich kann die Hohepriesterinnen sehen, die viele von ihnen sind, wie sie alle ihre konkreten und dynamischen Muster auf der Erde in diesem Leben erfüllen.

Ich kann darüber hinausgehen und die Felder meiner Familie scannen und sie ebenfalls sehen. Auch wenn sie es vielleicht in diesem Augenblick nicht ganz annehmen, erblühen sie auf ihre eigene Art und Weise zu ihrer eigenen Zeit, so wie alle Menschen auf der Erde.

Schließlich ist es abgeschlossen, und ich falle in den tiefsten und friedlichsten Schlaf, den ich je hatte. In den nächsten Tagen gehen wir durch die Straßen und interagieren mit den Einheimischen, die alle stets auf Gebete des Friedens eingestimmt sind. Wir besuchen die heiligen Tempel und werden noch mehr energetisch aufgeladen, so dass sich die meisten von uns in einem ständigen Zustand von offenherziger Gnade, Frieden und ehrfürchtigem Erstaunen des hier Gesehenen und Erlebten befinden.

Nach einer Woche bin ich dann bei einer großen Gruppe in Tokyo, und dort kommt nach den vier gemeinsamen Tagen ein Channeling durch, in dem gesagt wird, dass bei der Harmonischen Konvergenz 1987 erstmals Lichtpakete von Information auftraten, die den Anfang dieses Goldenen Zeitalters in Gang setzten. Die Gruppe hier ist schon auf die multidimensionalen Ebenen eingestimmt, es sind viele junge Leute hier, die aus den Welten von Einigkeit und Frieden kommen.

Die hauptsächliche Botschaft, die ich aus diesem Zustand der Offenbarung erhalte ist mehr als dass das Goldene Zeitalter hier ist und von dem unterstützt wird, was dieses tibetische Gebetsrad enthält. Es wird auch getragen von der kombinierten Weisheit aller alten und zukünftigen Linien, wir haben jetzt so viel Unterstützung, dass es eine Zeit der Selbstsouveränität ist, und in Selbstsouveränität werden wir diesen Weg des Friedens gemeinsam gehen, wir werden die vereinigten und vereinten Welten erleben.

Nachdem ich wieder zu Hause in Australien bin, erhalte ich die Information über die Red Dot-Zonen, die anzeigen, wo überall Chaos herrscht. Ich habe die Botschaft über die Verkündung dieses neuen Zeitalters veröffentlicht und bekomme Emails, in denen gefragt wird, wie das sein kann, da es doch noch immer so viel Gewalt gibt, denn gerade sind die grausamen Ereignisse von Barcelona geschehen. Ich sehe wieder, wie riesig und stark dieses Gebetsrad wirklich ist, und wie klein die roten Zonen des Chaos sind, denn Chaos tritt vor einem neuen Goldenen Zeitalter immer auf, damit ein Gleichgewicht entstehen kann.

Diese Zeit, dieses neue Zeitalter der Selbstmeisterschaft, Selbstverantwortung und Selbstsouveränität löst die alten Zeiten und Muster ab, da wir unsere Macht an heilige Wesen abgegeben haben, auch wenn sie noch immer gern gemocht und geliebt werden können für alles, was sie bringen, doch Selbstsouveränität ist nun der Schlüssel.

Unser Schlüssel für das Betreten der vereinigten und vereinten Welten, das höchste Potential, das wir gemeinsam als Spezies ausdrücken können, ist Selbstsouveränität. Zu verstehen, dass wir all die Liebe, die Weisheit und Macht in uns tragen, dass wir jetzt das Goldene Zeitalter der Wunder betreten, wo wir noch tiefer in vollkommene Vereinigung mit unserem Kern kommen. Wir erlauben ihm, in uns aufzusteigen und zu erblühen, unser System zu durchfluten, da wir uns wieder auf Einheit, Einigkeit und zurück in die Grundfrequenz der Ich-Essenz einstellen. Bei all dem werden Wunder geschehen, und es wird Wunder geben, denn viele sind jetzt hier, um das Erblühen dieses wunder-vollen und finalen Goldenen Zeitalters auf der Erde zu erleben und zu bezeugen.

Jasmuheen von der Botschaft des Friedens



Pranic People Free Online Training – Post conversion videos

In our previous post at this link, we lodged Parts 1 to 6 in our free online Pranic People Training series. Most of this dealt with preparation. Videos 7 onward deal more with post conversion adjustments & video 9 with a summary of important points.

Let’s begin here with a recap….

Pranic People – Part 7a – A RECAP with Jasmuheen – a brief recap at what we have covered so far in this series plus a little on Jasmuheen’s personal interest and background with this.

Next in Pranic People – part 7b – our pre-encoded blueprint & what this means, problems with various processes & toxic self-judgment, dealing with mental toxicities, post conversion social constructs & choices, success signs & attributes of being immersed in pranic consciousness, seeing life through the eyes of your essence nature & following your heart, being unique in your journey.

Pranic People – part 7c – What is required for weight stabilization plus powerful recoding for this, the role of the bio-system in our life’s journey, the miracle of the human design when Essence dominates, the absorption vrs radiation reality plus so much more with Jasmuheen


Pranic People – Pranic Living – part 8a – The Compassionate Heart – compassion for ourselves, for our planet and its resources, the impact that pranic living can have globally on health and our environment, our universal citizenship and the unified realms. Being in unity and harmony on all levels within ourselves, with mother earth, binge eating post conversion, unbalanced bio-system push-back reactions, being a nourishing presence on earth, how our cellular structures feeds itself from pranic flows, magnetic attraction, the paradise on earth zone, being a living example of love in motion and more …

Pranic People – Pranic Living with Jasmuheen – Part 8b – The Perfect Harmonic & The Greatest Gift of Compassion – In part 8b, Jasmuheen provides specific heart-felt Coding for operating in a way that is for the highest good of all; coming into the perfect harmonic for our existence on earth, global warming, brain harmonics, coding for the revelation of, and experience of our true nature plus additional bio-system recoding, the greatest act of compassion and more!

Pranic People – part 9 – Series Summary – In this sharing Jasmuheen covers some of the main points that she feels is important in this series. As she shares, “There is so much research still to be done in this field & simple, new methodology will continue to come in as consciousness on our planet expands more to accept these new yet ancient free energy systems. May we work together for the good of all!”

Still to come ….

Pranic People – Darkroom Technology for Pranic People – living the pranic infusion lifestyle with Jasmuheen for 9 days and 9 nights

The Golden Age is Here

with Jasmuheen – July 2017

Video with images of this coming soon!

I love the way we are so taken care of in this infinite ocean of love and how when we have committed our lives to operate in a way that is for the highest good of all, how energy, information, initiations and everything we need to be able to fulfil that come to us.

Tibet has been calling me and now, as we fly over Mount Everest and the other mountains that are so close to Lhasa, I start to feel a joy in my heart, a tingling, a slight palpitation, not in the physical heart, but the one that sits beside it. This energy centre is excited.

I watch with awareness the feelings that rise and let them go.

We descend and are met in a beautiful ritual by those who will show us the Holy places here, yet the airport is an hour away from the city and so I take my place at the back of the bus, happy to be in this mountain air that is rarefied and so pure.

I don’t know what happens but in my meditation as I sit there in silence, everything switches on like it has never switched on before. The visionary capacity is so strong as I see a gigantic prayer wheel, golden, electric, just seeing its powerful energy lines. I see how it is so big, hundreds of feet maybe more. It is spinning rays of golden light that are flowing out from it with each spin, but the rays of light then touch the prayer wheel as it continues to spin and sacred sounds can be heard as the rays of light connect with ancient symbols.

I can see that embedded in this spinning wheel of golden light is all the ancient languages plus the highest teachings of the Buddhist Kalachakra. These reveal themselves to me around the top of the prayer wheel and as I look more closely, I also begin to see Sanskrit words forming then so much more.

I focus down to the bottom of this spinning wheel and I sense the ley lines that are feeding this magical place, the valley in which the city sits. I can sense that all the ancient cultures that still exist in simultaneous time, those cultures that carry all the highest, wisest teachings that these too are now being released, have been released, into this prayer wheel, that these too are infusing the prayer wheel with all the wisdoms of the worlds from of all the Golden Ages; that Golden Age time of Hathor before Lemuria, the time of Isis, Atlantis and so much more! I see and sense so clearly how knowledge and wisdom from all the ancient mystery schools, all the hidden schools of other lineages, how this too is infusing the prayer wheel, lighting up in this prayer wheel, via energy, symbols, geometrics and languages.

