Our September 2014 Newsletter – I Feel so Grateful!

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Jasmuheen for the Cosmic Internet Academy – September 2014 – I Feel so Grateful!

Sitting in deep meditation recently I was overwhelmed again by feelings of such gratitude. There is so much that I truly feel grateful for especially having gained the ability over time to alter my reality to whatever harmonious flow that I choose to exist in which these days includes a lot of stillness and solitude. Applying principles of Universal Law and Quantum Field Intelligence altering realities is not a difficult thing to do as many now know. But true pure feeling added to this mix seems to lock everything in deeper and set up such a dynamic biofeedback loop within the matrix of creation that everything becomes even more enjoyable again!
  And so I am enjoying indulging in all of these realities … the reality of ‘I feel sooo lucky’ … ‘I feel sooo blessed’ … ‘I feel so grateful for the endless creativity that has poured through me these past few decades’ or ‘I feel so grateful for the love that I feel for my family, friends and the endless amazing people that flow through my life’!
  I also feel amazed and again so grateful that I never have to think about having a balanced meal or taking any vitamin supplements since the pranic flow takes care of all of this as it flows through my body and fills cellular structure with all that it needs. I rarely stop to acknowledge what an incredible freedom this is! The freedom to not have to shop or prepare food so that my kitchen can become an art studio as it has been over these last 20 years …
  I think this feeling of truly being grateful for these endless creative flows also came as I had spent the day redesigning our Jasmuheen Art page on my website and creating additional pages that pay homage to the Divine Feminine, to the Divine Masculine to Mother Nature, the Cosmic Flows and more (links for these pages are below). To then see how much art and imagery that I have captured on canvas instead of using my kitchen to eat, was astounding to me.
  Next still being in super creative mode, I took the time to reorganize all of our meditations that we have channeled through over the years into easier access and clearer categories and was amazed again at how much has come through!
  Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!
  How much in life is there to appreciate when we stop and be the witness for a while?
  As I prepare for another 2 month tour I go deeper into appreciating being home, from my comfortable bed, fluffy soft towels, to my small meditation room, to the soft breezes that flow up the valley to move through the trees and energize my home, to all the bird life that constantly sings and makes me aware of their presence, to the ability to hug and be hugged by those I love and so much more … the list seems endless as it is for us all when we take a moment to treasure the small things that fill our lives in so many potentially uplifting ways!
  And so we send out another hello to you all knowing that you too exist in this world as a divine being that is also so blessed despite any challenges that I know that some of you are facing!
  So in this newsletter we offer clearer insights via our video on Pranic Living, videos on our time in Japan and also insights from the Divine Feminine as well as a few insightful documentary links and articles by others!

  Also … our tour schedule for 2015 is nearly complete so if you can’t join us as I come back to India & then Europe this year then maybe I will see you next year! 

Love, light and laughter, Jasmuheen

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