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Darkroom Preparation

Jasmuheen’s Darkroom retreat can be an incredibly tough initiation for so many yet it can be made easier by sensible preparation.

Below you will find a few insights re proper Darkroom Preparation as recorded in English and Chinese with Jasmuheen and Wu Ling – smiles …

  1. Audio on sensible Darkroom retreat Preparation (with waterfall sounds in background)

Darkroom Benefits

Below you will find a few insights re Darkroom and some of its benefits as recorded in English and Chinese with Jasmuheen and Wu Ling – smiles …

  1. Audio on What Darkroom Offers (with waterfall sounds in background)

2. Audio on Additional Darkroom Benefits (with waterfall sounds in background)


Book your space for this quickly as we have a long waiting list and are usually booked out a year in advance.

Organizer for our Internationals group – email Anjie –

Chinese Darkroom retreat Organizer – email Wu Ling

Insights from China and Bigu

Kwan Yin Island, (Mt Putuo in the South China sea) is an amazing place filled with monasteries and sweet, sacred energy. It is said that the island was established with its monasteries around the 10th century although the island became neglected with the cultural revolution. Now it has again been established as a major tourist destination, with millions coming to meditate and sit in the ancient temples where monks and nuns hold the space with such love and reverence for the Buddha Maitreya and Kwan Yin.

jas-mt-putuo-6-small jas-mt-putuo-5-small

There are stories of history here that are so poignant and beautiful to hear, just like all of our cultures in the world have so many stories of explanation of how things came into being, yet there is a deep peace everywhere I walk on the island and the architecture, the photo opportunities are so prevalent as every corner I turn I see such beauty, a Feng Shui delivery that is absolutely stunning in its arrangement.

I have come to love China so deeply these last 2 years that I have been invited to be here and enjoy the pleasure of a deep cultural exchange.

There is so much propaganda about China in the West as there always is when cultures are feared because of their strength and their ability to deliver so much, yet Buddhism is rising here again as is the practice of Qigong.

Then we have Bigu – the ability to be nourished by Chi or Prana – which has become the one of the most popular things for people to focus on, especially regarding reclaiming health.

And so there are thousands of Bigu networks, with a lot of things happening online with WeChat and other chat groups, that offer online support and training. China’s online technical abilities seem to far surpass a lot of what I’ve seen in the West as do many of the ways that they operate.

The infrastructure here is incredible to see, clean cities, gardens so beautifully, lovingly attended, everything presented so well, even though we know that China is hardly ‘green energy focused’ and yes many cities suffer from extensive pollution, yet still there is a government that has become so much more aware of the need for this; a government that keeps changing, that is becoming more interested in globalisation and using resources more wisely.

The people themselves are loving this return to Qigong, to Taoism, to Confucius thought and also of course to the exploration of the depth that Buddhism itself offers to so many. There are many layers in this country as there always are.

And yet I am blessed to be able to walk among networks of sincere, loving and open-hearted, peaceful people here as well, as has always has been the way as I’ve travelled around the world connecting with incredible beings who share the same agenda of enjoying unity consciousness.

The science of Unity Consciousness is forming the basis of so much that we now do, where diversity is honored and respected, where we are one people living on harmony on one planet and so our work goes on, flowing deeper into China as more of a cultural exchange.

And so I find myself being more deeply immersed in China, learning, understanding, sensing, witnessing – being a cultural ambassador so to speak – sharing when invited of our research into being nourished by Chi and how for us it’s a holistic system of being so deeply anchored in this infinite essence ocean so that we lose physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hunger.

Bigu here focuses a little more on the phenomena of the healing aspect that happens in a body system when people go deeper into Bigu – whether it be for a week, 14, 21 or 40 days. So the phenomena of doing this for year after year after year is something strange for them, as many do not understand how we can maintain this state of being nourished in this way while still travelling extensively and living as much as we do in polluted cities as we travel this world.

And so our time there is an exchange of information and energy and research with all of us benefiting – those that we share our research with and those who share their research with us – blending research, blending our cultures, discovering different methodology and what each one has been assigned to do in this service pattern.There is criticism of course because some are deep in their Buddhist understanding and feel that Buddhism is the best way, the only way and everything else is an illusion – a judgement that we also find with some in Christianity.

Yet those in unity consciousness can see the perfect pattern that each one carries and have no need to judge or even to compare, for we know that all patterns are perfect and the Essence within us all, is allowing us to experience different flavours as we live and grow together in this world, with pure hearts guiding us to that which we know will manifest for the highest good of all, for that is our intention and our program and so the quantum field responds.

So I will come back next year for our next Embassy of Peace retreat, with Ambassadors of Peace gathering in China, from all over the world, to share their experience of sharing our programs which allow people to go into a permanent state of being hunger free.

dancing-small shenzhen-1-smallHence, I am inviting all of our Ambassadors of Peace to contemplate joining us in China next year for our Embassy of Peace retreat, and then to join us in Tibet!

Of course we will also be offering our Embassy of Peace retreat in Brazil in November as we have so many beautiful Ambassadors blossoming there as well, so tune in to your heart and feel what’s right for you and join us if you can!

Tell this incredible quantum intelligence to bring you the time you need off work or from family responsibilities, to bring money you need to manifest to come, to make sure your attendance with us is easy and joyous for we would love to see you there.

China is calling so many now and my heart is just so happy to be in this field, join us in China in 2017? Sending you all so much love – Namaste – Jasmuheen.

Darkroom Retreat Insight

After each years darkroom retreats, people always write in
with some insights of their experiences, here is one from Corina.

A Journey Through The Dark with Corina

I arrived in Thailand ready for my second stay in The Darkroom where for nine days and nine nights, I would be without light or food, only liquids. Though very different from my first experience two years ago, it was just as transformative, just as deep and just as overwhelming as the first one.

A number of years ago, I heard about the opportunity to take a Darkroom-Retreat with Jasmuheen and was fascinated. I listened in awe to my friends talk about their experience in the program and knew it was something I would do.

Even before I heard from the Darkroom I had the experience of eating in a restaurant in total darkness. It was actually kind of fun. But the idea of immersing myself in complete darkness for nine days and nights seemed like an Olympic – size challenge. I did not feel ready until a few years after I first learned about it. I finally signed up but had to wait another year since the retreat was already full. This gave me more time to prepare mentally and physically for this extraordinary experiment.

Then came the moment to enter the Darkroom. The retreat is held in an apartment complex where light is completely blocked out. It is part of the beautiful Tao Garden Health Spa in Chang Mai, in northern Thailand. The Taoist, Mantak Chia, creator of the Universal Tao System, Healing Tao and Tao Yoga, founded the Tao Garden Wellness Retreat Center. He has also written numerous books. Jasmuheen, a friend of Mantak Chia, has offered these Darkroom-Retreats for quite a number of years.

Entering my private space for the duration of the retreat, I noticed how similar it looked to a hotel room. It had a queen size bed and bath. We were given time to get organized and familiar with the room and to pick our mat in the gathering space, which was a large interior area.

 I remembered from my first time there that it looked so easy to find my mat in the daylight but became quite difficult when it was dark.
Knowing this, I put all my possessions in my room on the table provided. I stacked them neatly, so I would be able to grab whatever I needed easily in the dark. In the bathroom, I lay down toothbrush, toothpaste and all the rest of my toiletries in a specific spot to make it easy to find in the dark. My shampoo and hand lotion had their special spot as well. How easy it is to mix them up in the dark!

Two years ago I practiced being in the dark several month before the Retreat. Each week I would dedicate a day and stay in total darkness to learn what I had to pay attention to. I would also do my regular yoga practice to keep fit and meditate to keep centered. This time I thought all the preparation I did before was not necessary! First of all, I had a routine for doing yoga asanas as well as for meditating. I had practiced both for years. And secondly, since I wanted to finish a project before I went to Thailand, I neglected all the preparation and thought I would simply relax in the Darkroom from all the stress I brought with me. This turned out to be a big mistake!

The Darkroom is challenging—no easy matter. It is asking the utmost of the physical, mental and emotional body! So I was suffering pain, especially in my physical body and was exhausted. I felt dizzy after each little movement. I was thankful that at least I had prepared my body by detoxifying and didn’t have any problems in that respect. But being very tired, I slept a lot and still became pretty weak.