I can see how it’s all has been blended together and how it is all now radiating powerfully now out across the world.

333 the voices tell me telepathically for now loving voices come into add to the vision.

333 deep, 333 wide, 333 high and then 333 again and again … everything in patterns of 333. I do not know if that’s kilometres or miles or what it is, it doesn’t matter, just the number 333 is important as it carries a very particular reverberating pattern.

This is the number of the Divine Mother, the divine flows of love, it’s a number of universal love.

Locked so deep in this vision, I find myself in awe at what is happening as tears constantly stream down my face.

My heart palpitating with the greatest love that I just cannot contain.

The vision is so strong and then the voices come in stronger, more feminine this time.

I look up and I see at the top of the prayer wheel multidimensional lines flowing in and how they are now anchored into this energy matrix. I sense how all of the star systems from all the different planets that live in unity in peace, how they too are beaming in on these rays of light, adding to this prayer wheel another layer of both sacred geometric patterns and the highest language and understanding of light and of how to live in unity on Earth.

The support systems coming in, multidimensionally and inter-galactically on interplanetary levels is huge and I can see how it fires up this spinning prayer wheel even more.

These lines of course are infusing the prayer wheel with so much more and they flow down to the bottom of the wheel to infuse the ancient patterns where I see that there is a Torus pattern of energy of exchange forming. The Torus pattern is so dynamic and it stretches far more than I could ever begin to see. The flow of this energy in this pattern is endless and I feel that perhaps I am in the most activated vortex, the most powerful energy vortex that is operating in this world right now. I don’t know this for sure, but what I do know is that this is astounding, that what is radiating from this central point is all the wisdom we all need now to fulfil that which is our deepest heart’s desire that is for the highest good of all.

I look beyond, I hear the voices more clearly than ever before and the voices say that “Now, in this moment, we declare the beginning of the Golden Age on Earth!”

They tell me that we have entered into this beautiful and final Golden Age on Earth where Earth and her people will take self-sovereignty and ascend to join the unified realms.

All of what is shared is said with such power and such love as I go beyond this world, my body, the bus and hear so much more for the energy is overwhelming.

I cannot share all that I heard, I cannot share all that I saw, there are no words in this human world but I know that I have been gifted with something so beautiful for in the aeroplane coming in I heard so clearly the same voices declare, “You are here to bear witness!”

Many of us follow the call of our heart and Tibet has been calling me this past year or so to come. I didn’t know I was here to bear witness. I thought perhaps I would gather some energy from another time in another life spent here as a Buddhist monk, but no, this is so much more. I am here to bear witness, bear witness it says.

I don’t know how I make it into the hotel. I know when I get off that bus and I sense also how many people around me from our group are now aware that I’m in unstable state, as tears continue to stream out of my eyes and my body pulsates with so much energy I can hardly stand.

I know even more powerfully now what it’s like now to be in and function in, two realms simultaneously for I am still with the Beings of Light who are above this spinning prayer wheel in another dimension, even while walking to my room, I am still in deep communion with them just as I can still see the prayer wheel. I can still sense everything that began when I took my place in the bus for the fields have stayed open to both realms.

Somehow with help, I make it into my room to collapse on the bed where the initiation continues for another 3 hours as I lie in a near comatose trance like state.

I cannot believe its intensity, my body goes through repatterning and rebalancing and so much deep and heartfelt communion and commitment, the communion again to commit to be the oracle, an invitation given to me on the 57th birthday when the templates of the body of light and all that they contained in their zones were revealed, a commitment I resisted then just as I resist this invitation again now.

Who am I to be in this field? All I feel is humble, almost undeserving, definitely not ready and yet their love is so infusive, so supportive. And so their invitation to be the oracle comes again, the invitation to share and proclaim that this Golden Age has been initiated, that this prayer wheel is powered up and active; the invitation to share that the idea of this final and lasting Golden Age on earth is not just an ideal, but a truth that  is being energetically supported by the blending of all the ancient wisdoms that have ever been shared on Earth and so much more; and that this unified wisdom is spinning out through the most powerful vortex in the highest place in our world, in this beautiful valley that contains the city of Lhasa.

I try to sense later where is it anchored, this vortex, and yet I cannot see and sense its central point at all. The whole valley is encompassed in this vortex as it spins and spins and is kept alive by the purity in the prayers of those who come to this sacred place.

We have so many sacred places in our world that attract the pilgrims and the pure of heart and Lhasa is no different. The initiations that we often undergo in sacred places and spaces are so perfect, they touch us so deeply and they change us for ever, as that which we are being initiated into floods through our energy bodies. At the same time they are so difficult to convey for the energy transmissions that come in the visionary state are almost indescribable.

It is the same now as this all unfolds in Lhasa.

As the flows went on, that night I tune deeper to the group I am travelling with here and I can sense and see so clearly so many of their ancient lineages, the schools of training they’ve been through in all the Golden ages of the past plus the energy they now carry, I can see the high priestesses that many are and how each one is fulfilling specific and dynamic patterns as they walk on Earth this life, and how each is also here to sense what is happening and bear witness.

I go beyond and scan my family fields and see the same. Although they may not be fully embracing all of this at this moment, they are blossoming in their own way and time as every human on Earth must do.

Finally it all completes and I fall into the deepest sleep and current of peace that I have ever known. For the next few days we walk the streets interacting with the locals, all of whom are constantly focused in prayers for peace. Visiting the sacred temples, we become even more super charged to the point that most of us are in a constant state of open-hearted Grace, peaceful and in awe at all we witness here.

Within a week I find myself with a large group in Tokyo, where a channelling comes through at the end of our 4 days together that talks about how the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 saw the beginning of light packets of information – that would stimulate the beginning of this Golden Age, were beginning to come in, for the group that have gathered with me are tuned already to the multi-dimensional realms, with many young ones who have come in from the realms of unity and peace.

The main message I received from this state of revelation is more than that the Golden Age is here and being supported by what this Tibetan Prayer wheel contains, but also that with this blended wisdom from all the ancient and futuristic lineages, we are now so well supported, that it is a time of self-sovereignty and that in self-sovereignty we will walk this path of peace together and, we will experience the unified realms.

As I come home to Australia I also begin to receive the information on the Red Dot zones, for as I release the data of this new age proclamation, people email in and ask how can this be a truth when there is still so much violence end suffering for the carnage at Los Ramblas in Barcelona has just occurred. I see again how huge and how powerful this prayer wheel really is and how small the red dots zones of chaos are and how chaos always comes up for rebalance when a new Golden Age kicks in.

This is a new time, a new age of self-mastery, self-responsibility and self-sovereignty and it replaces the old times and patterns of giving our power away to Holy beings and although these can still be enjoyed and loved for all that they bring, self-sovereignty now is the key. They want us to rise and walk beside them as colleagues and friends.

Our key code of entry into the unified realms, into the highest potential we can express together as this species, is self-sovereignty. Understanding that we carry all the love, the wisdom and the power within us, that we are stepping now into the Golden Age of miracles, where as we come deeper into perfect union with that which is our core, as we allow it to rise and blossom within us, to flood through our system as we reset to unity, as we reset back to I Essence baseline now, with all of this, miracles will happen and miracles will be witnessed for many are here now to witness the blossoming of this miraculous and final Golden Age on Earth!

This is Jasmuheen from the Embassy of Peace

Pranic People Free Training

This Pranic People YouTube video series below is only for those whose heart calls them for more in-depth data on this subject and hence it offers a safe methodology plus a higher understanding into the bigger picture of this reality. You can also find more in-depth data in Jasmuheen’s 7 manuals on this subject.

Click here for our YouTube video playlist on this.

Parts 7 – 9 deal mainly with post conversion adjustments & these can be found at this link.

Or scroll down for both audio and video on each part of this series …

Pranic People Pranic Living Basic Facts with Jasmuheen – What our 24 years of experiential research has discovered re what happens in most people’s bodies in order to be able to be successfully nourished by prana alone … from changes in brain wave patterns through lifestyle and meditation, to the need to embrace a specific lifestyle to increase chi levels and more …

Pranic People – Part 1 – Introduction to Series with Jasmuheen – filmed in her hotel room at the end of June 2017, in Hangzhou in China, in part 1 of this series Jasmuheen looks at the history of this way of being nourished to honor the ancient tradition of Bigu and India’s yogis – many of whom have known of this for over 6,000 years – and also how this came more powerfully into the West in the early 1990’s.

