E.T’s, Source Nourishment and more…

It is so interesting to read the latest release by Dolores Cannon, called “Legacy of the Stars”, as although the initial stories were recorded in the 1980’s and 90’s the things that are shared by her subjects under deep hypnosis are still so relevant to today especially to my own journey.
I have long been consciously connected to, and thus very aware of, my future self who exists in simultaneous time in the here and now and so is therefore so gloriously accessible. A commander with a Starship that is part of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Council, she is like all our Light Beings friends, just my own pure Essence nature expressing itself in a different time space and vibration.
I also have the assignment of seeing what life is like in this world as a being choosing to be nourished directly from Source. This is another thing that Dolores casually asks her subjects, how they are fed in their extraterrestrial existences. Many say that they have no need to eat physical food as they are fed in other ways, that Source is around them, within them and so they feed directly from this.
What a joy for me to read someone else expressing a truth that is so real for me, in such a matter of fact manner. Yes, they say, they can manifest the paradigm of eating physical food if they desired this but they could not understand why it would be done since being fed from Source is such a proficient way of obtaining their physical system fuel source. I couldn’t agree more.
Yet as I travel this world I see how locked in people are to the emotional connection and pleasure of the externalised feeding systems. This of course is an ancient linear time tradition that was with us from cave man times when our awareness was more linked to the animal kingdom. Progressing and advancing as sentient beings, with a much vaster awareness of ourselves that goes beyond the physical, emotional and mental systems, still doesn’t release us from this deep attachment of pleasure flavour.
Learning to gain pleasure from many other sources in our lives is a necessary art in this journey of choosing Cosmic Micro-fuel as Source energy to take care of the bio-system. Yet I find that deep connected meditation, being still, silent and enjoying true solitude, opens us up to endless pleasure that is incomparable in regard to how this can truly free and nourish us.
As these people under hypnosis are sharing of previous or current, simultaneous time line existences as off planet beings, it is also so wonderful to know that this being nourished by Source is as we have always shared, just another part of our eventual evolutionary pattern, a pattern that reveals itself to all when they allow themselves to expand their conscious awareness of who they really are beyond physical form.
As Source energy is everywhere, flowing through and around us all, then tuning into the reality that it can deliver all our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment, is about opening to another evolutionary step that is beneficial for ourselves and Mother Earth, for the environmental impact of this choice is astounding, for prana truly is free energy that benefits us all and already gives us all life.
Yet we remain collectively locked into the paradigm of the age old concept that an externalised fuel system is the only way to maintain life and nourishment, which is strange when we have the internalised and externalised Source energy already gifting us with existence, and endless accessible pure nourishment.
It’s hard to get our minds around this. 25 years ago I would have thought this a ludicrous idea or only possible for our pure yogis or highly advanced spiritual beings. The idea that we can all retune ourselves to Source energy flow and have it present enough by our focus upon it so that it can deliver all It’s gifts – was for me just not on my radar of possibility then. And it still isn’t for many now.
Now for many, the focus is turning like an even stronger tide to the idea that contact is coming, that there will soon be mass landings of craft that will shake so many other dearly held ideas especially the one that we are the only planet supporting and expressing intelligent human life.
Many of course have long gone beyond this idea as science has so often declared that there are so many possibly inhabitable worlds in the multi-verses. The idea that our planet has come to their attention, that we are part now of a new wave of consciousness that has allowed us to become part of the Intergalactic Federation, as I witnessed in official ceremony in India in October this year, finally this idea is now spreading and so the field of possibility for this to be a mass reality is beginning to lock deeper in. Supporting this of course is the usual Hollywood movie game where of course our earth is either dying or being invaded, neither of which are true.
Yet as powerful creator beings we are creating it all, all our forays into the fields of duality and limitation as well as our journeys out beyond this into freedom. And we can only be truly free when we recognise that we are Source Beings that have just a small part of awareness in this body and this world, that we exist throughout creation as the baseline of creation Itself.
It is such a wonderful time to be alive!
And so I return from another long linear time flow journey through our world, playing with like minded people and consolidating the type of realities that will eventually serve us all!
Patient, ever patient, present ever present with the Presence in us all.

Love, light & laughter – Jasmuheen

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