In the booklet “Darkness Technology, Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment” Mantak Chia says: “Staying in the dark is like returning to the womb, the cocoon of our material structure and our original Darkness. All spiritual traditions have used Darkness Techniques in the pursuit of enlightenment, whether in an underground network of tunnels, in pyramids, in catacombs or in caves. When you go into total darkness, the darkness soon turns into light. Meditating and fasting in the dark is the final journey of spiritual work.”

The dark brings all one’s shadow aspects into the light! I had to face my anger not being able to relax and therefore I had even more difficulty letting go and relaxing. I had to confront my old habit of being a perfectionist. It took a lot of effort for me to surrender to the fact that this time, I just had to learn to be patient and accept whatever there was.

With no expectations the first time, I was able to go into deep, deep meditation and could travel in many different fields and frequencies. Indeed, the darkness made room for light. Colors and forms of the most amazing shades, structures and shapes I never dreamed existed appeared in front of my eyes whether open or closed. I experienced the universe with all its stars and floated freely and became part of them. Sometimes I couldn’t distinguish the difference between me and the universe—there was only “one.” Time ceased to exist. The music we listened to in our gathering place would instantly carry me into other spheres, allowing me to encounter other dimensions. I would get messages from the Holy ones.

I thought this would be my starting point for my second time. But something else was waiting for me. I did get messages but had difficulty accepting some of them. At times I felt so much love and appreciation, so much compassion and even admiration for all that is. I could feel the love the Universe has for me! And on times I would completely melt with this Love! Other times I would wrangle with myself, not allowing or accepting this beautiful present from the universe. My inner voice would tell me that I was not worthy of it! I was truly encountering my inner shadows. However, I was not afraid of them. I was seeing how powerful they could be, how much they still had me in their grip.

The beauty of this inner struggle was that I could observe it all. It was as if there was a neutral third party watching the struggle from a location outside of me. And again and again I could feel the compassion and love I had for myself. There were moments I could take myself into my arms and console this struggling part that was so tired of fighting. At times it would calm down and become peaceful and I could truly surrender to this higher source, to love, to God within me.

This second time the Darkroom gave me the chance to heal. I felt like I did when I was a child and went through a long illness. When I was better, I was still weak but had healed and matured. I learned to accept that nothing is linear or sequential. Especially not the way I was expecting it. How interesting to see how strong I held on to my expectations and tried to maneuver it the way I thought it should be! Some days I could surrender more easily. Other days I fought what was until I realized that this was primarily what exhausted me. When I tensed up, my body was in pain and I suffered. When I did have the experience of floating in space again, of seeing light, colors and shapes, I realized I only experienced that when I was not tense.

Now that I’ve been home for some time, I can still feel that there are subtle vibrations in me, subsiding slowly. The changes the Darkroom-Retread brought to me and ultimately to my life are still taking place. I am very certain that many healing shifts within will manifest in time, whether I am aware of them or not.

I am very grateful to Jasmuheen who created an environment so beautiful and held the space so well so all this could happen!

For further information
• on what happens to the brain during an experience in the Darkroom, I recommend you read the little booklet, mentioned above, by Mantak Chia:
Darkness Technology, Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment,
( / ISBN: 0-935621-30-X).


Sacred Art Retreat Uluru Australia


Sacred Art Retreat – 2016

Uluru Australia

When: August or September 2016

Investment: To be advised.

For more data and to express your interest email:

For the past few months I have been receiving such a strong call to go to the Sacred Aboriginal space of Uluru in Australia. A huge crystalline structure, Uluru has now been given back to the aboriginal people to care-take in their sacred way.

According to Aboriginal Culture, Uluru is more than just a rock, it is a living cultural landscape that of which is considered sacred to the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. These people of the land are the traditional landowners and guardians of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

The Anangu people belong to the oldest culture known to man dating back 60,000 years. They believe that their culture has always existed in Central Australia and that this landscape was created at the beginning of time by the travels of great ancestral beings. Uluru and Kata Tjuta are said to provide physical evidence of these ancient events and have been used for traditional ceremonies and rites of passage for over 10,000 years.

Although, the once nomadic lifestyle of the Anangu people has changed, they still continue to live by these ancient laws and traditions passed down through Dreamtime stories from their ancestors. These laws, or Tjukurpa provide the foundations of this unique culture and governs all relationships between people, the land and all living things. These spiritual and cultural connections are still strong today.

The spirits of the ancestral beings continue to reside in these sacred places making the land a deeply important part of Aboriginal cultural identity. Each visitor to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is invited to share in these traditional beliefs and hear stories of this ancient land and how it came to be. Members of Anangu society have inherited and are responsible for their own Dreamtime stories and ceremonies associated with specific sites and their place of birth. The Dreaming is a complex network of knowledge, beliefs and practices belonging to their community, to families and to individuals. The Dreaming is seen as powerful living force that must be maintained and cared for, it is considered their duty to respect and look after the earth and pass these ancient traditions on for all of time.

Uluru Facts

Uluru is probably Australia’s best-known natural landmark. The ancient monolith is pretty impressive close up and boasts intriguing statistics. Here are some facts on Uluru:

  • FACT: Uluru is better known as Ayers Rock; it named by William Gosse in 1873 after Sir Henry Ayers. Uluru is the Aboriginal and official name.
  • FACT: The rock was created over some 600 million years, and the Aborigines have been in the area for the last 10,000 years. It originally sat at the bottom of a sea, but today stands 348m above ground. One of the most startling Uluru facts however, is that some 2.5kms of its bulk is underground.
  • FACT: Uluru lies west of the Simpson Desert, not far from the ‘Red Centre’ of Australia, about 335kms southwest of Alice Springs (as the crow flies) and 463kms by road. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the biggest monolith in the world; Mount Augustus in Western Australia holds that title

More Uluru Facts

  • FACT: Other Uluru Facts: the rock is about 3.6kms long and 1.9kms wide, with a circumference of 9.4kms. The climb to the top is 1.6kms, much of which is at a steep angle, while the summit is generally flat. The surface is made up of valleys, ridges, caves and weird shapes that were created through erosion over millions of years. Surface oxidation of its iron content gives the would-be grey Uluru a striking orange-red hue.
  • FACT:  The nearby Kata Tjuta (or Olgas) are said to originate from a similar time. They are thought to have originally been one massive monolith, as opposed to the 36 separate domes they are today – one of the lesser known Uluru facts. They are a part of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which was founded in 1950 as ‘Ayers Rock-Mount Olga National Park’, changing to its current title in 1995. The Aboriginals own the land, although the Australian government currently holds a 99-year lease.

How big is Uluru?


  • is 348 metres (1141 feet) high
  • rises 863 metres (2,831 ft) above sea level
  • is 3.6 km long (2.2 miles)
  • is 1.9 km wide (1.2 miles)
  • is 9.4 km or 5.8 miles around the base
  • covers 3.33 km2 (1.29 miles2)
  • extends about several km/miles into the ground (no-one knows exactly how far)

How long does it take to walk around Uluru?

The Uluru Base Walk is a 10km walk on a flat marked dirt path, and can be completed in around 3.5 hours.

Below you can listen to a channelling
from Kryon in 2015 called “At the Rock”



Sacred Art Retreat with our Chinese friends


  大家好, 我是来自广东东莞的潘彦匀,寂静师父起的名字叫马拉花,我一直都是个异常自闭的女孩,从不敢与任何人交流,所以只能用羡慕的眼光去看别人。今年,我参加了空瓶子的澳大利亚亲子游学,感悟到了更多,希望与大家分享:


       在这里, 我们遇见了一位世间所有奇迹中最大的奇迹人物:洁丝慕音老师。据说她二十多年没有吃饭了,这使我吓了一大跳,我发现她讲课一口气能讲一整天,显得比正常人还健康。我曾是一个十分爱画画的孩子,可不知从什么时候起,我的画不再上色,直到有一天,我提起笔,再也难以画出事物。我认为这是成熟的表现,但洁丝慕音老师已经是六旬的老人了,年纪比我大多了,她所作的画确是那样美妙而富有灵性,完全的展示了一个丰富的内心世界。
















read more …


Jasmuheen in India at the GCSS in 2016

Jasmuheen in India …

29th September to the 2nd of  October 2016

During our 2016 gathering GCSS President Jasmuheen will present her Higher Light Science program on eliminating all human hungers while we energise our systems with the purest Source frequencies so that everything about us enhances our world as we in turn are enhanced by being in this world.
This program provides a simple way to elevate our consciousness so that we are consistently anchored in the ocean of purest love, peace and awareness while simultaneously having our presence nourish others in our world. This program improves health, happiness and harmony levels within each person and their communities.

