White Light Energy

Chapter 5 of our book In ResonanceWhite Light Energy

              White light is the visual aspect of the energy that sustains the human body and flows through the universe. This energy can also be experienced by all our physical senses when we turn these senses inward in meditation. So not only can we ‘see’ this energy as white light, we can also hear it as inner harmonies.

            We can touch or feel the light rays and sound waves of this energy as it brings with it an experience of love or well-being. We can also taste this energy as the pineal gland secretes a nectar, or fluid, referred to by the ancient yogis as the fountain of youth, or amrita.

            The white light energy is the visual aspect of our divine essence and is the most healing and transformational energy in the universe. So if we seek transformation and healing, we should invoke this light in meditation and use specific breathing techniques and visualization.

            Yogananda in An Autobiography of a Yogi states that when we focus calmly on the brow chakra – our seat of ‘inner vision’ – and then shift our attention to a particular spot between the medulla oblongata and the hypothalamus, the energy current from the two eyes goes first to the point in the forehead and then to the medulla and the pure white light energy then appears in the third eye, or brow chakra, reflected there by the medulla.

            Shortly after I was 17, I learnt a specific technique from my guru to experience this inner light, and I had my first powerful experience. I was lying on the back seat of my parents’ car, practicing the technique I had been taught under a blanket to shield out the outer light. A few minutes after holding my concentration on this brow centre, my whole head exploded with pure white light inside. My eyes were closed and outside light was screened off by the blanket. I was overwhelmed by the intensity of this light. It was like staring at a 1,000 watt light bulb at close range then closing your eyes with the image firmly planted in your mind. Except that this light came from within and also brought with it a feeling of overwhelming unconditional love that flooded through my entire being, allowing me to feel completely connected to everything!

            I felt an expanded state of awareness, as though I was vast and limitless and very loved. It was an introduction to the inner realms that allowed me to drastically move beyond feeling I was my body or personality and to really experience my divinity. Excited at this revelation, I jumped up joyously exclaiming, “I can see light! I can see light!” My wonderful parents quietly said, “That’s nice dear,” shared a look of concern and kept driving.

            This was the beginning of many such awe-inspiring experiences that have continued consistently since the early 1970s, allowing me to understand my own uniqueness, enjoy my own divinity and recognize the same in others. So there are techniques we can utilize to experience this white light – motivated by our sincere intention to seek to experience the limitless nature of our being.

            Practical techniques will be covered in conjunction with breathing techniques in the chapter called, ‘The Breath Of Life’. Through my personal experience and inner guidance, I have found that it is easier to achieve this when we have tuned our frequency via breath work. Also, the combination of experience of the vibration that sustains us plus its visual aspect as light is most powerful, as the two together trigger feelings of unconditional love and joy within us that can be likened to being wrapped in the arms of the Divine!

            Working with vibration and white light energy is the basis for all healing and transformational work and, coupled with creative visualization, allows us to powerfully tap into – and then create according to – our divine, limitless nature.

            In the book Mahatma I and II (based on the teachings of Janet McClure), Brian Grattan writes, “All is energy. All is God. The essence of God is love.” He goes on to state that the purest form of energy in all the universes is the Mahatma energy, which is golden white light, and that the Mahatma energy embodies consciousness through all the dimensions back to the Source. He calls this energy the energy of the future which will ‘bring forth the higher qualities and values of life as well as the spiritual good of mankind.’

            Grattan states that the Mahatma energy aligns us to a finer, more spiritual life where the highest ideals of humanity can be realized. He goes on to say that the use of this energy will free mankind from the confines of the third dimension and allow the spiritualization of matter to occur on this plane of existence.

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