In this ‘ no visual frills’ simple, ‘talking from her heart’ series, Jasmuheen shares more than ever before about her experiential research into this field of alternate nourishment.

Pranic People – Part 2 – Motivation, how is it possible and safe conversions, family concerns and providing good educational data, having full medical testing along the way, testing and knowing your current physical body prana percentage, we eat all the time but differently, a natural gift that comes from frequency matching, experiencing your pure nature is a must with our methodology, who this program is for.

Pranic People – part 3 – with Jasmuheen – Flaws with our various systems, maintaining the pranic-bigu state, frequency and lifestyle, discernment & heart calls, our pure nature – its love, wisdom and power and simple immersion codes, the reality of ascension and descension, the perfect guide, self-mastery, brain wave patterns & our physiology, testing methods to determine your physical systems current prana percentage.

Pranic People – Part 4 – Emotional retraining being ready. Re-indenitifcation with what feeds us, infusion, immersion, elimination of all hungers, other gifts that we are given from aligning with our true nature and the pranic energy, the quantum field, the grandest love affair, permanent peace, emotional nourishment, overcoming our emotional body’s conditioned addiction to physical food, the power of the path of a natural and organic transition, the problems of missing sleep or of having too much creative energy, being ready on all levels, clear intention setting.

Pranic People – part 5 – Lifestyle and Magnetics – Jasmuheen – now the real work begins as how we spend our time determines our immersion and pranic infusion levels. There are no quick paths to this – no quick initiations! Our consciousness and mindsets and lifestyle determine this ability – do the wise time spending game and get the gifts! Slow, safe & organic for attaining and maintaining.

In part 5a, Jasmuheen takes a brief look at some global changes that are affecting how our systems are now operating … solar flares, the Schumann resonance, DMT increases in our pineal gland, Gaia’s new harmonic …

In Part 5b she begins to address the importance of lifestyle – especially meditation – on this Pranic nourishment freedom, she also provides powerful codes for us to experience our pure nature as this is what is constantly feeding us. Your homework is to then do the recommended meditations for chi and Essence infusion. As it is this specific lifestyle that determines our success with the elimination of all human hungers, Jasmuheen breaks her sharing up into specific parts so she can relate in a more in-depth manner to how this lifestyle affects the pranic infusion reality and people’s success with attaining then maintaining this gift.

In part 5c she continues with this powerful lifestyle that allows our system to be pranically infused, a lifestyle that offers support for all other methodologies being offered so that people can attain then maintain this freedom of choice. She also shares about quantum communion and coding, quantum connectivity and biofeedback, the importance of mind mastery, dietary changes plus each step required to make a slow yet natural and organic lasting transition into being nourished purely by prana. Letting go of conditioned habitual behaviours plus a summary of all that has been recommended so far in this series.

In part 5d of this 8 point lifestyle discussion, Jasmuheen looks at the importance of treating the body as a temple, the vibrational impact and power of kindness to self and others  plus the necessity of time in silence and how sacred music nourishes the emotional body system Remember in Jasmuheen’s model pranic living is about the elimination of all human hungers and not just providing an alternate source of physical nourishment.

Part 5a video below

Part 5b video below

Part 5c video below

Part 5d video below

Pranic People – part 6 – In Pranic People – part 6 – we look at Mindsets  & Recoding the Bio-System plus what pranic living is really about, the perfect inner teacher and guide, the importance and joy of silent stillness, freedom of choice, overcoming our mental limitations, people’s problems with their conversions, getting rid of unrealistic expectations by being well informed and having sustainable methodology,  the emotional & mental signs of pranic consciousness, emotional & social sustainability, immersion and purer chi infusion, plus being vegan then on raw food, juice fasting, the need for flipping, for reidentification with and experience of that which feeds us, the role of the bio-system temple, the perfect path & pattern for you & powerful, loving recoding  …

At this link – in our next post – you will find not just a RECAP on what we have shared to date but also the below video insights.

Pranic People – Part 7a – A RECAP with Jasmuheen – a brief recap at what we have covered so far in this series plus a little on Jasmuheen’s personal interest and background with this.

Pranic People – part 7b – our pre-encoded blueprint & what this means, problems with various processes & toxic self-judgment, dealing with mental toxicities, post conversion social constructs & choices, success signs & attributes of being immersed in pranic consciousness, seeing life through the eyes of your essence nature & following your heart, being unique in your journey.

Pranic People – part 7c – What is required for weight stabilization plus powerful recoding for this, the role of the bio-system in our life’s journey, the miracle of the human design when Essence dominates, the absorption vrs radiation reality plus so much more with Jasmuheen

Pranic People – Pranic Living – part 8a – The Compassionate Heart – compassion for ourselves, for our planet and its resources, the impact that pranic living can have globally on health and our environment, our universal citizenship and the unified realms. Being in unity and harmony on all levels within ourselves, with mother earth, binge eating post conversion, unbalanced bio-system push-back reactions, being a nourishing presence on earth, how our cellular structures feeds itself from pranic flows, magnetic attraction, the paradise on earth zone, being a living example of love in motion and more …

Pranic People – Pranic Living with Jasmuheen – Part 8b – The Perfect Harmonic & The Greatest Gift of Compassion – In part 8b, Jasmuheen provides specific heart-felt Coding for operating in a way that is for the highest good of all; coming into the perfect harmonic for our existence on earth, global warming, brain harmonics, coding for the revelation of, and experience of our true nature plus additional bio-system recoding, the greatest act of compassion and more!

Pranic People – part 9 – Summary of this system and so much more.

Pranic People – Darkroom Technology for Pranic People – living the pranic infusion lifestyle with Jasmuheen for 9 days and 9 nights

Media Update

The below is our latest media response to so many interview requests after Akhai & Camilia shared of their experience in being pranic.
June 2017
Thanks for your email and your interest in this topic! 

Akhai and Camila are a lovely young couple who are doing a lot of experiential research very successfully in this field along with thousands of others.

I wanted to share regarding your invitation that firstly we eat all the time! We eat more than most people, but we just do this differently …
We do this via a new to the West methodology – which is an ancient way in China – of accessing free energy by living a very specific lifestyle that includes meditation and being deeply infused by the energy that can do this. If our infusion is not deep enough and we don’t take physical food, we will die. If we are deeply infused or immersed in this Source energy, we gain freedom from the need to take physical food, as like a plant, we are fed differently. 

A spiritual life of kindness, compassion and much more is also required! Self-mastery is key so there is no leader in this field just individuals experimenting and sharing their discoveries like Akhai and Camilla …

So if we eat, but just differently, what is the point of having a show that says we don’t? Then having experts take the time to also say it’s not possible? If a body doesn’t get good nutrition it will die and we all agree on this! So what is the point?

So these days, I only do media, films etc, that focus on how is this possible.

I’ve dedicated 45 years of my life to researching alternate streams of nourishment that can take away all hunger in our world so our world can live in peace … so the agenda behind all that we do is so much bigger than what mainstream media has ever dared to look at. Most are still in the yes/no mode of arguing about this possibility; a possibility which is an amazing freedom to gain. 

Imagine if this is true? The benefits to our world?

This is highly specialised training that still has issues for those who are not prepared to take the time to develop the necessary skill sets … I believe that we need good intelligent education to keep them safe, not media disputes and misinformation.

Imagine climbing Everest without training?

So, nearly 60,000 people now have this freedom and many are sharing of their methodology publicly and more will do so as you can see when you Google this topic. 

How can I be part of a show when I know you must talk to experts who aren’t experts at all in this field?
You must counterbalance what we claim, yet your experts know nothing of this field at all … all they know is the limited reality they have been conditioned to believe from their field of study. 

I am now in China where I have been studying the 6,000 Bigu tradition of how the Qigong masters attain this state. In China they accept this ability as fact and just ask, how do we do this? As they know how they do it as do the yogis in India. 

So much better to start with the “how” rather than the “not possible game” – smiles!

I have written 7 books on this topic alone that have been published in 19 languages, and we have also presented our research at the UN in both Vienna and New York. We have done so much research but still media refer to ’60 Minutes’ whose only interest was to show me as deluded, but that is the past and we all learn thankfully what is worthy to give our time to! Did you know that in their after show poll 72% of their audience said they believed me – that was so heart warming! 