About Jasmuheen as President of GCSS …

Having been invited to work in over 33 countries, with 38 books now in 18 languages, Jasmuheen attracts people from all over the world and she is especially loved for her sense of humour and the simple yet powerful techniques she shares, that can transform all aspects of people lives when they are ready for this. Her meditations are dynamic, inspirational and deeply insightful, her angelic harmonies and tools have released many from deep seated physical emotional and mental traumas and the lifestyle she recommends has brought many back into full health. As a natural telepath and empath and visionary, this lifestyle was given to Jasmuheen as a tool to end all human suffering by what she calls her Cosmic Colleagues, a collection of loving light beings of pure consciousness – these include Buddha, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, the Christed Ones, Babaji, the masters of Higher Alchemy and others.

Her work focuses on self mastery through self knowledge so that the consciousness of our world can be harmonized and unified, when people are open for this, to provide the best future for ourselves and our children and our earth.

A wife, mother and grandmother, Jasmuheen spent over a decade in the corporate sector in finance, as a computer programmer, before being called to her full time selfless service agenda. Over the past twenty years she has been invited to share her knowledge, through the Embassy of Peace, with the Mayan Elders, various tribes of the Amazon and in Colombia, and India. She has worked in the slums in Brazil to unify the people there and improve their lives in general and she has also presented her work numerous times at the United Nations both in New York and Vienna through their spiritual groups there.
Known in the west as the Grandmother of Breatharianism, Jasmuheen has spent over 22 years researching sustainable solutions to global health and hunger problems through intense personal experimentation that has freed her from all personal hungers and so she is well known as the leading western researcher in the field of alternative nourishment called prana of chi, known in China as Bigu. Now in her 60th year, she has also understood the power of unconditional love to self and others and how to exist in maximum harmony in family and community life.
For more on Jasmuheen at this event you can go to –


洁丝慕音在中国 – 优酷频道

和平大使洁丝慕音幸福论坛精彩摘录 – (link to interview)

人 们对灵性进行了很多层面的探究,但我经过42年的冥想,得出了一个结论:灵性和仁慈、慈悲有关。生活是一个令人惊异的灵性旅程,其中的每一件事都和灵性有 关。比如,做一个母亲、做一个妻子、做社区很好的一员等等,这些都需要灵性的觉知。从做人这个角度来讲,想要努力做得最好的话,我们需要用爱、善良、慈悲 来对待自己和他人。
而 冥想的美妙之处就在于它让我们处在一个寂静的状态,然后去感知我们的呼吸,去拥抱我们纯粹的本性,再让我们纯粹的本性充盈自己。体会到本自具足的美德之 后,我们就会感到平静和满足。因为幸福就在我们的内在,而不是外在。我们的内在有着无穷无尽的幸福,所以我们要通过灵性之旅,学会如何和我们内在的幸福频 道相协调。
但 是我们有时需要在生活中挣扎一番才能获得这些内心中本有的美好品质。例如,生活富裕了,我们各种各样的角色,母亲、妻子、丈夫、员工、老板等等。当我们花 时间去了解拥有不同角色的我们到底是谁的时候, 我们就会更有效率的生活和工作。所以,不要把生活和灵性分开。在人们像佛陀一样真正地认知自己之前,是不可能获得永恒的幸福。


那 最佳的提升灵性的技巧是什么呢?要在我们的生命当中去培养一些东西,让我们的心更加富足,同时让他人的心也更加富足。比如,我们可以去培养慈悲,那我们就 需要花费更多时间在培养慈悲方面。在西方我曾遇到过很多人说,当他们无私地帮助别人的时候,自己的悲伤马上就会消失。当我们情绪失衡时,就去做一些慈悲的 事情,这是一个能够很快改善自己情绪的方法。
曾 经有段时间,我感觉自己好像同时在过着三种生活,那时我在金融公司上班,每周工作60个小时,还要抚养孩子们,同时还是一位女瑜珈士。但很快我就意识到抚 养孩子是获得美德的一种方式,我的孩子教会了我耐心、不放弃、保持觉知。而我能够处理和孩子一切问题的唯一方式就是越来越深地进入自己的灵性。
当 我更深进入自己灵性的时候,我变得更健康,从来都不生病。而作为一位母亲,如果我生病了谁来料理这个家庭呢?所以对我而言,保持健康非常重要。除了身体之 外,情绪,心智,精神等等也都非常重要。我发现,随着灵性生活中各种修行的进展,它并没有花费更多时间,反而给我节省了很多时间。
如 果我的孩子6点起床,我就5点钟起床,花一个小时去冥想。在孩子们睡觉之后我还会冥想,而那个时间其他人可能会看电视。一个深度的灵性生活可以让我们生活 得更好,业务也会变得更好,因为灵性的修行会让我们的心智和思维变得更清晰,且具有更多创造力。当面临问题的时候,我们可以很轻松获得解决方案。



如果你真的想很好的去拥抱对方。首先,你们要进行眼神沟通,要去认可双方要交换的是纯粹的心的能量。如果你们都是身体右边接触,就好像在说我不想要和你深入的亲密接触。因为你们两个人的心没有在一起。对 于女人而言,做出这个决定很重要,你要成为观音代表,像个女王一样。我们从女性视角,当你拥抱的时候,敞开你自己整个的存有,让你成为神圣母亲,神圣女性 的无限爱的代表。请求流经你的是纯粹的爱,你将要拥抱的这个存有,准备好接收了,然后带着最大的爱。你另外一个手要放在他/她心轮后面,微笑,这是一个带 着满满的爱的拥抱。你就会在这个神圣的拥抱当中融化。当你成为好的拥抱者的时候,你就感觉好像两个人在共进一顿很好的晚餐。你的心有纯粹的爱,他们的心就 开始融化,他们有可能哭,也不知道什么原因。你的意图就是把对面这个人带进最神圣的爱当中,在神圣怀抱中他们可以休息,他们在那里找到安息之处。如果她们 需要哭就会哭出来,所以有的拥抱可能会花很长时间。有的人就是需要抱着他/她,直到他/她停止哭。
然 后来自你心间的神圣母亲的爱进入对方身体每个部分,融化他的内在,以及准备好放下的所有的一切。因为他们所有的这些伤痛,所有这些感受,就会从你这里吸引 过来,吸取进来无尽爱的源头。他们所需要疗愈的东西,都有威力。我们并不是通过人类本性去拥抱的,因为如果通过人性的拥抱,过了片刻,我们就会非常疲惫。 但是你如果能在当下临在,作为一个女皇,为一个代表,做为神圣女性无尽爱的代表,然后就可以一直拥抱,一直拥抱下去,一直拥抱下去……


欢迎大家关注洁丝慕音老师的微信公众平台(搜索Jasmuheen),会定期与大家分享精彩的内容。想了解更多关于老师的信息、课程,或者合作、推广老师的课程,请联系吴玲 微信:lovelightlaugh



