The Uniqueness of Being

The Uniqueness of Being


For eons of time, our beloved Planet Earth has experienced great suffering, chaos, war and devastation for the simple reason that many of the beings who live upon her have forgotten who they are in essence, beyond the mask of their personality and ego. This forgetfulness has meant that many have also ceased to honour, understand and accept individual uniqueness.

 Our uniqueness comes simply because there are no two beings who have experienced exactly the same genetic encoding and environmental influences plus past life experiences. All three make up the sum total of who we are today. The third factor is important as it explains why identical twins, for example, who share the same genetic encoding and environmental influences may still react completely differently to given situations. The missing factor is that they have not been twins for all their lifetimes and so they each hold unique cellular memories.

  Individually and collectively, humanity desires a change upon this planet at this current time. The desire of many is that we discover true unity, brotherhood and sisterhood. This desire is for a new world where we live in peace with respect for all races, creeds and cultures. Where we understand and connect with a higher will and a greater plan. This is the underlying motivating factor for many who are beginning, or continuing, their inner journey.

 Many are no longer interested in being subjected to fear or limitations and ignorance, (the results of which abound around us on the physical plane) and have recognised that in order to change the planet, we have to clean up our own backyard. The masses are made up of individuals and to change the consciousness of the masses – the consciousness of the individual must alter. As we alter our consciousness and awareness, we will understand who we are, why we are here, and what part we are destined to play in creating this new age.

  It is our planet and we alone will create the changes we seek by going within and tapping into our own unique Divine Blueprint. This blueprint not only holds the answers to our individual questions, but it also holds the higher plan that mankind is destined to evolve into plus our part in this joint venture. When we tap into this inner blueprint, we will understand that we all have unique roles to play and we will be able to relate to each other with unconditional love and acceptance of each others choices.

  Life upon this planet can be likened to a huge theatrical production that keeps the audience and participants mesmerised by its complexity. Not only does the script cover a depth of experiences from the humorous and light to the suspenseful and dramatic, but the production itself is quite amazing. Some time ago while I was in deep meditation, there unravelled a vision related to the above, or the play of life – and I saw exactly that. There were actors, support crew, critics and even an audience. They were, however, out of sync. The actors were interfering with the duties of the sound crew, the musicians meddling with the work of the lighting crew, and so on. The participants were simply not concentrating on their own roles. As the vision continued, so did the inner commentary from Lord Sananda who said that while all was unfolding perfectly, if we wish to enhance this collective play of life, we can – as humanity is intuitively driven by an inner knowing of the potential perfection of all that can be made manifest on all planes.

  Firstly, he said, we may wish to focus on finding our role in this play of life. We would find this to be easier if we stopped focusing on what everyone else was doing. We could then redirect our energy and attention to open up to our inner guidance and develop our discernment. This would allow us to enjoy the training and recognise our role. Joy is Spirit expressing itself in life, so the level of joy we feel is always a good indicator of when we are in alignment with Spirit and our destined path.

  Secondly, having recognised our predetermined role and that we are part of a whole, it would be of benefit to learn our lines and allow our natural talents, and/or studied abilities to manifest and evolve to perfection.

  Thirdly, we should understand that we have been attending the school of life for eons of time, and have been trained, developed skills, and acquired a vast repertoire of knowledge (often held in cellular memory) that we can utilise to play our role effectively. This should be done in harmony and alignment with all other players in the knowledge that these players have also undergone their own training for their part in this play. So the third suggestion is that we trust that and honour the choices of others, as they, too, have been trained to play their role in harmony with ours.

  Sananda shared that only then will this play of life flow harmoniously – tuned to divine expression and be given rave reviews. Only then will the Golden Age be anchored and abundance on all levels of life be a reality for humanity collectively.

  When we do the above, our personal reality and state of awareness is altered accordingly, especially as the vibrational frequency of the planet, and its inhabitants, is tuned to the higher octaves of light and the light quotient within our beings is increased.

  This is a state of awareness where the energy field of the heart is fully open, where we can recognise the uniqueness of all and connect with the Master in all, where the play becomes magical. It is a state of awareness where a being lets go of the I, moving beyond separateness and limitation, seeking only to serve the greater plan for the good of the whole, not just the individual.

  As we understand the laws of energy and how we create our reality by our thoughts, we know that, while we may not always be able to change the immediate circumstances, we can always change our attitude and consequently our experience of life.


Lessons for a harmonious life:


1. Discernment – knowing the next step for us.  

2. Acceptance of individual uniqueness – learning to dance our dance without treading on each others toes. You may choose to dance a waltz, another the samba.  

3. Uniqueness of being – find the dance you wish to dance. Learn the steps. Share the floor space!  

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