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The Art of Resonance

The Art of Resonance – chapter one from our book In Resonance             Resonance is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as, “Responding to vibrations of a particular frequency especially by itself strongly vibrating”. When related to metaphysics it is associated with the Universal Law of Resonance. This law basically states that like attracts like.            …

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Our September 2014 Newsletter – I Feel so Grateful!

Our Latest Newsletter for you is now at this link – click to read! Jasmuheen for the Cosmic Internet Academy – September 2014 – I Feel so Grateful! Sitting in deep meditation recently I was overwhelmed again by feelings of such gratitude. There is so much that I truly feel grateful for especially having gained…

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Divine Nutrition Gifts, Brain Wave Patterns and Our Paranormal Powers

Divine Nutrition Gifts, Brain Wave Patterns & Our Paranormal Powers  Excerpt from the book The Food of Gods with Jasmuheen In order to understand ‘The Food of Gods’ with its gift of Divine Nutrition, we need to examine our brain wave pattern range as after a decade of experiential research I have found that there…

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