洁丝慕音在中国 – 优酷频道

继深圳工作坊之后,洁丝慕音老师带着公益之大爱,于12月3日到7日参加了空瓶子在江苏东台举办的千人幸福论坛。她依据大部分学员的意愿,直觉地分享了许 多和人生及宇宙相关的内容。她说智慧都是古老的,她带来的不是新的东西,而是同样智慧的不同表达和传递管道。所以她说不同的系统没有必要比较优劣好坏,只 是能量模式不一样,吸引的是能量模式相匹配的人而已。她总是很谦虚的说要从中国这里学习,并把关于中国的美好现实传播到国外。
洁 丝老师每到一处,都是在无私地奉献,她表示要尽量多地和学员们相处。她早上六点多开始就带领大家冥想,课间也耐心地解答学员们的问题,并用她的拥抱传递神 圣的爱。有的学员带着痛苦和泪水找到洁丝,她都会完全与其临在,耐心地指引开导或进行能量处理;有次老师跪下把一位哭泣的年轻母亲搂在自己怀中,鼓励受挫 的姐妹们回归自己力量的中心,周边有一群人一同跪下祝福祈祷,场面十分感人。老师每次入场,学员们都夹道欢迎,欢呼雀跃;老师离场时,几乎都会陷在学员们 的拥抱阵容中难以前行。最后闭幕时全体人员对老师的三鞠躬,让她当时就感动得热泪盈眶——她感受到在场所有人对她的尊敬和爱,感受到心与心的联结。散会后 老师还多次表示对学员的热爱与不舍,并对明年来到中国讲述高级光之科学还有其他系列课程充满期待。
听 了洁丝慕音老师的课,真的让心安静下来,洁丝慕音老师不仅外表美听了洁丝慕音老师的课,真的让心安静下来,洁丝慕音老师不仅外表美丽,优雅!我看到的更多 的是洁丝慕音老师内在的安静和祥和!收获的点很多,八个生活习惯都很重要,但最最打动我的是视自己的身体为圣殿!我以前的观点是好好爱自己,给自己好的食 物和心情,大都是外在的东西,现在才知道什么是真的爱!身体真正需要的是精神的滋养!我们的爱!
–徐蕾芳 (山东 淄博)
–于红霞 (山东 聊城)
第 一次接触灵性课程和洁丝幕音老师,虽然在冥想时没有太大感受,但是从洁丝老师的言行举止,感受到她身上散发出来的浓浓的爱,让我感觉我被融化了。让我把内 心烦恼的事都看开了,透过从她身上吸收到的爱的力量,去处理一段僵化的关系时,也得到了非常好地改善。真的是“爱”能解决一切障碍我们前进的问题,所以这 点感受特别深。感恩洁丝老师让我悟到这一点!以后我也会继续训练自己大爱的能力。感恩! — 李芳 (广东 深圳)
洁 丝老师的拥抱技术回来就开始实施了,本来打算离婚的,那天回来什么话也没说就是和先生紧紧相拥,感恩他,感受爱的能量!老师就是佛菩萨派来的,知道我们需 要什么,就给予众生什么,这么多年我一直需要改变的地方,老师给我示现了,教我们怎么做。感恩老师就是延续老师的爱,来感染别人,影响别人吧。也感恩老师 給我们这些迷茫众生带来了福报,感恩您!
–赵娟 (江苏 昆山)
洁 丝慕音老师在我的感觉中,就是一位人形的大天使,是观世音菩萨在西方的化现。虽然之前我已学佛6年多,了解了很多道理,但听到洁丝老师用简洁优美充满慈悲 的语言再次诠释那些佛法,我得到的生命触动是无语伦比的!比如我们没有权利去评判任何人,只有感恩、赞叹和无条件的爱才能将我们和整个外在的世界带往永恒 的幸福;比如我们要带给每一个生命对于其自身和整个世界而言最好的利益;比如要想收获一个和谐合一的世界,我们就要让自己的时间和思维专注地用在与此相应 的存在上……对于这些智慧的教导,我听过多次了,然而这一次我在洁丝老师身上见证到它们生动的活性,这让我瞬间泪流满面。我知道这是灵魂中某个沉睡的部分 在苏醒。洁丝老师用她优雅而充满力量的存在印证了,生命只要有爱,就足够了。期待洁丝老师在中国点燃更多人内在的神圣之爱,非常希望有机会在洁丝老师的活 动中作为义工去服务,或协助把洁丝老师的书翻译成中文版。总之,非常愿意为爱与智慧的传播提供任何形式的服务。感恩洁丝老师和她的团队!感恩上天把她带到 中国!
–秦玉 (浙江 杭州)
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Happiness Event in China – Buddhas Pureland

The below audio was done in December 2015, as I attended and presented at the wonderful Happiness Event outside of Dontai in China with the Full Wisdom group and Combines.

Here are just a few observations on Universal Law, the field of Love, the Way of Love that Jesus taught plus Buddha’s Pureland and accessing the Kingdom of Heaven within us all. Enjoy – Love Jasmuheen

Essence Eyes – Kingdom of Heaven Buddhas Pureland – Jasmuheen

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A few images from this event.

S-Divine-hugs-Combines-Dontai-Nov-15 S-Jas-aaaa-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-b-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-c-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-divine-hugs-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-ii-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-j-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-Ling-1-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15-sm S-Jas-n-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-precious-hug-time-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-Stillness-2-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-Stillness-Team-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-Tai-Chi-4-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15

Successful Living – One People in Harmony on One Planet

I sit in my meditation room with such beautiful sounds of Ashana singing Ave Maria in the background as I listen to her CD. I feel so blessed to live in a world where we have such incredible musicians, who through their own spiritual life journey are tuning in to channels that are so nourishing for our hearts.

Like many, I love inspirational music that touches the heart and makes us relax and feel more at one with life and creation and I also love how this oneness and deep connection with a more gentle harmonious rhythm in existence, comes naturally to us all when we stimulate into perfect harmony our left and right-brain activity, to honour the fact that this human energy system has been encoded, imprinted, programmed, and created to experience a multitude of realities in each existence, and that becoming aware of all of this is such a life changing experience and offers a momentous leap in our evolution.

When we add the ancient art of meditation and the awareness, the alignment to an experience of that pure force of creation, that is breathing us, then our life becomes so rich. For me personally I’ve experienced this unhooking of human hungers, this satiation on such deep levels as this true nature reveals itself to us, when we are curious, open, aware and wanting to experience our highest potential.

We live in an energy field that M-Theory is just beginning to understand and investigate. Our scientists are involved in ground breaking research that will one day match the experiences of a harmonised system whose intuitive nature is as strong as it’s logical nature, whose emotional intelligence is strong, who ethically is clear, who is a visionary of dreams that will allow people to just feel fabulous again, without any dependence on anything outside of ourselves, a state we can all achieve just by the spending of our time in a particular way.

There’s no secret to a successful life, and the determiner must begin with each individual just taking time to look at life honestly and assess questions like: ‘Am I fulfilling my dreams? Is my heart happy? Am I happy? Am I healthy? Do I have a life that I am just so pleased with the creation of, and a life that allows me to experience true heart richness, pure heart connectedness, higher more mature relating with everyone in life?’ Even questions like, ‘Just what is available to an emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically well-fed system? ‘

In other words we have learned enough on Earth in our existences to play, experiment personally and bring ourselves, as self-responsible people interested in self-mastery, into rhythms that create mutually beneficial flows; so for many now this may mean dancing in existence in a very fluid, flexible yet passionate, heart singing more enlightened way.

The rewards that come to each one of us when we elect to run the human bio-system in rhythms that are beneficial for the whole, could be described as miraculous, and so life on this planet offers us many incredible opportunities to play and experience, dance and sing, and be joyous, or go to the other end of the spectrum and suffer greatly. Everything is here for us as creative beings, every rhythm that we can step into and enjoy, every rhythm that we can pull back from and sit in stillness, detached and then decide which rivers of energy we want to play in and add to, contribute to, enjoy, float in, and gel in. We can play deep in duality which we have done for a long time or we can go beyond duality and play in a very harmonious, strong, passionate, peaceful and fabulous rhythm, for this is here too.

So planet Earth is growing up, it’s people are maturing, more and more people are saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ to more uplifting rhythms. If I like all of what I have just read or just heard then I can say ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m happy to now step in to this new paradigm, I am happy now to flow in, enjoy, and play. I am happy to also let people do what they need to do in this world, trusting that if they’re deep in duality, that this is a game that is important for them as they will gain virtues from this, they will become richer of heart just like we all eventually do, but our choice is here right now, and so we choose to let the past go, it’s done and each new moment is here for us to create with love and wisdom the life our hearts call us to live.

As I’m always travelling this world and meeting the most amazing people, I also always hearing their stories, hearing of the games that they’ve been playing – their life games and family games, the spiritual splendours, they’ve been enjoying and so much more and there are some very incredible rhythms of energy now that are so easy to step into, so all we have to do is say ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m ready, let’s just crank this game up a little, flip up the notch, take it to another level, we’re ready, let’s have fun on Earth, let’s create wisely, let’s take care of our children, let’s take care of everyone in this world in a very kind-hearted loving way, let’s put aside our differences, let’s honour the first nation people from all continents, our Indigenous Elders, who are telepathically connected with Mother Earth, telepathically and energetically connected with other indigenous elders, who are all also in those same unified brain wave patterns of the harmonized left and right brain hemisphere.

