The Body as an Energy System

The Body as an Energy System – chapter 3 from our book In Resonance

            Energy – according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the “ability of matter or radiation to do work”. According to Stephen Hawking in A Brief History of Time, the term ‘conservation of energy’ is the law of science that states that energy (or its equivalent in mass) can neither be created nor destroyed – but it can and does, change form.

            Dr Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, states that every atom is more than 99.9% empty space and the subatomic particles moving at great speed through this space are bundles of vibrating energy, which carry information and unique codings. 

            In order to build life from lifeless matter, energy and information have to be exchanged through the RNA and DNA to create cellular structure. The flow of this intelligence is what sustains us and is what Dr Chopra calls the universal field. He states that the physical world is just a mirror of deeper intelligence organizing matter and energy, and it also resides in us. We are part of all; so we need to take care of all lovingly. Even though we are unique in our individuality, we are bound together by a common thread of pure energy that sustains each cell, our being, and all life as a whole.

            Religions call this energy God and consider it to be omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Quantum physics calls this energy the ‘grand unification energy’ and also considers it to be everywhere, all-powerful and all knowing. ‘New Agers’ call this energy by other labels – the All That Is, Divine Intelligence etc. They are all just labels describing the same force or power. 

             Our body’s composition is of atoms and cells, which hold this energy and information. Thoughts, words and actions are also energy. Energy expands, contracts and changes form, so that what we send out comes back to us. This is covered in more detail in future chapters. In religious terms it is, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. In energy terms all is governed by the Universal Law of Resonance and the Law of Attraction, where like attracts like.

            As mentioned in chapter 1, human beings have four ‘lower’ bodies of energy, which resonate at different frequencies. These bodies are the physical (the only one visible or appearing solid to our physical eyes), the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. We also have higher energy bodies – termed higher because they resonate at higher frequency pitches. Barbara Ann Brennan’s book Hands of Light covers these bodies and energy fields in great detail and is recommended reading for those interested.

            When we bring these bodies of energy into perfect alignment with each other, we achieve higher ‘knowing’ and experience a more fulfilling purpose to our existence as everything just clicks into place. This state of enlightenment, so keenly sought by Eastern esoteric students, is achieved by fine-tuning the four lower bodies, not only in perfect resonance with each other, but to a pitch that allows the higher energy bodies of the I AM Presence, inner God or Christ consciousness (all labels describing our more refined Self) to fully express its power and magic within the physical body.

            So in summary: We are energy systems that transmit and emit signals. If we send random signals, we get random or haphazard life experiences. If we control our signals, we can then gain a large measure of control over our life. Taken one step further, if we tune our bodies and realign our frequencies (the energy signals we transmit) to a purer, more harmonious pitch, we can then control the quality and quantity of our life and life experiences.

            On reincarnation: Having established scientifically that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can change form, and having understood that human beings are systems of energy, I would like to make the logical statement that reincarnation simply allows for the indestructibility of energy, and while matter such as our physical bodies can decay and die, the energy within – that sustains the body – simply changes form and moves on. Anyone interested in exploring the concept of reincarnation may care to research the Edgar Cayce material, known to be the most widely documented of all case studies on this topic.

            There is a universal law called the Law of Evolution and Rebirth that states that humankind goes “through a slow process of development carried on with unwavering persistence through repeated embodiment in forms, of increasing efficiency, whereby all are in time, brought to a height of spiritual splendor in recognition of Source and true identity. This law is also known as the Law of Periodicity” – quote from Vision of Ramala.

            From my detailed research and personal experience, reincarnation is a basic occurrence within linear time and will be referred to sporadically throughout the rest of the book. A simple understanding is as follows … life in embodiment is a school, a process of growth and learning. When we ‘die’, we drop the energy field of the physical body but for a while, retain the energy fields of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These are integrated into one conscious energy field and we are then literally on holiday.

            Holiday is a time of reflection, where we look at the past school term, see what we learnt, how well we have or have not passed our tests. Tests not passed must be re-sat next term, and so we then plan for the next school term and select the ‘curriculum’ and subjects we wish to study.

            This learning and testing is to do with our growth as beings and lessons generally and deals with intangible things like empathy, love, compassion, service etc. School time is also a period of learning about relationships and life in a dense, material plane generally. Why sparks of the Divine (us) have chosen to be in the school of life on Planet Earth is another story.*

            When we have learnt all there is for us to learn at this school and have passed all our exams, we move on to another learning institution, thus breaking the cycle of reincarnation on this plane of Earth.

            Our energy fields continue to change form, just as energy itself does, according to the Universal Law of Change and Transmutation which states that the only constant thing is the changing form of, and the indestructible nature of, energy. This has been referred to as the immortality of the ‘soul’. Physical immortality is also possible and allows us to continue in the same physical form to not only complete this learning, but stay and improve the curriculum, if we desire. This is covered in the chapter on immortality.

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