Have you watched the documentary “In The Beginning There Was Light“? Fabulous reportage that just touched on how this is possible and that looked at many who do this all over the world – from a more Quantum perspective. Audiences loved it and it received standing ovations throughout European mainstream cinemas!

Audiences want good informative data and they are getting this more now from various sources and time will show the truth of this as we also learn better educational modalities for presenting this as well.

A final question: 
Why would an intelligent well-educated person do ’60 Minutes’ in the first place if it wasn’t possible?

Still time flows and we know more now – like the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun – remember what those who challenged the idea that the sun went around our Earth went through? This is much the same perhaps?

Wishing you all the best!

Thanks for your consideration – smiles

Darkroom Preparation

Jasmuheen’s Darkroom retreat can be an incredibly tough initiation for so many yet it can be made easier by sensible preparation.

Below you will find a few insights re proper Darkroom Preparation as recorded in English and Chinese with Jasmuheen and Wu Ling – smiles …

  1. Audio on sensible Darkroom retreat Preparation (with waterfall sounds in background)

Darkroom Benefits

Below you will find a few insights re Darkroom and some of its benefits as recorded in English and Chinese with Jasmuheen and Wu Ling – smiles …

  1. Audio on What Darkroom Offers (with waterfall sounds in background)

2. Audio on Additional Darkroom Benefits (with waterfall sounds in background)


Book your space for this quickly as we have a long waiting list and are usually booked out a year in advance.

Organizer for our Internationals group – email Anjie – anjie@selfempowermentacademy.com.au

Chinese Darkroom retreat Organizer – email Wu Ling ilovejas@qq.com

Pranic Nourishment Nexus Interview



Below is the original interview we did but this may differ from what was actually published in the Sept-October 2016 Edition no. 106

1a):- Have you an idea of the number of pranic people all over the world now ?

I am advised that there are around 68,000 people now with this freedom of choice, this includes the Qigong masters in China who are in the constant state of the various levels of Bigu and also the Jains in India who are very comfortable with fasting for long periods of time although pranic living is not fasting as we are being nourished constantly but in a different way, so our body does not fast once we are aligned properly.

The biggest networks of pranic people have been in China, India, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, Romania, Brazil and other places in South America, and also in Australia and the USA.

However of the 68,000 only around 58,000 people are utilizing this freedom of choice on a regular basis and some of these may still have one small meal a month just for social enjoyment, while others may still enjoy the pleasure of physical food once or twice a year, while others may do this once a week.

The other 10,000 people who have gained this freedom prefer to enjoy more regularly the flavors of physical food and interacting with others socially in this way. There are also many more who are what we call partial conversions in that they take 50% or more, of their nourishment direct from prana, and 50% of their physical nourishment needs from physical food sources; some do a mix now of 90% prana and 10% from physical food. Once people can measure their prana percentage this is easy for them to choose and determine in a healthy way.

It is important to remember that this gift is just about freedom of choice, and just like we can choose to be a vegetarian or vegan, we can also choose to be nourished directly by cosmic micro-fuel or prana which gives us great freedom,

1b) :- And what about their evolution since the beginning of the nineties?

Since the early nineties, in our networks, there has been an natural evolution into safer conversion methodology – especially around the 21 day process, after we found that a few people entered into this without adequate vibrational preparation and so their bodies reacted adversely.

As a few people also have died over the last 23 years from both ignoring the instructions around this process and also for other reasons, it was imperative for us to deliver methodology that was safe for all. Even though over 800,000* people die each year in the US from misuse of pharmaceuticals and medical misdiagnosis, for us it is important to offer safe conversion methodology regardless. *( http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/deaths-by-medical-mistakes-hit-records  & http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/10/26/prescription-drugs-number-one-cause-preventable-death-in-us.aspx )

Nonetheless, the 21 day process is a beautiful spiritual initiation that has allowed many to safely flow into this yet each person’s ability to do so has been dependent on the way they have been living their lives before they attempted final conversion through the 21 day process initiation.

We also noticed that many people became disillusioned when they went back to day to day life, when they could not maintain this higher vibration state – post 21 day process – as the ability to maintain this state is directly dependent on our vibrational state and how we choose to spend our time which in turn determines what our physical body prana percentage is. According to the Law of resonance, like attracts like and so we must vibrationally match into the pranic field in a way that we can be healthily nourished by it.

So since the early 1990’s ….

We have discovered, and shared, a simple way for people to measure their physical body prana percentage so that they can make sure that it is at 100% before they let go of all external food sources, which means self testing and self responsibility and then doing this in a way that keeps their bodies safe. If their prana percentage is at 60% when they attempt to do the 21 day process, this gift cannot be given and maintained post process as their body will be in 40% fasting mode. However many come to this with a prana percentage that is close to 100% so for these ones conversion is easy to attain and maintain.

We have always known that the ability to do this is all about frequency and vibration, and we stress now more than ever that people need to be immersed more fully in the pranic ocean in order to both attain and sustain this so that their cellular structure receives a deep and constant infusion of pranic – Source – energy, to the degree that all of their hungers disappear naturally.

So it is important to note that we eat all the time but just differently, as a physical body needs nourishment from some source whether this source is physical or non physical.

So this is not a diet, it is a spiritual reality of merging back to our true pure Essence nature where we find it is impossible to be hungry on any level, including physically.

1c) :- re the ups and downs of this of this journey ….

The most difficult part of a persons evolution with this is that sometimes they push their system too hard before it is not just physically but also emotionally and socially ready, as people enjoy so much pleasure from the social interaction around the sharing of physical food. Unhooking from this in an enjoyable way can take time which we also need to prepare family and friends for this new way of being that we are moving into.

Consequently, we promote a slow, natural organic evolution into this state of being, through a very specific lifestyle that creates within us the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony which is the natural rhythm of our true nature.

This fact that we have this choice is something that some people find difficult as many people want us to eat physical food and gain our nutrition from there or to never take physical food and just be nourished by prana, so to do a little of both can be confusing for the watcher yet this way has more appeal to many who find the permanent letting go of the pleasure of physical food and the social aspects around sharing in this way, to be too extreme.

Because pranic people have proven to themselves – by the living of this – that all their vitamins, minerals, proteins etc come from prana, then their physical food intake is strictly for pleasure and social interaction and not for nutritional need. However, everyone is different regarding how they live with this freedom and I have noticed that after about 10 years or so of doing this, many say, ‘great gift but would like to go back more now into society and just love all life has to offer’ while still maintaining this ability

Many also do explore the state of being hydrated and nourished purely by prana but then eventually they may find this way of being too extreme to sustain emotionally and socially and so they drop back to a more balanced lifestyle of enjoying the flavor of physical food or drinking from time to time. As we said everyone is different and all of this can also depend on their family circumstances – it is different for single men it seems.

Some also find that the extreme levels of creativity that we can access plus the gift of no longer needing much sleep, are both also too much to deal at times with unless we are around others who do this as well, and so they may choose to drop their frequency back a little by bringing back the digestive process from time to time. In other words we can use physical food to densify ourselves and drop our energy levels where most people use physical food to gain energy. Remember that people use up to 60% of their energy in the digestive process and pranic people don’t need to do this so we can utilize this energy in other ways and usually it goes into being super creative as our brainwave patterns get anchored in the theta zone rather than the beta which harmonizes our left and right brain hemispheres. It has been interesting to witness all of this across the world and explains some of the cycles people go through.

Also as mentioned above, we also tend to access such high and consistent levels of creativity where we find ourselves so energized, that sleep becomes impossible and sometimes people miss dreaming and sleeping, and they may also find their constant creativity too much and so they self regulate their vibration and allow themselves to densify again by bringing in the digestive process which makes them drowsy and less creative.

Regardless of the above cycles and experiences, people all agree that this is still the best source of nourishment we can access and when we are locked in fully, the freedom is wonderful as is the heightened state of awareness that comes with this. Losing our emotional, mental, spiritual and also physical hunger is incredible as are the realms that we find ourselves existing in through this altered state of consciousness that comes from alignment with our true nature which is what is feeding us.

Well now, the same question with people who followed a prânic process ?

Answer:- Most people now are following an intuitive process into this reality, now that they know it is possible by the many examples around them, as we find that the best guide and teacher for this is the Divinity within us, that we align to through our lifestyle and through meditation – which is a big part of this lifestyle, along with mind mastery. Some are still called to the 21 day process as it still delivers many gifts although not necessarily this one, still if underwent correctly and with care, it is a beautiful spiritual initiation for so many as already mentioned. However we find the 21 day process has a long term success rate of 10% whereas a slower, more organic transition has a long term success rate of 70%. Yet as time goes by there is now a lot more methodology being offered with various degrees of success.