This too is part of the mystery schools training, this too is part of the ancient wisdom, this too is part of the indigenous understanding, as all acknowledge in their way, the need to honour and be in balance, to honour the rhythms of existence, from Universal Law to the masculine/feminine flows, to our intuitive/logical nature, to so much more, so that we can all walk in balance and harmony with each other and with the land, with the universe, so that we can all be open to experience the highest possibilities of our dreaming. in our own way, rhythm and time. It’s there for us, all of us, and this unified state is so easy to access, we just need to say ‘yes, yes, yes’ in this now moment, ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m ready, I’m open, lock it in, let us play’.

So I hope that you’ll come and join us on tour. Go to and you will find our tour schedule, see where we are, come and join us this year before we take some quiet time in the next few years and travelling a lot less. I have some books I’m writing and I need to finish and I want to spend a bit more home time too next year.

So loving you all, so wonderful to talk to you and just say ‘yes, yes, yes, to a greater more loving, kind and fun game,’ let’s finally move out of all of those old patterns of duality of the hate and the anger, greed, warfare, violence, poverty games and all of that, let us do what we can to open educational pathways for people to move out of duality when they are ready, let us redistribute resources with consciousness and the ‘We are One People living in harmony on One Planet’ agenda.

So how do we do now co-create this? Can we honour the best of all, of everyone what we are all offering, can we do this? Can we just say ‘yes, yes, yes, let’s open now to the rhythms of harmonious existence and harmonious co-creation in our world, let’s now move into that paradigm where everything is mutually beneficial and operates for the highest good of all, where everything is harmonised so that we are in that rhythm of health, happiness and harmony when we are ready for it, when we are open to it, when we want it to be consistent, when we want to live permanently anchored from that baseline. We can do this also by being open and asking for the perfect formula for everyone to come through to them in their way, in their time, with each one adding beautifully to our global matrix all the gifts they’ve come to bring, sharing freely yet in balance all their talents, their trainings, and all the things that people are good at. Some people are just so kind-hearted, some people are just so wise and gentle and loving, some people are so patient and all around the world there are people radiating specific virtues and when we blend all of that together we come into such an interesting space of honouring the diversity we each bring, regardless of race, colour, gender or creed or culture or religion.

This is what the one people on one planet living in harmony agenda is about, it’s about honouring that which each one honours, respecting that which each one is giving homage to and respecting all while co-creating realities that unify us, and allow us to live in rhythms of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and with all life in mutually enhancing ways.

These are all such simple agendas of the Embassy of Peace. We would love to see you in our Embassy of Peace retreat that is coming up in Sardinia in September, we’ll be doing this annually somewhere around the world, so come and be a part of what we’ve talked about, commit to these paradigms, maybe become an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace.

This is Jasmuheen, look forward to hearing from you soon, or seeing you on the innernet in deep meditative states where we can connect on the internet or on the outside world as I travel with this physical body and get to enjoy all the incredible people in our world as I do so. Namaste. Big hugs, love to you all!

Spiritual Science Gathering India


INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

1st-4th October 2015 

As President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, since 2008 when the events first began in Pyramid Valley, in Bangalore, I have been privileged to witness so many wonderful things at this annual event, as so often happens with gatherings of like minded people.

 There are so many special people who are called to each years GCSS event – to either present their personal research in the metaphysical field, to those wonderful light filled souls who come to mediate in this amazing pyramid, and also to the vibrant young ones who are part of the Pyramid Society Youth groups as well as the participants who come seeking solutions regarding how to live a healthier, more balanced and harmonious life.

To be amongst all of these ones and to feel their love and listen to their wisdom is so enriching in so many ways.

Patriji – the founder of GCSS and constant loving supporter – also adds his flavour to the event with his sharings and insights about life and also his brilliant flute playing that can completely rewire the neural pathways in the brain, and of course we all love his mischievous fun Krishna like energy which is such a delight to witness!

I also love the way that Patriji encourages everyone in his network to do their own research, read lots of metaphysical books, apply daily meditation plus a vegetarian diet, all of which can be seen to have such a positive impact on people’s lives.

The supporting staff at GCSS are so loving and sensitive to people’s needs, the pyramid itself is such a powerful place to accelerate all group and personal meditation time, and the whole environment of Pyramid Valley is such a restful, peaceful and supportive place to be.

Then of course we have an array of dynamic and interesting presenters from both India and more often from the West, who as Spiritual Scientists present such interesting work, so I love having the opportunity to listen to these ones at their presentation time and to then also to be able to mix with them individually as they also enjoy their stay at the Congress.

Like everyone at GCSS, with the greatest love we extend a kind invitation for you to come and join us each year, to play, to sing and dance and also do deep meditations while enjoying the sharing of inspirational information … All of which allows us more easy, joyful access to that realm of being that Buddha calls the Pureland, and Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven and others call the Shamballa Matrix for as so many now know, these realms already exists around us, we do not have to create them,me just need to align to them.

Accessing, aligning to and enjoying the Shamballa Matrix will be the focus of my own presentation at GCSS this year, as well as tuning to its channel of the True Beloved energy, an energy we know – through deep, personal experience – that can eliminate all human hungers!

Come join us if your heart responds to what we have shared, it will be wonderful to enjoy your presence and all the brilliance that you are as well!

With Love, light & laughter to you all – Jasmuheen, Lifetime President of GCSS.

For more details on this –


INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – 1st-4th October 2015  – See more at:
INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – 1st-4th October 2015  – See more at:

PRANIC LIVING & THE TRUE BELOVED Bliss & Bigu – A one day intensive with Jasmuheen!

Bliss & Bigu
A one day intensive with Jasmuheen!

When: 12th August 2015 10am – 6pm
Hosted by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan & The School of Dan Tian Wellness
Email: – copy this email address and add to your contacts and find out more!

Investment: $250 for one or $400 for two plus special discounted rates for those in need.

In this gathering Jasmuheen will share her latest research into the power of our Pure Enlightened Essence nature, with its ability to eliminate all human hungers and free humanity of so many limitations.
She writes! “The underlying frequency of our body of light is pure love, which we can all experience as the energy of the true Beloved. When this energy pulsates through us, it frees us from all of our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual hungers. Imagine a world where human hungers have been fulfilled by something so pure, wise and loving that resides within us all!”
Within the human heart chakra lies the Christed Heart of the purest love, when it is fully risen within you, all within you can be nourished, reborn and then set free. Each human system is encoded to know the grandest love of the True Beloved, a love that romantic love can never match in depth and scope. The True Beloved carries infinite wisdom, power, strength … The True Beloved is your soul mate, with infinite patience It awaits your alignment to It, your willingness to be at One in Divine Marriage with It … This is the tantra that you long for in your heart and in your world! Message from the Temple of the Oracle – April 21st 2015 through Jasmuheen

So in this one day intensive, Jasmuheen will share:-

Powerful Initiations, Meditations & Alignments into the paradigms and LightBody Templates of Health, Happiness and Harmony; alignment into the Shamballa Matrix of an Enlgihtnened Evolution, plus the True Beloved Energy Field Experiential Access Codes.

In her work Jasmuheen also looks deeper at the paradigm of BEING, BOOSTING, BLENDING, BLISS & BIGU which entails, Being the Master Creator for conscious bliss-filled living Boosting our chi and life force to enjoy the consistent experiences of health happiness and harmony Blending into peaceful, enlightening paradigms with joy, ease and Grace Bi Gu Fu Chi & Pranic Nourishment – blending the ancient with the futuristic & more!

Come spend a fabulous and fun day with this deeply peace filled Being!

About Jasmuheen: A meditator for over 42 years, the lifetime President of the GCSS in India, Jasmuheen, specialises in deep inner plane journeys using the alchemical meditative process to allow people to merge even deeper with their own enlightened nature. As an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, she has travelled for over 20 years and achieved many positive things in the world with her work with tribal cultures in Colombia, the Amazons and also the slums in Brazil plus working with various levels of government including presenting her work again at the UN in Vienna in 2013. Through this time she has been instrumental in helping to educate millions into better global resource usage via developing a stronger connection to the Divine resource within and since 1993 has been personally nourished by prana and for over 20 years has lived without the need to take physical food. A deeply peaceful person, Jasmuheen is light, entertaining and always filled with love and her gatherings are always inspirational!
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A Fabulous Festival!


By now I am sure that you all have heard the AMAZING news about the upcoming PRANIC FESTIVAL – August 8-9-10 in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA where I will be one of EIGHT speakers presenting during this truly phenomenal event!

The PRANIC FESTIVAL is an intimate 3-Day Mastermind Gathering, with some of the most beautiful and Awakened Teachers, Yogis, Masters, Visionaries & Human Pioneers from around the world.
3 Days, 8 Teachers, 100+ Conscious People ~ Immersing in the New Paradigm ~ experiencing the most potent tools for SELF-HEALING*, REJUVENATION*, and ILLUMINATION*. Opportunity to be with like-minded friends, to ask any Questions live and in person, and receive Powerful Guidance and Insights to take your Life to the NEXT LEVEL of MASTERY!

This is a true Gift* you can give yourself ~ a rare opportunity to study with Living Masters from around the world, to learn practical tools to take your life to the Next Level!

Full details:

My presentation will be about The TRUE BELOVED and The End of All Human Hungers, and a new system downloading in recent weeks that I look forward to sharing for the very first time!  See a brief video on this here. I will also do a one day post workshop gathering on the 12th August that Edith is organizing – see her email below!

A fabulous offer – PRANIC 2015 is hosted by our friend Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan! For those of you interested in attending all 3 days, please know that we have made special arrangements for you to receive $111 off the full 3-day experience! (Simply enter Discount Code – ” Jas111 ” on the Registration page and the price of 3-day ticket will be discounted — ) PLUS – there is a “PRANIC BUDDY” option before July 28th – you can bring a friend for ONLY $111! That’s a generous 2-for-1!

You may also enjoy the below Videos highlighting the diversity of teachers at PRANIC 2015

* Operating The Energy Matrix & powerful meditation called Food Alchemy with ELITOM EL-AMIN (formerly Elitom Ben Yisrael) videos on this is are at –

* Stress – vanished! Experience “The Non-Time Experience” with OBEROM from Brazil, and KEY discoveries facilitating 1000+ 21-Day Processes since 2001. A video on this is at –

* Learn from WIM HOF (26x Guinness World-record Holder from Holland) how we can all access “Health, Happiness, Strength, and Power” ~ experience his scientifically proven breathwork to Control our Nervous System & Influence our Immune System;

* Explore “Prana, Fertility, and Conscious Families” with CAMILA CASTILLO the Pranic Breatharian & Womb Yoga Master.

* Experience powerful Pranic Breathwork for Self-Healing & Rejuvenation with Pranic Breatharian AKAHI SALAS

* Discover the “secret sauce” , the essence of ancient alchemical tools for our modern lives, with MAX CHRISTENSEN

* P.A. STRAUBINGER will be sharing fascinating deleted scenes from his LIGHT documentary, including the Chinese Military research into “supernatural” possibilities like Telepathy, Psychokinesis, etc. Could it be we all have access to these?

and much much more! See for full details and introductions to all the speakers. The PRANIC FESTIVAL is a truly rare & monumental event – not to be missed!
LOVE to see you there!

Questions? Please feel free to contact Dr. Edith-Ubuntu Chan at .
Full details:

The Shamballa Matrix and the True Beloved

The Shamballa Matrix and the True Beloved with Jasmuheen

As we open to experience the purer flows of true unity consciousness on Earth and leave behind the density of duality, so much begins to be revealed to us, for that is the nature of the field of infinite love and wisdom that when we seek we find, when we open to experience we will. Especially when what we seek to experience is for the highest good of human evolution.

To simply ask this field to reveal a deep experience of true unity consciousness on Earth sets up a magnetic attractor pattern for us to come into that realm and yet the Shamballa matrix has so many levels within it. Yes one of its aspects is true unity consciousness and the experience of this, another is the experience of the energy of the True Beloved, a pulsation that can be strong or weak within or around us depending on our focus upon It.

This energy of the true beloved has the ability to wash itself out from the heart chakra and bathe the human system in an energy that sets us free from so many limitations regarding the paradigm of love. By taking us back to that infinite flow of pure, pure love that gave birth to all of creation we are so satiated on so many levels that our human relationships and the dynamics of these change, setting those around us free from any limited expectations that we may have had of ourselves and others, by aligning us to the Source of pure love within and allowing us to love all around us unconditionally.

That flow of unconditional love delivers such freedom to us all, for it becomes a fertilising agent from which we can grow and blossom. When we project our limited human expectations regarding love onto each other it is, and has, the opposite effect of blossoming, in fact many tend to shrink, for a human system is unable to fulfil the longing that each one has for true love-pure love unless we too are anchored into the flows of this source of love.

The True Beloved energy has so much to deliver to a human system and through a human system that is in essence so liberating for us all. This is one flavour that is flowing through the Shamballa Matrix, as is the rhythm of pure contentment, permanent peace and all the virtues that are available for a human system to be bathed within.

The Shamballa Matrix itself also – when fully arisen and aligned to within and around us – has the ability of course to nourish the human system in such a different way that we are, as a side benefit of this or a by-product of this alignment, made free from all human hungers. In the Shamballa Matrix pulse of the True Beloved, of true unity consciousness, everything becomes a pleasure rather than a necessity. The flavour of life is different, our hungers absent themselves, as we feel permanently satisfied by this matrix.

There is so much of course we can share of the Shamballa Matrix pulse and yet day by day as we seek to step deeper into it, as we open to its field of pure potential, more can be revealed to each one of us according to what it is we need to experience of this dimension.

To say and proclaim that Shamballa matrix is fully present on Earth is an understatement and yet again its keys of entry are very specific – alignment via our lifestyle, time spent in silence, solitude, contemplation, stillness, these are all keys of entry for us now. As is the sincere hearted desire to experience all that the Shamballa energy field, that permeates Earth, contains.

Yet we must also come into a point where we are done with the games of duality yet can unconditionally love and appreciate duality and its dimension of learning as well. It is what it is, there is nothing to change within the dimension of duality, for it functions perfectly for what it offers in the learning spectrum.

And yet when we come to a point where we can sincerely say ‘ok I’m done with the games of duality now, let me experience the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, let me experience the Shamballa Matrix, let me step fully in Buddha’s Pure Land’ or whatever we label this now to be; when we are really ready for this, only then can the realities contained within Shamballa’s Matrix be fully revealed. Yet to align and access this experientially is also a matter of right brain activation, of clairvoyant, clairaudiant and clairsentience ability to be aware of this subtle yet empowering dimensional flow. Again how we choose to spend our time is always one of the major keys for alignment to what the infinite field of pure potential can offer, for lifestyle determines our personal resonance field and how the field of pure potential responds.

Jasmuheen will be one of the keynote speakers at the GCSS in Pyramid valley Bangalore where her theme and supporting meditations will be alignment and entry into the Shamballa Matrix of the True Beloved and Buddha’s Pureland. 2015 GCSS dates – 1st-4th October 2015 

French Retreat 2015

Message first in French then in English

Bonjour mes amis,

Je suis très heureuse de revenir en France pour une retraite de quatre jours en juin au moment du solstice d’été. Cette année je propose de vous accompagner dans les profonds changements que nous observons sur notre terre et en nous, et de vivre en conscience notre fusionnement avec nos natures multi-dimensionnelles véritables–notre soi—ou bien notre Essence.

Pendant la retraite au Domaine du Fan, nous allons avoir une opportunité exceptionnelle de regarder la vie à travers les Yeux de notre Essence, de passer par les chemins et les programmations qui nous permettront de faire cette expérience ensemble et d’ancrer l’énergie de l’Essence dans nos vies. C’est une manière d’assurer que nos cœurs déborderont sans cesse de gratitude et que nos vies seront remplies de Grâce.  

Ce thème a toujours été au cœur de mon travail, un leitmotiv à tout ce que j’ai dit et fait ; cette année les Sons Célestes des Angéliques viennent s’ajouter au programme pour nous soutenir dans la reconnexion puissante de notre Essence avec nos corps physiques et nos centres énergétiques.

En ce moment, beaucoup d’entre nous y compris moi-même sommes guidés à être plus doux avec nous-mêmes puisque nous découvrons que nos comportements anciens ne sont plus efficaces, mêmes ceux ayant trait à la créativité et à notre travail de service dans le monde. Pour cette raison, il est indispensable de prendre du temps pour nous-mêmes dans le silence afin d’entendre et d’être guidés par la sagesse infinie de notre soi. Pour certains ceci est un simple lâcher prise dans l’instant présent, pour d’autres une ouverture de conscience inoubliable.