2 – According to you, is there an equilibrium between women and men ?

 Answer 2 :- There seems to be no difference in numbers or percentages of whether men or women are called to do this as this really is a call from the heart, an intuitive knowing that feels just right for each individual and also part of our pre-birth plan. However I have noticed that there is often a difference in attitude and approach to this spiritual journey of re-connection. For example, it seems that many more women than men, are prepared to take a slow more natural evolutionary path with this while many men may also approach this with a more disciplined mind and attitude of what is the highest attainment they can manifest which many men still see as the state of never eating or drinking physical substance again. Yet most women see this as a path of liberation and freedom from all hungers by immersion in the field of love. Women understand intuitively that this is a path of loving alignment with our true nature and they generally want to do this safely, organically and with joy rather than the more disciplined yogic approach of many men that I have met. From those who I connect with, women are also more interested in being fluid with this freedom sensing it is OK to enjoy social pleasure of physical food with family and friends from time to time as they are uninterested in any rigidity. So they gain the freedom, then generally apply this freedom in a more fluid heart centred way as more men are now also doing.

Question 3a – Do you know a pranic children with pranic parents ?

Answer 3a – Yes, there is a family of nine children who are mainly pranic in Brazil and their parents are as well but because they have done this for so long now, they too are now more relaxed with this socially. I have also met others especially one young boy, called Daniel in Mexico, whose parents brought him to meet me when I was there. Every year that I travel I meet or hear of more children who demonstrate this ability naturally.

Question 3b – A children with pranic parents ?

Answer 3b – Yes, this was more common, although things are changing now with the new children being born who are automatically more aligned to their true nature. Pranic children also carry the rhythm of unity consciousness and love animals and mother nature so much they want to exist in harmony with all life and so have very little interest in taking physical food sources though many love to drink from time to time.

Question 3c – Pranic children with non pranic parents ?

Answer 3c – Yes but this is less common. I am meeting more children who are naturally hardwired this way now as they represent the new children being born with different DNA, although this can only be detected through our third eye visionary capacity.

Question 3d – Have you heard of pranic animals ?

Answer 3d – Yes, I met a couple in Germany in the late 1990’s who said that they had a pranic dog. I have heard stories of other animals in pranic people homes who naturally ate less due to the vibrational field that they exist within that comes from people within it who live deeply loving and spiritual lives.

 Question 4 – Is there a mystery with the source of the 21 days process ? According to you, where did it come from ?

Answer 4:- There is no mystery to this as it all came to pass into the western world in response to a call from the hearts of millions of people on earth who longed to be able to live in our world in harmony and peace within ourselves, with each other and with mother nature. Many people are tired of duality and chaos, and war games of fear and separation, and thankfully pure pranic consciousness frees most of us from this.

The 21 day process came in via our Light Being friends during the early 1990’s at the same time experiments were being done with the ancient system of Bigu in China – 6000 years old – and also solar gazing in India. It seems that three systems were trailed simultaneously – in China with Tain Ying coming into permanent Bigu and then later taking this into Germany, in India with Hira Ratan Manek achieving this through solar gazing and at the same time with our group in Australia with the 21 day process, that I was guided to then take around the world through sharing of my personal experience with it all and via my 7 research manuals into how this is possible – these manuals are now in 19 languages.

However, each system has its limitations and so new methodology continues to be given so that this can be a natural choice for us all when we are interested and also ready, as it not only has huge benefits on our health but also on our global environment. Regarding each systems limitations, for example, solar gazing needs to be in done in countries with good doses of sunlight, many find that Bigu is hard to maintain in polluted cities as it is so dependent on mother nature chi flows, and the 21 day process can cause problems if people are not properly prepared physically. Therefore there are now many new systems being trialed for efficiency as this freedom of choice will not go away as its benefits are too great on our personal and global health and also on changing consciousness making people more altruistic and globally aware.

 5 – You had the idea to help people without enough food. Could you tell us the story of your alternate feeding programs ? (and how institutions react)

Answer Q5 :- We all know that if people are starving, you give them the type of food they require which in third world countries is access to good nutrition and clean water and holistic education programs that can break the cycles of poverty and we discuss this in more detail in my Prana Program manual.

Basically, in the west we need better emotional, mental and also spiritual food so that we can be more aware of the’ we’ unity reality and less self absorbed with the ‘me’ reality and the type pf consumerism that depletes global resources, creates global warming and keeps our children starving or that promotes diseases such as obesity because of how we live our lives and are nourished.

Pranic living requires coming into a consciousness that naturally makes us more altruistic as, when it is practiced correctly, we lose all of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers and thus become free of personal agendas and more service minded. As this happens we also naturally become more compassionate in how we live and treat others and ourselves and feeding our bodies in this way is so liberating as we tap into the most supreme nourishment we can know.

So we have presented our research – via the books The Prana Program and The Food of Gods at the United Nations in both Vienna and New York, where it was well received by those attending and hopefully it helped to stimulate the commitment of the UN to now focus on eradicating global poverty which it said it would do in 2015 – http://www.un.org/en/events/povertyday/.

To date, we have presented our research into 33 countries – from government levels to working with tribes in the Amazons who wanted to be more self sufficient in energy resources and were open to this; as well as to a billion TV watchers through all our appearances with the media and our articles and books and so this reality is now firmly anchored in the morphogenetic field as per Rupert Sheldrake’s research and also it is now more understood through Dr Bruce Lipton with his work on The Biology of Belief, and the work of Dr Masaro Emoto with his water research as our bodies are predominantly fluid and can be programmed quite powerfully to operate differently especially when we also understand how lightbody operates.

Being free from the need to consume our worlds food resources also means we have more time for compassionate action that is heart centred rather than ego driven or coming from limited mental realities of separatist thinking as this journey naturally brings us much deeper into uniiy consciousness so we can operate as one people living in harmony on one planet which is our focus with the Embassy of Peace.

I would like to stress that this is a journey of self mastery and self responsibility with a focus on a particular lifestyle that has healed many people on so many levels.

Also on a final note in this discussion, as I began to recently do the final edits my new book on “Pranic People, Pranic Living” I realized yet again that to me, this journey is about enjoying the grandest love affair that we can ever know, a love affair that fills every cell with joy, making every part of us tingle so deliciously and vibrate to such a perfect rhythm that all we can feel is complete. When this Essence energy reveals its field within and around us, it is as if Heaven has opened its doors and flooded us with its potential, a way to be on earth that is unlike any other, a way to see and be and sense existence that is so peaceful, so profound, that all we can feel is grateful that we have this life, here, now. In this state of revelation and awareness, it is impossible to know hunger.



Energiemuster – Jasmuheen – August 2016

Es ist so interessant, die unterschiedlichen Energiemuster zu beobachten, zu denen wir uns jetzt gerufen fühlen, damit wir tiefer in sie eintauchen.

Manche Menschen engagieren sich mehr denn je für globale Anliegen und folgen dem allgemeinen Trubel des Lebens. Andere halten inne und bewerten ganz genau, womit sie ihre Zeit verbringen, wo sie ihre Energie hinein geben und ob das wirklich ihr Herz zum Singen bringt. Wieder andere hingegen lassen alte Gewohnheiten oder Seinsweisen los, die sich in ihrem Herzen einfach nicht mehr richtig anfühlen.

In gleichem Maße wie wir uns alle verändern, verändert sich auch die Energie, die wir ausstrahlen, und somit auch unsere Welt…

Wir wissen nun alle, dass dieses neue sich gerade auf der Erde entfaltende Energiemuster mehr mit unserer fühlenden als unserer mental analytischen und denkenden Natur zu tun hat. Etwas fühlt sich entweder intuitiv richtig an oder nicht, und dann werden wir intuitiv geführt, innezuhalten und stille zu sein.

Wir spüren auch, dass wir mehr dem intuitiven Ruf unseres Herzens folgen wollen, und ja, manche bringt das dazu, sich Zeit für Betrachtung zu nehmen, stille zu sein, zu beobachten, nur da zu sein in dem Verstehen, dass unsere persönlichen Energieausstrahlungen ständig zum Ganzen beitragen.