 Je me réjouis d’avance de passer du temps avec vous dans la conscience d’unité du présent au Domaine du Fan, baignés dans la paix et le silence d’un monde naturel–de nous laisser porter par les sons sacrés et guidés par les merveilleuses méditations transmises par la Divinité du groupe.

Si votre cœur vous dit qu’il est juste pour vous de vous joindre à nous pour la retraite cette année, d’être avec d’autres personnes avec lesquelles vous êtes en résonnance, qui partagent votre fréquence, et d’expérimenter la magie qui est toujours au rendez-vous lorsque nous nous rencontrons—si cela vous parle—alors demandez à l’univers de vous apporter ce dont vous avez besoin pour venir avec joie, facilité et Grâce—le temps, les moyens, les babysitters et toute autre chose qui soutiendra votre désir. J’anticipe et je suis déjà avec vous dans ce moment précieux de partage et de retrouvailles.

Voici deux messages que j’ai reçu récemment ainsi que quelques extraits de mes livres….

 « Mes bienaimés, soyez doux avec vous-mêmes car de nouvelles énergies arrivent du soleil…c’est un temps pour un reformatage général car vos natures multi-dimensionnelles s’alignent et fusionnent à travers toutes vos créations dans vos mondes…Nous avons choisi le mot « mondes » car vous vibrez tous dans la bande unique d’énergie de la réalité de votre choix d’un instant à l’autre…L’unicité véritable existe lorsque vous êtes assis dans le calme et le silence et lorsque vous demeurez dans l’Essence qui est dans votre centre…là vous êtes tous unis les uns avec les autres…et seulement là vous avez la possibilité de prendre conscience de vos prochains pas…soyez calme, soyez silencieux, soyez en paix… »  Message reçu par Jasmuheen du Temple de l’Oracle 09/02/2015.

Un autre message :

«Bienaimé(e)s…les portails s’agrandissent dans tous les systèmes énergétiques de votre corps et dans votre monde…en préparation de l’arrivée des énergies de votre nature multi-dimensionnelle et leurs pulsations et leurs flux s’intensifient en vous et autour de vous… Beaucoup d’entre vous sont fatigués, dans une sorte de mal-être général…et pour ces raisons nous vous encourageons à prendre du repos, de rester tranquille…Votre monde est en train d’être reconfigurer en ce moment même de maintes façons pour permettre à vos corps de lumière de rayonner encore plus et de briller plus intensément…Ceci n’est plus un temps pour remplir votre vie avec des activités—de faire—mais un temps pour Être dans la vérité de l’être profond et essentiel que vous êtes…Vous allez rencontrer des défis jusqu’au moment de réaliser cette vérité dans votre vie…soyez doux avec vous-même, soyez doux avec Tout… »

Message reçu par Jasmuheen du Temple de l’Oracle le 19/02/2015  

 Et également…

« La séparation n’existe pas dans des plans supérieurs. Dans ces plans plus élevés tous sont honorés pour l’amour et la lumière qu’ils contribuent à l’ensemble. Tous sont perçus à travers des critères de sincérité et de dévouement et non pas par leurs croyances religieuses. Rappelez-vous, le tout est Un, tout naît de l’Un. »

« Le destin est comme le DOS (Système d’opération du disk dure), un système de fonctionnement qui permet l’utilisation d’une multitude de logiciels tous créés par nos mentaux, qui à leur tour sont reliés à l’ordinateur central de la conscience universelle—une conscience capable de pensées créatives illimitées. »

« Pour chaque personne qui se rappelle pleinement de son identité originelle, le Ciel se réjouit. Lorsque tu peux toucher le cœur d’un autre afin de leur permettre de connaître, eux aussi, leur Divin intérieur (DOW), alors c’est une vraie bénédiction, car lorsque l’un est élevé, tous les autres suivent inéluctablement. »

« Une chose que nous pouvons contrôler est le rythme de la manifestation de Paradis sur Terre, et plus vous êtes nombreux à vous accorder en conscience aux fréquences de la Puissance de votre Divin intérieur, plus vite ceci arrivera. »

« Le Code d’honneur, qui est une manière d’être où tous gagnent—les individus, les groupes et toute forme de vie sur la planète – gagnant gagnant gagnant. Ceci est un Code des Maîtres d’Alchimie qui nous inspire à mettre de côté nos histoires personnelles et à travailler pour le bien de tous. »

 Je vous envois une abondance d’amour, de lumière et de rires.


Pour l’Ambassade de la Paix

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Je vous embrasse tous – Jasmuheen


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Hello everybody,

It is wonderful to tune into you again and to know that we may hopefully be meeting again in our French Retreat this June. As you know the energies have been changing so much in our world as we are merging more and more with our multidimensional nature and that purer version of our self, our Essence and we provide a few messages below re this as well.

This tour we are focused on what life is like through the Eyes of our Essence; the pathways and programming required to experience more of this and to have a more consistent experience of essence energy in our lives in a way that keeps our hearts filled with gratitude and our lives filled with Grace if this interests us.

As you know our work is always been about being our best version Essence self, enjoying more of our Essence nature and manifesting this more purely in our lives and in all that we do, and this year is no exception and the new Angelic Soundscape that is coming in now to support this is very powerful and capable of nourishing all the energy centres in our bodies!

Right now, many of us including myself are being guided just to be more still and be more gentle with ourselves as the habits we have had in the past may no longer serve us, even habits to do with basic creativity and our service work in the world so it is crucial that we take silent time in stillness to tune in on deeper levels regarding what our next steps are – for some it is just to surrender more fully to each moment.

In this time of true unity consciousness, there is so much for us to all share and I’m looking forward to just being with you in this retreat, to also enjoy times of silent stillness with beautiful sacred music flows and to go deeper into all the wonderful meditations that come through in our gatherings as guided by the group divinity.

So, just feel in your heart what is right for you again as always and if you feel to come and be with our like-minded family and enjoy all the beautiful people that join us plus all that unfolds in our gatherings, then ask the universe again to bring you all that you need to attend with joy, ease and Grace – the time, the money, babysitters and anything else that may be required. We truly do look forward to spending this precious time with you.

Just a quick note – I am being more guided to travel less now but need to honour this year’s tour commitments, however in 2016 so therefore I’m unsure if I will be back to do a retreat in France in the 2016 year. We will keep you posted however but I would love to see you and I would love to have you with us if you can come to our 2015 gathering.

Here are 2 recent messages that have come through plus a few quotes from our work in the past …

“Be gentle with yourselves beloveds for new energies are flowing through your sun … it is a time of repatterning for you all as your multidimensional natures

merge and blend through all that you are creating in your worlds … We say worlds as you are all vibrating in the unique energy band of the reality of your moment by moment choice … True oneness comes when you sit in silent stillness and rest in the Essence at your core … there you are all one with each other …

only there can true awareness of your next step be gained … be still, be silent, be at peace …” Message received through Jasmuheen from the Temple of the oracle – 9/2/2015

Plus this message

“Beloveds ones … Portals are widening through all the energy gateways in your body systems and in your world … the influx of energies of your multi-dimensional nature and their pulses and flows are becoming more consistent in you and around you … For many right now you may be feeling tired, out of sorts so to speak … and so we urge you to just rest, be still … Your world is being reconfigured now is so many ways as your own bodies of light shine more brightly … This is no longer a time of the busyness of doing, but rather of just BEing the truth of who you really are … You will continue to feel challenged until you live this truth … be gentle with self, be gentle with all …” Message received by Jasmuheen from the Temple of the Oracle – 19-2-15

And also …

“Separatism does not exist in the higher realms. In these higher realms all are honoured for the love and light they bring. All are measured by their sincerity and devotion not by their religious beliefs. Remember all is One, all is born from the One.”

“Destiny is like DOS, an operating system that runs a multitude of software programs all created by our minds, which in turn are linked to the mainframe of universal mind – a mind capable of limitless creative thought.”

“For each one who brings themselves back into full remembrance, the heavens truly do rejoice. When you can touch the heart of another so that they too may know their DOW (the Divine One Within), then that is another blessing indeed, for when one is raised all the others must surely follow.”

“One thing at our control is the timing of the manifestation of Heaven on our Earth and the more people that are consciously tuned to DOW Power, the sooner this will occur.”

“The Code of Honour, which is a way of being where all win – individuals, groups and all life on the planet – win win win. This is a Code of the Masters of Alchemy that inspires us to put aside our personal agendas and work for the good of all.”

Sending you all so much love and so much light and so much laughter, this is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace

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Biggest hugs to you all – love Jasmuheen


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Sacred Stories of Transformation

Sacred Stories of Transformation

In the below audio Jasmuheen shares a story of wonderful transformation that occurred during one of her Sacred Art Retreats.

She writes – “I’ve learnt to never underestimate the power of Divine Creativity especially when we go deep into the intuitive right brain flows.

This is just one story of many about someone whose life was completely transformed over a few hours! I love the power of the Sacred Art process!”



Our next Sacred Art Retreat is as follows

SPAIN RETREAT – near Marbella – 5 days – 10th-14th June 2015

organiser Elena – email to contact:;

Tel. mobile: Elena +34 607142801 or  Anya +34 667328237;

Website for more information


Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

enlightening evolution-small

Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

Mushrooming and Merging

It is so interesting to scan through the fields of Earth and to sense what is happening now regarding the merging of various paradigms. The Coding for this has been in place and adopted, released in the fields and so there’s a new level of evolution unfolding now in our world that is rather quite enlightening. When well thought through codes are in place after having been agreed upon and anchored, locked in, then pronounced into being, then it is a time of just stepping back a little and allowing what needs to occur to occur. This is just part of a natural merging process that is required when two paradigms are magnetised together and begin to blend into each other and harmonise with each other.

Whether this paradigm is about the merging of our own higher and lower natures into that state of Divine Marriage with the True Beloved, or whether it is the merging of earth back into more unified paradigms of true unity consciousness; a harmonious merge require focus and clarity plus good Coding.

The ability for different paradigms of reality to merge is an interesting science to compute and behold and after the initial attraction and lock in and triggering stage, a merging comes in to a state that we often call the mushrooming. It’s almost the same as if when you have a clear pond of water with mud at the bottom and you stir it all up and it all becomes swirly and mushrooming and muddy as if there is no clear direction. I also call this a state of being discombobulated because during this phase it is still not one thing or the other as everything blends together to create something new.

What is so interesting is that in this phase of mushrooming and merging there is nothing to do except to just really stay detached and be fully present in the moment and listen to what feels right deep within ourselves in the core of our being, to tune to what it is our heart of hearts is saying, and what our essence energy is sharing.

Right now it is all about alignment to our Pure Essence channel … How much are we feeling this vital life-force? Is it strong or within us or is it wishy-washy? Is it weak or clear or are we a little confused? Are we feeling discombobulated or has clarity come? Will it come? When will it come? These are questions that more and more seem to be seeking answers to especially those of us who have been feeling a little more of that discombobulated state that they usually do.

For me a new level of clarity and then total freedom from this discombobulated state came in so powerfully at the end of April 2015 as a direct result of the application of another level of heartfelt Coding.  For me this Coding was to simply to invite into my life now the next level of harmonics, to work with the right team, to be part of the right matrix, to be networked into the right channels to align, to lock-in, to be merged harmoniously with in mutually beneficial ways with not only the right networks, but also the right blue-print and paradigm that serves the greater good and keeps my life filled with joy and ease and grace, my heart filled with gratitude, health, happiness, living in harmony within myself with all.

Again all of these sincerely applied lock-in codes are just clear intentions that via Universal Law will deliver set outcomes and so the joy for me this year is to now be able to tour and travel and to once again offer a powerful interactive program with our audiences. So I’m looking forward to this new paradigm layer of “Contact and Coding” and all the joy that this can bring when we understand Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science and how everything is just a science, a formula, that can guarantee a result of action and alignment.

While some people are focused on finding the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony in life, others like myself enjoy a service paradigm that is designed to keep Earth moving through a very enlightening evolutionary stage that will deliver us not just into a more collective experience of true unity consciousness but also harmonize us into the Universal paradigm that will see us experiencing more interaction with our Light Being friends.

There is nothing mystical about the Divine as all that is Divine is so easy to access and experience when we are tuned to the right channels. For example meditation itself is a powerful way of changing brain wave frequencies – to activate the right brain hemisphere and allow both the left and the right brain hemispheres to work in harmony. We can then apply the 8 point Luscious Lifestyles Program so that we are magnetised automatically to the pure essence channel where there is that consistent state of health and harmony, that flow of permanent peace where infinite virtues flow through us, aligning us and radiating from us, so that we work effectively in this world, understand life and enjoy our existence and evolution from a bigger picture paradigm.

Yes it is true that we have entered into the most amazing new threshold of evolution that I call an “Enlightening Evolution” which is based on Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science – what I call the science of I.D. Adding specific coding, access and alignment to the field on our potential of our Pure Essence True Beloved nature, via lifestyle alignment, we can bath permanently in an ocean of energy where all human relationships are enhanced and all emotional, physical and even mental hunger disappears.

To step into the field of pure essence, the field of true potential, to create consciously from there, to be anchored there and enjoy evolution from that viewpoint, makes the whole reality of our existence so enlightening.

So there is such a wonderful dynamic for us all to enjoy this year, a wonderful program for us to lock-in to and share and for me it is such a joy to be able to gather together to enjoy and fertilise our evolutionary flows right now into a very enlightening direction.

So here are a few Suggestion for handling moving through the merging and mushrooming stage of life:-

1. Maintain your sense of humour – a sense of humour helps in every situation and walks hand-in-hand quite nicely with point number 2 …

2. Don’t take everything personally – in fact live the lifestyle that we promote at the Embassy of Peace so that you maintain a state of peaceful detachment in life. In this state of peaceful detachment that comes naturally by being more anchored in our pure essence nature, we are able to see the bigger picture, the many patterns of energy that surround every different situation and we maintain the ability to observe and be the witness.

Suggestion number three then is this …

3. To hold the intention that we be the witness to all that is unfolding at this point in life – knowing that our intentions and previous coding have resulted in the blossoming, the unfoldment of certain paradigms on Earth now that serve the greater good.

So … again maintain a sense of humour, don’t take things personally, be anchored in our pure essence nature and stay detached

Suggestion number four …

4. The clarity of intention – this is where we hold the commitment to being aligned into channels of energy that are nourishing for all. This too, is another helpful tip at this time for it ensures that we are merged into channels of reality that do just that – create mutually beneficial paradigms, relationships and networks that support the paradigm of a more enlightened evolutionary flow for all who are open to this.

5. We can of course add additional suggestions to make our lives flow with so much grace, joy and ease. The suggestion that we open to experience the True Beloved, that pure and perfect, intensely heavenly, loving part of us, that when released through the heart chakra energetically, has the ability to transform the whole physical body system into a new wave-length pattern, a new vibrational spectrum that is the most satisfying, completely nourishing and easily attainable to us all as human energy systems.

I have spent the last 40-odd years of my meditations in constant states of experimentation, experimenting with purity of physical food-diet, purity of emotional and mental food-diet and purity of spiritual food-diet, also the purity of time-diet being very aware of what I give my time and energy to in every moment of the day and also being experientially tuned to suggestion no 6 ….

6. To understand the power of each now moment – as posited by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now.  This means developing the ability to be fully in each now moment and therefore able to explore and expand into the eternal now, the timelessness of the field of pure potential of the True Beloved.

This is also aligned with the other key points: the openness, the willingness to experience the True Beloved, the taking the time to live the sort of lifestyle that aligns us to the field of pure potential of the True Beloved and the consequence that comes from this alignment which is detachment, the ability to maintain a sense of humour and the ability to always see the bigger picture.

All of this helps any world and any civilisation through this merging and mushrooming stage with the blending of the different paradigms of reality that serve the greater good enough to make to evolutionary flow enlightening.

We know that when we look upon our world right now and see its future evolutionary course, that within the next 15 years we will hardly be able to recognise this planet due to all the positive changes that will have come through especially via the Indigo children networks as it is these ones that are encoded in their bodies of light to bring through many beneficial solutions that will transform our future.

We can also now predict that we will find ourselves connected more and more with extraterrestrial intelligence, who may or may not have and most possibly will have revealed themselves to be among us in their different forms. These ones too are beloved ones, star beings, galactic kin, family from unified worlds, who come from truly civilised existences and who are now helping with this merging-mushrooming state, because in our heart of hearts we have asked to experience the more consistent rhythms of peace and unity consciousness.

And so such it be … this is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace …

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