Viele von uns haben gesehen, wie sich globale Situationen entfalten, alte Energiemuster steigen auf, damit sie bewertet werden, und sie bringen uns die ständige Wahl, ob wir empört sein oder uns fürchten wollen, oder sorgenvoll, oder mitteilsam und zu allem unsere Meinung sagen wollen, oder ob wir tief genug in ein höheres Verstehen eingetaucht sind, wo wir vertrauen können, uns entspannen und wissen, dass alles deshalb hochkommt, um losgelassen und ins Gleichgewicht gebracht zu werden, damit es dann in das Neue übergehen und mit dem verschmelzen kann, was wir mit den Gebeten unseres geistigen Herzens ins Sein gerufen haben.

Dieses geistige Herz, manche nennen es das kosmische Herz, steigt in uns allen mit seiner fühlenden Natur auf, und es setzt auch ein intuitives Verstehen von wahrem Einheitsbewusstsein frei. Wir haben das schon in vereinzelten Energiemustern weltweit beobachtet, doch wir haben noch nie erlebt, dass die ganze Welt gleichzeitig in diesem Fluss von Einheitsbewusstsein pulsiert.

Es ist so schön, wenn wir in diesen endlosen Ozean, der uns atmet, eintreten, einen Ozean, von dem wir eine kleine Zelle sind; wenn wir seine Liebe und Fürsorge für uns spüren und dass es sich um ein Feld von allergrößtem Potential handelt, wo alles lebt, einschließlich des Musters des Einheitsbewusstseins, des Musters von Frieden, des Musters von Freude, Glückseligkeit, Reinheit und des Beobachters; es ist ein ganz großartiges Energiemuster, in dem man sich voll verwurzeln kann.

Wir sind, so scheint es, den Bäumen sehr ähnlich, denn wir haben unsere Äste, die in den Himmel ragen, dann die Ebene der Oberfläche, die sich wie die Blätter im Wind der Dualität bewegt. Wenn das unsere hauptsächliche Realität ist, dann können wir uns auch ganz leicht mit der Bewegung der Blätter identifizieren, mit der dual ausgerichteten Welt, die uns ständig hin und her weht.

Wir können aber auch tiefer gehen und vom oberen Teil des Baumes mit seinen sich im Wind der Veränderungen bewegenden, tanzenden und beugenden Ästen tief in das Wurzelsystem tauchen, tief, ganz tief in die feste Erde hinein gehen und spüren, wie weit die Matrix unserer eigenen Wurzeln sich ausbreitet und wie wir dabei auch andere Wurzeln berühren können. Wenn wir uns hier mit unseren Wurzeln identifizieren merken wir, wie groß unsere gegenseitige Verbundenheit ist, wie gut wir gestützt sind und wie oberflächlich die Stürme der Veränderung sind.

Es ist auch interessant, dass sich so viele von uns jetzt gerufen fühlen, sich mehr mit dem Boden, der Erde, unseren eigenen Wurzeln zu verbinden, sich tiefer zu verankern und die endlose Tiefe dieses unendlichen Ozeans zu entdecken, von dem wir nur eine schwingende Zelle sind. Das gibt uns eine Relation in der Verankerung, eine Perspektive von einem viel größeren Bild, das sich über uns und um uns herum entfaltet, so wie ein Netz aus Baumwurzeln, die sich gemeinsam zu einer ganz soliden Matrix verbinden und ständig als ein Massenbewusstsein miteinander kommunizieren.

Es heißt, dass Bäume auch Teil eines Netzwerks von Baumbewusstsein sind und dass das Bewusstsein in den Bäumen alles von allen Bäumen der Welt weiß, dass sie auf einer Schwingungsebene vereint sind.

In den indigenen Kulturen wissen die Menschen um die Weisheit des Großmutter- und Großvaterbaumes, und ich bin schon in der Gegenwart solcher riesiger uralter Bäume gewesen, und als ich meine Augen schloss und mich in sie hinein entspannte, konnte ich ihre Weisheit fühlen und spüren. Ich habe tatsächlich viel Weisheit davon gewonnen, Zeit in der Stille unter Großmutter-/Großvaterbäumen verbracht zu haben. Sehr häufig fühlen sie sich für mich weiblich an, ebenso wie sich die Energie weiblich anfühlt, welche die Offenbarung des Einheitsbewusstseins auf der Erde vorantreibt. Doch ich weiß, dass dies deshalb so ist, weil die Grundenergie dieses Wandels einfach reine Liebe ist.

Diese großartige nährende Energie ist in diesem Ozean, und sie beruhigt uns und erlaubt uns zu spüren, dass alles sich perfekt entfaltet, denn wir haben jetzt aus unserem tiefsten Herzen den Wunsch gehabt zu erfahren, was wahres Einheitsbewusstsein ist, in uns selbst und dann natürlich auch, wie sich das in unserer Welt darstellt. Ja, wir haben alle in den Baumwipfeln gespielt und sind von der dualen Welt hin und her geschüttelt worden, so wie die vielen kleinen Blätter im Sturm  durcheinander gewirbelt werden, und jetzt fühlen wir uns gerufen, uns in etwas Soliderem zu verankern. Komme zurück zu unseren Wurzeln, ruft es, komme zurück zu den Wurzeln unserer wahren Natur…

Diese Analogie ist so interessant, denn ich sitze auf meiner Veranda in meinem Bergashram und beobachte die im Wind tanzenden Bäume und wie stark der Wind sein kann und die Blätter durch den Garten fegen kann, und manchmal ist es auch ganz still und alles ist fast dem Wohlwollen des Windes der Veränderung ausgesetzt.

So ist es auch auf der Erde, die Winde der Veränderung sind stürmisch, und wenn wir uns als kleine zerbrechliche Blätter identifizieren und als den Teil von uns, der unsere Persönlichkeit ist, dann sind diese Zeiten natürlich hart und herausfordernd. Doch wenn wir an diesem Baum hinunterrutschen, zurück zu unseren Wurzeln gehen, tief in den Grund hinein, in unseren eigenen unendlichen Essenz-Ozean und dieses Netz des Einsseins spüren, seine Liebe spüren, seine Stärke und Macht spüren, dann wird das Leben ganz anders.

Wenn wir meditieren und uns wieder mit der Vollkommenheit identifizieren, die wir sind, dann werden wir uns auch ganz natürlich der größeren Ausmaßes des Lebens bewusst, des größeren Bildes, von dem das Leben auf der Erde nur ein kleines sich ausspielendes Muster ist. Und so können wir die Menschen gar nicht genug auffordern, jetzt auf den Ruf des Herzens zu hören, zu horchen, was sich in uns drinnen richtig anfühlt, tiefer hinein zu gehen in unsere eigene erweiterte, riesige multidimensionale Natur.

Ja, das bedeutet für mich, tiefer in die ruhige Stille meines Rückzugsortes auf dem Berg zu gehen, doch stille Ruhe bedeutet nicht Inaktivität. Es ist einfach ein Weg, sich in etwas so Reines zu verankern, dass alles, was durch uns schwingt, diese erstaunliche Kraft hat, alles um uns herum zu nähren, und gleichzeitig werden wir selbst durch den Prozess der Bio-Feedback-Schleife und des Resonanzgesetzes ebenfalls genährt.

Die erste Vorstellung dieser Idee, dass wir physisch auf eine ganz andere Art und Weise aus dem Puls dieses pranischen Ozeans genährt werden können (dessen Grundschwingung einfach Liebe, unendliche Bewusstheit und Weisheit ist) hat früher so viel Verunglimpfung erfahren, doch auch das ist einfach nur zu einem weiteren Energiemuster auf der Welt geworden, da wir auf so viele Arten genährt werden können, durch tiefe stille Ruhe und durch eine neue Identifikation mit jenem unendlichen Muster, das die kleineren Muster stützt, die wir auf der Welt manifestieren.

Es ist fast so, als ob die Göttlichkeit die wir sind, ein großartiger Spielplatz ist, den unsere Kind-ähnlichen Selbste erforschen können – die Dualität erforschen, die Angst erforschen, die Trennung erforschen, die Harmonie erforschen, die Einheit erforschen, alle Dinge erforschen, die wir als vollkommene Wesen die angelegte Fähigkeit zu erforschen haben.

Das Leben ist ein solch erstaunliches Spiel des Erkundens mit der ständigen Wahlfreiheit, jetzt unbegrenzt oder begrenzt zu sein, wie ein Blatt oder wie unser riesiges Wurzelsystem zu sein.

Und so ist eine wundervolle Zeit, auf der Erde zu sein, dass wir beobachten, wie alte Seinsmuster neu ins Gleichgewicht gebracht werden, durch den Willen unserer Seelen und den Ruf unserer Herzen, jetzt einen anderen Rhythmus auf der Welt erleben zu wollen. Es liegt an uns, wie wir alle wissen, den Frieden zu finden und die Liebe zu fühlen, den Frieden, die Liebe, die Vollkommenheit zu erleben, und das Muster der reinen Einheit zu genießen, das wir alle in uns tragen und das bereits hier in unserer Welt ist, und in das wir uns nur tiefer einzustimmen brauchen.

Durch unsere Wege des Erforschens die Formel für ein wahrhaft phantastisches Leben zu finden und sie zu kennen ist ein solches Geschenk! Mit den Energierhythmen so experimentieren zu können, dass unser Leben mit Gnade und Anmut und unsere Herzen mit Dankbarkeit erfüllt sind ist ebenfalls ein unglaubliches Geschenk!

Hier und jetzt zu leben ist ein weiteres kostbares Geschenk, denn wir sind Zeugen der großartigsten Zeit in unserer Evolutionsgeschichte! Es gibt so viele Geschenke in unserem täglichen Leben, so viele Gelegenheiten an jedem einzelnen Tag auszuwählen, wie wir dieses Leben erfahren möchten …

Es gibt so viele kostbare Momente, voll zu leben und zu lieben, sich für Gnade, Anmut und Wunder und Zauber zu öffnen, sich zu vereinen und bedingungslos zu lieben oder die Quantenintelligenz zu bitten, uns zu lehren, wie wir das tun können! Mit all dem sind wir wahrlich gesegnet.

Gerade als ich diesen Artikel über Energiemuster und die Analogie von uns und den Bäumen fertiggestellt hatte, wie sie von den Winden der Veränderungen durchgeschüttelt werden, ging auf dem unbebauten Grundstück nebenan eine Motorsäge los und fing an das Ökosystem von mehr als einem Dutzend schöner 200 Jahre alter und 40 Meter hoher Eukalyptusbäume zu fällen. Dieses Abholzen samt ohrenbetäubendem Lärm dauerte dreieinhalb Tage, und als sensitiver Mensch fühlte ich große Traurigkeit, diese uralten Bäume gefällt und zerstückelt zu sehen. Gleichzeitig wusste ich, dass es auch eine Gelegenheit ist, sozusagen aus Steinen, die einem in den Weg gelegt werden, ein Haus zu bauen.

Plötzlich strömte das winterliche Sonnenlicht in meine Wohnung, die Räume wärmten sich, denn vorher waren sie durch den ständigen Schatten der Bäume kühl gewesen. Es kam mehr Sonnenlicht auf meine Veranda und neue Blumen, z. B. Gänseblümchen, konnten wachsen.

Es gab keinen Weg, das alles aufzuhalten, denn mein Nachbar hatte einen Herzinfarkt gehabt und musste sein Grundstück verkaufen, aber niemand konnte sich vorstellen, wie man da etwas bauen kann, denn man sah ja nur Bäume. Jetzt ist der Blick frei auf das schöne Tal, jetzt kann ein neues Ökosystem wachsen, und bald wird jemand das Land kaufen und ein Zuhause bauen, einen neuen Garten pflanzen, der von Sonnenlicht und Liebe genährt wird.

Die Stürme der Veränderung bringen uns immer die Möglichkeit, aus Steinen die uns in den Weg geworfen werden, ein Haus zu bauen!

Dies ist Jasmuheen, und ich wünsche euch allen die allergrößte Freude beim Erforschen, und mögest du auf dein Herz und das Lied deines Herzen hören, wenn es dich ruft, tiefer in diese Erfahrung des Einsseins zu gehen, das uns alle vereint.

August 2016 News

Our August 2016 Newsletter

Knowing the formula for a truly luscious life is such a gift! To be able to experiment with rhythms of energy to the degree that our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude is also an incredible gift!  To be alive right here right now is another precious gift as we witness the grandest time in our evolutionary history!

   It is a wonderful time to be on Earth as we witness old patterns being re-balanced by the will of our souls and the call of our hearts to collectively enjoy a different rhythm in our world.
   It is up to us as we all know, to find the peace and feel the love, to enjoy the peace, the love, the perfection and to enjoy that pattern of pure unity that we carry within us that is already here in our world, that we just need to tune deeper in to by following the call of our hearts. 
   There are so many gifts in our daily existence, so many opportunities each and every day to choose how we wish to experience this life …
   There are so many precious moments to live and love fully, to open to Grace and miracles and magic, to unify and love unconditionally or to be able to ask quantum intelligence to teach us how to do this! In all of this we are truly blessed.
   Although I am now technically on long service leave – after 22 years of constant travel and dedicated service to humanity’s evolution – and although I am still learning how to be creative in a different way (i.e. more self nurturing), the current state of global change has led to the creation of our new World Affairs video playlist for our YouTube channel.
   Yet the message is, relax, just trust, all is unfolding as it should for we are entering into the most enlightened phase of evolution where all will be rebalanced!
   For those who find this time challenging, you may enjoy all the videos we have lodged this July and August and you can see the links to these below, along with a new article on Patterns of Energy. You may also enjoy as I did, the video on responding to Global Tragedy by Matt Kahn at this link


Wishing you all so much love, light and
barrels of laughter as you
consciously traverse this path called life!
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen and Anjie …

Roots or Leaves – Patterns of Energy

Patterns of Energy

Jasmuheen – August 2016

 It is so interesting to watch the different patterns of energy that we are now being called to step deeper into.

Some people are more active than ever before in global affairs and just the general busy’ness of life.

Some are standing back and assessing exactly how they are spending their time, what they are giving their energy towards and if it really makes their heart sing, while others are letting go of old habits, or ways of being that somehow just no longer feel right in their heart.

As we all change so do our energy emanations and so does our world …  

We know now that this new pattern of energy, that is revealing itself on Earth now, has more to do with our feeling nature rather than the realm of mental analysis and thought.  

Things either feel right intuitively or they don’t and if they don’t then we are being intuitively guided to step back, be still.   

We are also sensing to follow more of the intuitive call of our heart and yes for many, this call is also taking us into more reflective times, silent, watching, being the witness while understanding that our personal energy emanations are still adding to the whole.

Many of us have watched global situations unfolding, with old patterns of energy rising and coming up for assessment, bringing to us the constant choice of whether we wish to be indignant or afraid, or worried, or talkative, giving an opinion on everything that is, or whether we are deep enough in a higher understanding, where we can trust, relax and know that what is arising is just coming up for release or rebalance, to then be morphed into the new, merged with something that we have called into being from the prayers of our psychic heart.

This psychic heart, that some call the cosmic heart, is rising within us with its feeling nature, and it is also releasing an intuitive understanding of what true unity consciousness is. Although we have seen this in pockets of patterns of energy all over the world, we have never felt the whole world begin to simultaneously pulse with this flow of unity consciousness.

It is so beautiful when we step into this endless ocean that is breathing us of which we are just one small cell, to feel its love and its care for us and how it is a field of the vastest potential, where everything dwells including the pattern of unity consciousness, the pattern of peace, the pattern of joy, of bliss, of purity and of being the witness; it is such an amazing pattern of energy to be fully rooted into.

We are a lot like trees its seems, in that we have our branches stretching up to the sky, with our more superficial levels like the leaves that blow in the wind of duality, and so we can identify with the movement of the leaves and with the dual-natured world that tosses us around quite easily when that is our main reality.

Or we can slide ourselves down from the top of that tree with its bending and moving and dancing in the wind of change and come back down into the root systems, to go deep, deep, deep into the solidity of the earth, sensing how far the matrix of our own roots spreads out and how we can touch other roots in the process as well. Here identifying with our roots we realise how vast our interconnectivity is, how well supported we are and how inconsequential are the winds of change.

It’s interesting the call that so many of us have now to identify more with the ground, the earth, our own roots, the call to anchor deeper into and discover the limitless depth of this infinite ocean of which we are just one vibrating cell. It gives us perspective in the anchoring, of a much bigger picture that is unfolding above us and around us, just like the network of roots of trees that connect with each other in such a solid matrix, communicating all the time as one mass consciousness.

It is said that trees themselves are part of a web of tree consciousness and the consciousness dwelling in the trees knows everything about all the other trees in the world, that they are unified on a vibrational level.

In the indigenous cultures people recognize the wisdom of the grandmother tree, the grandfather tree and I have been in the presence of some of these huge ancient trees and when I closed my eyes and relaxed into them, I could feel and sense the wisdom that they carry. In fact I have received great wisdom from being in silence amongst the grandmother/grandfather trees.         More often than not they feel feminine to me just as the energy driving the revelation of unity consciousness on Earth feels feminine as well, but I know that this is because of the baseline of this shift which is just pure love.

This amazing nurturing energy is in this ocean, and it is calming us and allowing us to sense that everything is unfolding so perfectly, because we have called now into being from our heart of hearts, this desire to experience what true unity consciousness is, within ourselves of course and then how unity looks like in our world. Yes, we have all played in the treetops and been buffered by the dual-natured world just like little leaves being blown and tossed in a storm and now being anchored in something more solid calls us.

Come back to our roots, it calls, come back to the roots of our true nature….

It so interesting, this analogy, as I sit on my veranda on my mountain ashram and watch the trees dance in the wind and how strong this wind can be, blowing leaves all through the yard, or at other times so still and yet everything is at mercy almost by the winds of change.

And so it is on Earth, the winds of change are strong, and if we keep identifying with ourselves as little fragile leaves, and that part of ourselves that we call our personality, then of course these times are tough and so challenging, but as we shimmy down that tree, go back to our roots, go deep into the ground of our own infinite essence ocean and feel this web of One, feel its love, feel its strength and feel its power, then life becomes different again.

When we meditate and re-identify with that perfection that we already are, then we also naturally become aware of the grander nature of life, the bigger pattern of which life on Earth is such a small pattern playing out; and so we cannot encourage people enough at this time to listen to the call of the heart, to hear what feels right within us, to drop deeper down into our own expanded, vast, multi-dimensional nature.

Yes, it’s true that for me this means coming deeper into silent stillness in my mountain retreat and yet silent stillness is not inaction, it is just a way of being anchored into something so pure that what vibrates out through us, has an amazing power to nourish everything around us, as we in turn are also nourished through the process of bio-feedback looping that is run by the Law of Resonance.

The initial launching of this idea, that we can be physically nourished in such a different way from the pulse of this pranic ocean (whose baseline is just love, infinite awareness and wisdom), once attracted so much denigration yet this too has become just another pattern of energy in the world, as we can be nourished in so many ways, by deep silent stillness and by a re-identification with that infinite pattern that supports the smaller patterns we manifest in the world.

It is almost as if the divinity we are, is an amazing playground that our child-like selves can explore – exploring duality, exploring fear, exploring separation, exploring harmony, exploring unity, exploring all the things that we are built with the capacity to explore as perfect beings.

Life is such an amazing play of exploration with constant choice now to be limitless or limited, to be our leaf like nature, or to be our vast root system self.

And so it is a wonderful time to be on Earth, as we witness old patterns being re-balanced by the will of our souls and the call of our hearts to enjoy a different rhythm now in our world. It is up to us, as we all know, to find the peace and feel the love, to enjoy the peace, the love, the perfection, and to enjoy that pattern of pure unity that we carry within us that is already here in our world, that we just need to tune deeper in to.

Finding through our explorative paths and then knowing the formula for a truly luscious life is such a gift!  To be able to experiment with rhythms of energy to the degree that our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude is also an incredible gift! 

To be alive right here right now is another precious gift as we witness the grandest time in our evolutionary history!

There are so many gifts in our daily existence, so many opportunities each and every day to choose how we wish to experience this life …

There are so many precious moments to live and love fully, to open to Grace and miracles and magic, to unify and love unconditionally or to be able to ask quantum intelligence to teach us how to do this!  In all of this we are truly blessed.

 This is Jasmuheen wishing you all the greatest joy in your exploration and may you listen to the call of your heart and hear the song of your heart as it calls you back deeper into this experience of the Oneness that unites us all.

An Enlightening Evolution

22 years on the road, traveling constantly all over our world, meeting with thousands and thousands, reaching millions more through global media, all of this has now seen me take some well overdue ‘long service leave’, a time to be in my mountain ashram, enjoy family and nature and all that surrounds me.

Yet around me such great change continues to rage on as people are now being challenged  over the world to assess exactly how they wish to live as we enter this new phase of evolution. And so I have been called to create our New World Affairs playlist and to ask questions like, what is an enlightened evolution.

Here is a video on this insight with pragmatic and relevant coding that you may enjoy!


Can it be that simple?


once we understand quantum intelligence

and how energy responds to our dominant thoughts and feelings!

Future Insights – the Exponential Age

A friend recently emailed me the below – such interesting insights by Robert Goldman, re A.I.’s, driverless cars, health, education, agriculture and so much more …

Future Predictions

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 years – and most people don’t see it coming. Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on paper film again? Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore’s law. So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, before it became way superior and got mainstream in only a few short years. It will now happen with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Exponential Age.

Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.

Uber is just a software tool, they don’t own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties.

Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected. In the US, young lawyers already don’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans. So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future, only specialists will remain. Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 time more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. By 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.

Autonomous Cars: In 2018 the first self-driving cars will appear for the public. Around 2020, the complete industry will start to be disrupted. You don’t want to own a car anymore. You will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it, you only pay for the driven distance and can be productive while driving. Our kids will never get a driver’s license and will never own a car. It will change the cities, because we will need 90-95% fewer cars for that. We can transform former parking space into parks. 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. We now have one accident every 100,000 km, with autonomous driving that will drop to one accident in 10 million km. That will save a million lives each year.

Most car companies may become bankrupt. Traditional car companies try the evolutionary approach and just build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, Google) will do the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels. I spoke to a lot of engineers from Volkswagen and Audi; they are completely terrified of Tesla. 

Insurance Companies will have massive trouble because without accidents, the insurance will become 100x cheaper. Their car insurance business model will disappear.

Real estate will change. Because if you can work while you commute, people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood.

Electric cars won’t become mainstream until 2020. Cities will be less noisy because all cars will run on electric. Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean: Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can only now see the impact. Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil. The price for solar will drop so much that all coal companies will be out of business by 2025.

With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water. Desalination now only needs 2kWh per cubic meter. We don’t have scarce water in most places, we only have scarce drinking water. Imagine what will be possible if anyone can have as much clean water as he wants, for nearly no cost.

Health: There will be companies that will build a medical device (called the “Tricorder” from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample and you breathe into it. It then analyses 54 biomarkers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medicine, nearly for free.

3D printing: The price of the cheapest 3D printer came down from $18,000 to $400 within 10 years. In the same time, it became 100 times faster. All major shoe companies started 3D printing shoes. Spare airplane parts are already 3D printed in remote airports. The space station now has a printer that eliminates the need for the large number of spare parts they used to have in the past.

At the end of this year, new smart phones will have 3D scanning possibilities. You can then 3D scan your feet and print your perfect shoe at home. In China, they already 3D printed a complete 6-storey office building. By 2027, 10% of everything that’s being produced will be 3D printed. 

Business Opportunities: If you think of a niche you want to go in, ask yourself: “in the future, do you think we will have that?” and if the answer is yes, how can you make that happen sooner? If it doesn’t work with your phone, forget the idea. And any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed in to failure in the 21st century.

Work: 70-80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a small time.

Agriculture: There will be a $100 agricultural robot in the future. Farmers in 3rd world countries can then become managers of their field instead of working all days on their fields. Agroponics will need much less water. The first Petri dish produced veal is now available and will be cheaper than cow-produced veal in 2018. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces is used for cows. Imagine if we don’t need that space anymore. There are several startups that will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as “alternative protein source” (because most people still reject the idea of eating insects).

There is an app called “moodies” which can already tell in which mood you are. Until 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions if you are lying. Imagine a political debate where it’s being displayed when they are telling the truth and when not.

Bitcoin will become mainstream this year and might even become the default reserve currency. 

Longevity: Right now, the average life span increases by 3 months per year. Four years ago, the life span used to be 79 years, now it’s 80 years. The increase itself is increasing and by 2036, there will be more than one year increase per year. So we all might live for a long long time, probably way more than 100.

Education: The cheapest smart phones are already at $10 in Africa and Asia. Until 2020, 70% of all humans will own a smart phone. That means, everyone has the same access to world class education.

Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP


World Chairman-International Medical Commission
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board-A4M
Founder & Chairman-International Sports Hall of Fame
Co-Founder & Chairman-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
President Emeritus-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Chairman-U.S. Sports Academy’s Board of Visitors